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Is Your Contact Center Thriving in the “New Normal”?

Contact Center Pipeline

It seems evident that many of the recent changes we’ve seen in the contact center over the last two years are very likely to continue, at least for the foreseeable future, as our “new normal.” But, even before the pandemic, organizations were being challenged by shifting workforce dynamics.

Essential Technology for the Virtual Contact Center in 2022


The customer service climate is constantly evolving, which means your contact center’s operation must adapt to keep up. Contact center technology is a key component of the way your business functions.


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Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions Buyer’s Guide


A contact center relies on its software to be able to deliver effective customer service and old legacy technology, with on-premise hardware may be hindering the way customers communicate with your company and vice versa.

4 ways to create a better customer experience


Delivering great CX might not be the simplest thing to do, but it is well worth the effort. Read this blog to learn a few ways to start improving your customer experience today

Customer Preferences: How Community Can Deliver a Simplified Experience

Your customers want a simplified customer experience. Make sure you give it to them with community. Download the whitepaper to learn more!

2022 Challenges and Priorities Survey: A Triple Whammy of Challenges!

Contact Center Pipeline

Welcome to the seventh annual challenges and priorities survey results. Last year was “a year like no other;” we couldn’t envision the next 12 months.

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RTO: 5 Reasons to Ruthlessly Prioritize during the Hybrid Work Transition


Productivity will (and should) temporarily decline as offices reopen. As more and more offices are finally reopening and teams are transitioning to a hybrid work environment it is critical to support yourself and your teams with Ruthless Prioritization.

CCNG 195

CallMiner named a leader in 2022 SPARK Matrix™ for Speech Analytics


Learn more about the global market for speech analytics and conversation intelligence within the customer experience in this 2022 SPARK Matrix independent analyst report

Adaptability: The Skill to Thrive in Changing Times

Contact Center Pipeline

First in a three-part series on adaptability and adaptive leadership. Part 1 of 3) The world is changing at a very rapid pace. Societal demands, and workplace and family demands are also evolving. With all these changes, we also must evolve and adapt to thrive! THE FUTURE IS HUMAN”!

Subscription Model? Is This Really The Best Approach for Me?

Beyond Philosophy

How many streaming services do you subscribe to? How many products are on Amazon Subscription in your Prime Account? Do you subscribe to satellite radio? How about music streaming? I think you get the point. We subscribe to everything.

A Strategic Guide to Community Gamification

Does creating engaged customers and impacting CS objectives sound interesting? Learn more about how gamification can help your customer success team in our free eBook.

Understanding Call Center Occupancy in the Contact Center and How To Optimize It


In today’s age of customer-centric service, call centers must deliver quick answers, short hold times, and the ability to speak to a live representative on demand. How can Management ensure their call centers are up to par?

Sharing our gratitude as Solvvy officially joins Zoom


Gratitude. It’s been a hallmark of our culture here at Solvvy these last few years and today is a day we have so much to be especially grateful for!

SaaS 105

The Way It’s Always Been Done

Customer Service Life

Meet Mouse, our corn snake. I’ve never really considered myself a “reptile person.” ” On those occasions where I’ve encountered snakes while hiking or working in the yard, I always jump clear out of my shoes in complete fright.

Why Audio Capture Vendors Hold your Call Recordings Hostage


Did you know that many call recording solutions charge a substantial fee to access your own recorded audio data? It's true, even after you've already paid for their software. If you think this doesn't make sense, it doesn't.

APIs 98

Should Customer Marketing Align with Customer Success?

With outcomes and metrics that align directly, find out why customer success should be the foundation of a customer marketing strategy. Download the free ebook now!

5 Key Elements to Consider When Looking To Improve Customer Service

CSM Magazine

Improving your customer service can have a whole range of benefits to your business. But which elements should you focus on? Here are 5 key areas of customer service you should consider improving. Email. Are your email addresses easy to find online or on customer documents?

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Answer the Question the Right Way?

