Sun.Sep 13, 2020

Is the Future of Retail, Physical or Virtual?


Denyse Drummond-Dunn · Is the future of retail in the stars? Never miss an episode. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts to get new episodes as they become available.”. Will the future of retail be without physical outlets?

Customer Acquisition – Speed dating or Marriage?

Andrew Mcfarland

How does your company treat customer acquisition – like marriage or speed dating? The answer to this question will help decide your organization’s survival odds. Consider this dating world analogy… What if I assigned a goal for you to go. Best Practices Marriage Speed dating

Call Journey releases further updates to its market leading speech analytics solution – continues to lead the Australian market in Speech Analytics

Call Journey

The Australian-born company deploys the latest update to its Australian Language model ASR to drive a more personalized journey to Australian customers. Call Journey further cements its position as the leading Conversation Analytics provider in Australia with the release of the latest version of its advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) environment – CJ V6.5, offering best-in-class transcription accuracy and market-leading Word Error Rate (WER) for its Australian market. The V6.5