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Why culture in a WFH company is more important than in-office


When you look at how many people searched for ‘work from home’ in the past year, you see the chart soars in March 2020 just as many national governments were applying stay-at-home orders and quarantines to help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus. This is no surprise.

30 Positive Phrases, Words and Empathy Statements for Customer Service

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Words are incredibly powerful for handling clients’ conversations as businesses often can truly either make or break customer service experiences. Using the right empathy statements and phrases for customer service makes all the difference between a poor or delightful experience.

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How to Manage Remote Agents


Right now, your support team is either mostly or entirely remote. Agents can access the platform from any location and are fully capable of helping customers resolve issues. But what if you were used to having your entire team in one office and usually spoke to them in person.

Ridiculous Interpretation of Rules


This is one of those unbelievable customer service stories that borders on the ridiculous. I actually thought I was in the middle of a Seinfeld episode—or maybe there was a hidden camera hoping to get a crazy reaction to the interaction I’m about to share with you.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Strategic Communication: Techniques of Best-in-Class Voice Interactions

Contact Center Pipeline

Today’s contact centers continue to expand their channel mix beyond voice (e.g., chat, text, email, web and video) to keep up with the communication demands of their consumers and prospects. Voice traffic, while dropping in total demand, is still more than 60% of overall contact center traffic.

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7 Expert Customer Service Tips during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

ProProfs Blog

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed businesses to dodge bullets and the global economy is in dire straits. While the number of positive cases increases, the negative scenarios keep piling up. .

Guest Post: 10 Ways Consumer Insights Help Improve the Customer Experience


This week we feature an article by Uma Bhat , a content marketing professional at Clootrack. She shares how businesses can utilize consumer insights to help improve customer service and experience.

Contact Center Pipeline Magazine: Inside Our June 2020 Issue

Contact Center Pipeline

These are not easy times. The struggle is real. We have so many vital decisions to make for our operations that can have profound impacts on our staff and customers. Do we continue with a work-from-home strategy? Can we start to re-open our office doors?

The Dark Art of Creating Magic in Brands

Beyond Philosophy

Business as usual is anything but usual today. How things will change in the “new normal” and what you can do to manage it is almost anyone’s guess.

8 Contact Center Trends to Watch in 2020

In this eBook, we’ll arm you with the research you need to inform areas of investment, and 8 quick tips you can use to improve your contact center’s performance now!

Bridging the Knowledge Gap in Field Service


Today’s number one challenge in field service is the knowledge gap between Baby Boomer technicians – an aging workforce – and the next generation of technicians who have less experience and want more independence. The population aged 60+ is growing faster than any other group.

Amazing Business Radio: Stacey Hanke


Redefining Influence in the Customer Experience. Showing Up as Your Best Self to Create the Best Customer Experience. Shep Hyken interviews Stacey Hanke.

Transform Your CX from Good to Great by Treating Your Agents Right

Contact Center Pipeline

Sitting on the front lines of the contact center, agents are the personification of your brand. They provide the human-to-human connection that makes lasting impressions and supports more engaging customer experiences (CX).

What Value Do You Bring? – Tip #1

Steve DiGioia

The “ Customer Value Proposition ” is providing convincing reasons why a customer should buy a product, and also differentiate your product from competitors. The same works for our “internal customers”, our employees.


The Pros and Cons of Incentivized Reviews

With so many online reviews out there, we’ve decided to take a look at how incentivized consumer reviews fare against regular reviews from consumers that were not incentivized. Is one better than the other? More positive? Are they similar in topics covered and level of detail? Download this report to get answers to those questions and more!

5 Essential Tips for Delivering Great CX in Today’s Circumstances, From HP’s Sr. Director of CX


HP’s Brandon McGovern shares how he’s pivoting his CX program to stay relevant in today’s circumstances in our livestream series, CX Confessions. Articles


5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of June 1, 2020


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too. 3 Things That Will Boost Your Reputation For Great Customer Service by Mark Armstrong. Business2Community) I’ve been a freelance illustrator for 30 years. I’ve dealt with a lot of different people.

Chatbot Best Practices: 8 Tips & Tricks you Can Benefit from Today


Set a goal for your chatbot. As obvious as it may seem, this is the number one chatbot best practice to keep in mind when starting to design a conversational agent.

Measure the agent performance metrics that matter to your business


Are you ready to connect agent quality to effort reduction? Start holding agents accountable for customer experience by aligning agent performance with business outcomes. Traditional QA scorecard criteria doesn’t allow businesses to measure the metrics that matter most.

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

How Customer Service Solves Churn Problems

ProProfs Blog

I bet you’ll agree with me on this one: Customers stop doing business with you when they are unhappy. In fact, 68% of customers leave because they believe you don’t care about them.

Opening up on WFH: from running mascara to dripping paint


The white paint lines on the road crept passed ever so slowly, like my life tricking away. I tapped the steering wheel with my nails, trying to release the pent up stress and irritation while the radio mindlessly droned on. Then the tears came, right on time, same as usual


Fighting Systemic Racism and Learning to Be Better


We are in the middle of a nationwide crisis.


Three ways to encourage empathy in CX during a crisis

TELUS International


AI & Community: Don't Hammer the Flowers

Speaker: Venessa Paech, Australia's Leading Community Specialist

Join Vanilla Forums on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 8:30 AM ET for this on-demand workshop led by Venessa Paech, Co-Founder of Australian Community Managers and Leading APAC Community Specialist.

A Real View: Supporting Northwell radiologists and the Javits Center field hospital with innovation and infrastructure


In late March, as New York City prepared for a surge in patients with COVID-19, officials from FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers partnered to create thousands of additional patient care beds over just a couple of weeks.

Why Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud is More Important than Ever


Social distancing. Work from home. Flatten the curve. These are terms that are now part of our everyday lives. Our new reality impacts the way we live, work, and play, and everyone is learning to adapt to the many changes we’re experiencing thanks to COVID-19.

Live Chat vs Phone Support: Which is better?

ProProfs Blog

In one of its studies, American Express discovered that for more complicated interactions, such as payment disputes, 40% of customers prefer talking to a real person over the phone.

Understanding Human Behavior Styles Can Improve Sales, Coaching and Leadership

Integrity Solutions

Whether you’re a coach or a salesperson, if your communication approach is overly tilted toward your own dominant human Behavior Style, you risk ignoring or failing to connect with the other person and what they care about most. By Debbie Irving.

Get More Value from Contact Center Performance

This whitepaper has provided some suggestions for KPIs that you may want to use. Once you’ve chosen your KPIs, make sure that you’ve communicated the importance of these metrics to all employees in your contact center, as well as how you expect them to be achieved.

Are your sales pitches working?


Prospect, pitch, close, repeat. And where would sales be without stellar sales pitches? When it comes to improving sales, understanding the effectiveness of sales pitches is paramount. But how do you determine what is and isn’t working?

Sales 75

VirtualPBX Video Conferencing Beta


VirtualPBX is reaching beyond voice-only capability with its first Video Conferencing beta test. This beta test allows our participating VirtualPBX Phone Plan customers to conduct 1:1 video chats on a range of devices.

12 Advantages & Disadvantages of Questionnaires

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Dale Carnegie, in his 1936 classic “ How to win friends and Influence People” advised, “Ask questions the other person will enjoy answering.” Asking good questions shows genuine interest and elicit honest answers.