Shep Hyken

Sometimes a customer asks a question, and then either doesn’t understand or like the answer. And sometimes, it’s more than just a misunderstanding or a breakdown in communication. Maybe it’s because the employee doesn’t want to take the time to answer the question correctly.

Innovative Strategies for Dissolving Silos and Introducing Effective Collaboration


The worst moment of working in a silo is realizing that you’re working in a silo. knowledge management

Cibersys Driving Profitable Growth, Delivering More In-Demand LATAM Numbers with AVOXI Platform?


Cibersys Driving Profitable Growth, Delivering More In-Demand LATAM Numbers with AVOXI Platform Cibersys has seen revenue growth through AVOXI's Flex program. Discover their success in expanding their LATAM number inventory for their clients - all on one centralized platform.


Why Product Led Growth is a Customer Success Responsibility

Product Led Growth is fast become a leading business driver in the SaaS world. Find out why your organization should be implementing a product-led growth strategy today, and why customer success should lead it. Download this eBook to learn more!

Enthuse Your People to Delight Customers with The Revelation Conversation.

Bill Quiseng

Business leaders are happy because their customers are satisfied. But that’s not good enough. Customers feel that service is good, not better, just average. Nobody raves about average. And satisfied customers will leave once they find something better or less expensive.

Rants of a Customer Success Analyst: The Chase in Customer Success

Education Services Group

The Reason. It’s a normal day so far. Pre-pandemic when I went into an office every day. The commute this morning was long—typical combination of traffic and Cincinnati construction.

5 Important Statistics for Hybrid and Remote Workplaces


As the world settles into its new normal, many are surprised to see just how much the workplace landscape has changed. There was no migration back to the office. There was no massive cut to remote positions. The past few. Read More.


Infinity becomes preferred partner of Automotive Transformation Group


Infinity, the leading call intelligence provider, has announced a new partnership with Automotive Transformation Group, a leading provider of automotive solutions.

How Self-Service Can Drive Down Costs and Improve CX

Best-selling author and customer experience thought leader Blake Morgan has created a new ebook on why offering self-service should be your focus. Self-service can improve customer experience and simultaneously drive down costs.

2022 and the Recipe for CX Success


It’s never been more important to map out an action plan for 2022 CX goals. If you can understand your customers and improve on the overall experience you deliver, you are on your way to bridging the gap between customer experience and brand promise.

5 Steps To Successful Digital Transformation According to a VP of Product Strategy


Digital transformation can sound like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. The path to an effective digital transformation can be broken down into a few practical, yet key steps.

Content Pie #4: Overview of Nicereply’s CSAT Survey Scales  [Pros and Cons]


Stars, smileys, or thumbs? Can’t decide? Read on to find the answer. Welcome to the next episode of Content Pie! In today’s piece, we will look at different types of Nicereply’s CSAT survey scales.

Five Best CRMs for B2B Sales in 2022


Wondering what is the best CRM for B2B sales? Well we’re here to help with our guide to the best CRMs for both small businesses and enterprises in 2022.

B2B 75

How to Prevent Brand Ambassador Burnout

Speaker: Kristi Faltorusso, VP of Customer Success at ClientSuccess

Your brand ambassadors are massively important to your business, actively promoting your brand and encouraging new business. But repeatedly requesting advocacy efforts from customers can lead to burnout and dissatisfaction. You need to avoid this at all costs! Learn how in this free webinar.

Using Real Estate SMS Messages


Connecting with prospects and clients via text messaging is one of the most significant opportunities in real estate. Studies show that 62% of people desire to communicate with realtors via text , while only 18% of realtors utilize SMS marketing.

Q&A recap | The CSM journey: How to carve your Customer Success career path


Are you a CSM thinking about your next career move? You might be wondering what that promotion looks like and what it takes to land it. With some forward-thinking and career mapping, you can quickly identify the skills and the steps needed to advance from individual contributor to manager.

Don’t Miss Leads After Hours or on the Weekends.

Call Experts

After hours and helpdesk support are two of the most critical business processes for companies. As the first point of contact, a contact center answers for your customers and prospects 24-7. It’s essential to ensure that you never miss an opportunity to grow your business.