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Boost Employee Engagement by Creating a Coaching Culture Where your Agents Thrive


Phones are ringing back to back. You’ve got an inbox full of unread emails. Agents are calling out to you, escalating calls with upset customers who will only speak with the manager. Some days it seems like your agents can’t. Read More.

13 Types of Customers and How to Deal With Them


Today, we are going to talk about the types of customers you can get in contact with your brand. I will guide you through types one by one and provide hints on how to keep any types of consumers happy. Table of contents. How can we establish types of customers? What types of customers are there? Moreover, how can you make them happy? Can you keep all types of customers happy? The market is saturated like never before, in every industry most of the niches are overfilled with hopeful companies.

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3 Ways an AI-Powered Knowledge Base Changes the Game for Reps and Customers



Predictive Customer Support


In the old days – and even in modern times – if a customer wanted help or support, they picked up the phone and called for help. A (hopefully) friendly and competent customer service professional, also known as an agent or representative, would answer the question or resolve the problem.

Are You Ignoring a Key Part of Your Digital Experience?

Beyond Philosophy

Think about the last time you shopped online but decided not to buy. Were you just browsing, or was there something about the user experience that made you hesitate?

Managing Different Personalities in the Contact Center: The Platinum Rule

Contact Center Pipeline

Early in my management career, I followed the Golden Rule: Treat others as I would want to be treated. I believed that if I treated everyone the way I would want to be treated, it meant I was a great manager. Yet, I had significant conflicts with some members of my team. Often, I felt […].

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Amazing Business Radio: Ford Blakely


A Passion for Convenience. Striking a Balance Between Business and Consumer Needs. Shep Hyken interviews Ford Blakely. They discuss pursuing your passion, creating convenience, and balancing technology with a human connection.

How Can We Measure Customer Emotions in Our Digital World

Beyond Philosophy

How Can We Measure Customer Emotions in Our Digital World. When you think about the Olympic medalists on the podium during the awards ceremony, who do you think is happier, the silver medalist or the bronze?

Leveraging the Voice of the Employee to Improve Engagement

Contact Center Pipeline

Enough with the big survey event! If you’re looking to improve employee engagement (and who isn’t, these days?), a simple annual questionnaire doesn’t cut it.

AI Customer Service: Today’s Most Transformative Technologies


Artificial intelligence (AI) – the science that deals with the creation of human-like learning and reasoning capabilities – has been catapulted into the spotlight in recent years.

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of June 24, 2019


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

How Your Customers’ Identity Issues Are Affecting Your CX

Beyond Philosophy

I get surprised sometimes by how many qualifications and degrees people list at the end of their name. Some of them might go on for half an hour! I find myself wondering why they want me to know all that.

Sales 259

How AI Takes Call Tracking Reports to Next Level


If you aren’t reporting on callers, or only use basic call tracking reports, these will open your eyes to what AI can do


Has Your CX Lost The Human Touch?


The CX space has seen significant movement over the last few years – between multibillion-dollar acquisitions, advancement in AI, and continuously evolving core software, the industry is experiencing a renaissance.

Guest Blog: “Zhuzhing Up” Humans in the Contact Center


This week we feature an article by Chris Connolly that discusses h ow assistive AI blends with human-only qualities to create a new category of “superagents.”. Technology replacing humans. That’s what we all fear. Yet bank employees did not disappear with the advent of the ATM.

Top 5 Posts in June

Contact Center Pipeline

Summer has officially arrived and with it a few hot topics to add to your contact center reading list. Top blog posts in June included a look at work-life balance challenges in the contact center; customer expectations for a more personalized experience; how to improve communication and collaboration effectiveness and efficiency using tools you may […].

The Lowdown on Downloads: 3 Customer Service Apps to take on your Summer Travels


Back in 2009, Apple filed for a trademark on its buzz-worthy phrase, “There’s an app for that.” Almost a decade later, there’s no shortage of apps cluttering up the Android and Apple marketplaces.

The Benefits of Customer Lifetime Value: Why It Matters


What do America’s longest running companies all have in common? They focus on the big picture: customer lifetime value. If you want your business to last, you need to prioritize customer lifetime value, too.

