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Guest Post: Find Ways for Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Customers

Shep Hyken

This week, we feature an article by David Meerman Scott adapted from the new 8th edition of The New Rules of Marketing and PR to be released on May 3, 2022. He shares how organizations can use data and AI-powered tools to benefit customers.

From Contact Center to “Insight Center”

Brad Cleveland

Lutron, a global electronics company, is a major player in the Internet of things (Iot) and connected home markets. Products include control systems for lighting, ceiling fans, shading and others, which can be controlled from smartphones, voice assistants (such as Alexa), and other devices.


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What is Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)?


Contact centers are critical for customer experience, retention and acquisition strategies. But building and maintaining your own is a huge investment. Read this blog to learn the benefits of CCaaS

The New Normal: Navigating Change, Disruption

Contact Center Pipeline

The events of 2020 have shown us how everything can change practically overnight. Most people are now accepting that change will continue to happen. The ability to navigate and execute in an era of sustained change and disruption will then be the overarching contact center objective in 2022.

Leveraging Data Analytics to Optimize the Customer Experience

Speaker: Nathan Hart, Dan Fenton & Imran Mohammed

Join The Northridge Group for an exploration into how a data-driven root cause analysis of Contact Center First Contact Resolution (FCR) issues can lead to actionable insights to resolve FCR problems, improve Customer Experience, and reduce costs!

EX and CX: The twin powers of a successful business

Myra Golden Media

How closely are the employee and customer experience related? Today, it’s becoming clear that you can’t have one without another. Happy, engaged employees help create great customer experiences that lead to greater customer engagement, satisfaction, and ongoing loyalty.

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Detecting customer emotions with CallMiner


Detecting emotions is hard. It is hard for machines because it is hard for humans. Read this blog to learn why it is so hard and why the CallMiner platform is one of the leaders in the space

Are You Letting Your Business Become Stereotyped? – Tip #39

Steve DiGioia

Stereotype: a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. Business stereotypes are preconceived notions that every customer has of your business. What do they expect when doing business with you? Are the expectations good or bad?

Sales 206

I’m Not Going to Be Able to Make Payroll – Can You Hold Your First Paycheck?


was my first day of work as the Director of Operations for a contact center outsourcing company. I had been working about three hours when the CEO walked into my office and made a request that sent my head swirling. Vicki, I am not going to be able to make payroll this week.

CCNG 195

Top 5 Posts in April

Contact Center Pipeline

Our top blog posts in April share a common theme with those from March. Our readers continue to focus on how to move forward in the new normal.

2021 State of Customer Service Experience Report

Consumers are shopping online more now than ever before but find the service experience inadequate. Download The Northridge Group's State of Customer Service Experience report for more insights into the latest customer experience trends.

A Breakthrough in Point Correspondence: Mitigating “Outliers”


Ever wonder how the human brain can compute distance? How far away is the highway exit, when exactly to step off the escalator, the exact position of the lips you want to kiss? This essential capability is known as depth perception.

7 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement on a Call


Customers are like family. You can't live with them, and you can't live without them. No matter how annoying or demanding they can be at times, you still need to do your best to keep them around. They are the reason why your business exists and continues to do so, which means you depend on them. '.

New job in customer experience? Do this on the first 90 days


Expert guidance on how to tackle the first three months in your new CX leadership role, by Jeannie Walters. Articles

Managing Modern Customer Expectations with AI

Contact Center Pipeline

Modern consumers crave immediacy and the global pandemic, and acceleration of technology it delivered, has only enhanced this demand.

The New Digital Landscape for Next-Gen CX

Boost customer satisfaction across all digital channels with this stat-filled guide, which reveals the key ingredients you need to keep all of your customers satisfied.

Guru on Guru: How We Leaned Into Knowledge Management to Drive a Better Interview Experience


No company is immune to the competitive nature of hiring these days. Job candidates are juggling interviews with multiple companies, HR is on a never-ending hunt to find the perfect candidates, and hiring managers are trying to balance their daily tasks while conducting interview after interview.