Why the best travel agent may be a bot

TELUS International

Next-Gen Technology

The Rustici Story: How Happy Employees Create Happy Customers

CX Accelerator

Originally posted on the Rustici Software Blog Last month, I presented to the Nashville Network of Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and shared how we’ve built a remarkable place to work at Rustici Software and how that leads to providing exceptional service to our customers.

Application Ecosystems and the Future of the Contact Center


Digital transformation is about creating experiences that matter, but what does this look like within the contact center? Effortless self-service, agent augmentation, interaction insights, smart pairing…nowhere close to what one vendor alone offers today.

How to Lower Bounce Rate & Boost Conversions with Live Chat Software

ProProfs Chat

It’s true that managing a website is not just about updating content every single day; rather it is all about improving its performance by optimizing quite a few variables like conversion rate, visitor count, search engine ranking, bounce rate etc.

CRM 105

Know Way, Rosé — The Knowledge You Need to Survive the Summer


We love sharing knowledge as much as Marie Kondo loves sharing the secrets of cleanliness. And while we created Guru to make sharing on-the-job knowledge easier, there’s no reason why you can’t use the Guru Card format to share your off-the-job insights. company news


From Insights to Action: Closing the Customer Feedback Loop


Closing the loop with customers requires not only gathering responses but then acting on those insights. . The vast majority of businesses are well aware of the fact that listening to the customer’s voice is an imperative component of growth and improvement.

How to Gather Customer Insights with CS Software


Customer Success Management (CS) software helps your enterprise understand what matters to your customers. And what matters most to your customers should matter most to you.

Webinar: Contact Center Self-Service and AI

Taylor Reach Group

Webinar Contact Center AI and Self Service Colin Taylor. By Colin Taylor. Recently, Taylor Reach CEO and Chief Chaos Officer gave a live webinar for Call Centre Helper on Contact Center AI and Self-Service. Check out the recorded webinar HERE.

Announcing Talkdesk Boost: Accelerate Your Digital Transformation


By now, you’d have to be living in a cave to be unaware that digital transformation is a key corporate imperative today. Digital transformation initiatives are underway all across the enterprise, with the primary goal being to compete and win on customer experience. .

Avoiding customer journey traffic jams


Considering all the ways that enterprises and customers can engage—across many platforms and channels–interactions can often end up resembling a traffic jam. There are multiple points of entry and multiple directions, and everyone is trying to get somewhere amidst the chaos. The result?

Give Great Support by Supporting Your Customer Support Team


Give your support people opportunities to explore things that they are curious about, and help them get breaths of fresh air in the form of taking breaks or switching to a different task temporarily.

Ask NPS Questions Using a Storytelling Approach


When you write a story, what is the first thing you should think about? Your audience. The same holds true for your Net Promoter Score survey. Really, writing a survey question is just another type of storytelling.

What is Prospecting? 6 Sales Prospecting Methods You Can Easily Use to Get More Customers


You’re are working hard, trying to build the best product. Your developers, marketers, and business people are doing their best to make the company thrive. Yet, there is no sign of new customers willing to give your company a try…. No matter how daunting that must be, there is a way to get crowds eager to make use of your offer and even refer it further outside! The answer is prospecting. And in this article, you’ll discover what is prospecting in sales and who the prospects are.

Sales 86

EmployBridge Takes an AI-Driven Approach to Finding Great Jobs for Great People


Today, searching for open roles is simple. A job-seeker can find a list on a company’s website, see posts on social media from individuals at a company who are looking to expand their team, or even use third-party websites to search for jobs based on role, location, and job requirements.

Alorica Named “BPO of the Year” at World’s Largest Customer Contact Event


Global Digital Transformation Provider Wins Big by Enhancing the Customer Experience for the Largest Brands on the Planet IRVINE, Calif. – (June 26, 2019) – Celebrating 20 years in business, Alorica Inc.,

4 Secrets About Human Tone In Chat That Nobody Will Tell You

Myra Golden

Chat support is not supposed to be rote like an ATM transaction. The idea is to insert a personal tone so you can build rapport and even delight customers. I have my clients do four things in chat interactions to make them more human.