Three Letter Acronyms – Metrics

Education Services Group

The Reason.

Improving Government CX – The Fundamental Building Blocks for Success


There’s no way to sugarcoat this – government customer experience (CX) is miles behind the private sector. When calculating customer satisfaction across major industries in 6 countries, government is the bottom-performing industry in each country.

Writing Well When Your Attention is Divided

Contact Center Pipeline

Your heart is in the right place. You intend to focus on the important writing tasks on your to-do list: that detailed response to an angry customer’s email, that project proposal you promised to send your boss last Friday, and that letter of commendation for the star employee. But people.

A Strategic Guide to Community Gamification

Does creating engaged customers and impacting CS objectives sound interesting? Learn more about how gamification can help your customer success team in our free eBook.

Training Solutions That Can Improve Your Customer Service Management Style

CSM Magazine

Managing a customer service team takes dedication, hard work, and the right skill set. If you want to further develop your customer service management style, there are training solutions out there that can improve your talents and create a better working environment.

Humans are behind all decisions: what this means for your marketing strategy


Recently, our VP of Marketing, Hannah Delaney, spent some time talking to Press Gazette’s Marketing Maestro about how marketers can engage with customers to improve campaign performance and boost the customer experience. Here’s how the conversation went….

B2C 79

SMS Strategy Delivers A Complete Global Brand Experience?


SMS Strategy Delivers A Complete Global Brand Experience People love to text. It’s a way of life for 5 billion people around the world. And while SMS is becoming a fundamental part of the customer experience, a surprisingly small number of companies are capitalizing on this communication channel.

3 Essential Factors for Onboarding Contact Center Agents

Upstream Works

Technology is undeniably important for contact centers to deliver great customer experience (CX), but nothing matters more than your agents. Some forms of customer service are purely transactional, and chatbots are playing a growing role for that.

The 5 Stages of Account-Based Marketing — and How to Win Them All

Successfully complete the five stages of ABM: define, identify, engage, convert, and connect. We’ll show you how to create a unified system with your sales team to help them land more qualified opportunities and connect with prospects like never before.

Product Update: 5-star Rating Scale for CSAT surveys


Use the new 5-star CSAT and boost your customer feedback surveys to the next level. We are very excited to share with you one of our biggest news! Empower your customer experience with a popular 5-star rating scale and enjoy all advantages it delivers. Why should you use a 5-star rating scale?

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a CS Platform: Not Being Able to Create Inspiring Journeys


Selecting the right customer success platform for your organization can be challenging. To help you navigate the process, we’ve developed a four-part blog series about the mistakes you should avoid when choosing a CS platform.

7 Reasons Why Remote Culture is Your Secret Weapon


Suppose you’re interested in maintaining profitability through the coming years. In that case, you will have to find new ways to bring in revenue that doesn’t require as much overhead as a brick-and-mortar business.

5 Types of Human Data Labeling for Effective AI


AI is increasingly becoming an essential aspect of doing business. Already, over 77% of all devices we use feature AI in one form or another. By 2025 the global AI market is expected to reach $60 billion.

How to Efficiently Transform Your Customer Service Through AI

Speaker: Rana Gujral, CEO at Behavioral Signals

Automation can enhance productivity, management of volume, and leave agents with more energy to focus on meeting customers where they are. But how, exactly? Join Rana Gujral, CEO at Behavioral Signals, to learn the best ways to apply automation most efficiently.

The Complete Guide to Customer Experience Management in 2022


To understand CXM and its importance, brands must first absorb the impact good (or bad) customer experience has on their customers and reputation. What is customer experience management (CXM)? Customer Experience is how a customer feels about your brand.

4 Resources to Elevate Your Cybersecurity Efforts


With a record number of cyberattacks making national news, cybersecurity is top-of-mind for many business executives.

Q&A recap: Using RevOps to connect Customer Success to the bottom line


Revenue Operations (RevOps) has gained massive traction in the last few years, with many hailing it as a new revolution. This may leave you as a Customer Success professional wondering what part and purpose you serve in this revenue movement.

Sales 65