Sat.Sep 19, 2020

What is Customer Science? Is this the next wave of change?

Beyond Philosophy

I heard a new term that I think has the capability of being the next wave of change in business today. Customer Science. ‘ Customer Science’ is the fusion between technology, behavioral science and data.

The Importance of Utilizing Social Media in Customer Service Activities

Anexa BPO

Strong customer relationships are vitally important to any business selling a service or product.

Telemarketing Gives Brands Better Insight Into Target Audiences

Anexa BPO

There are many ways in which audience insight can better strengthen ties between brands and consumers. In today’s business climate, understanding your market might very well be the most valuable asset there is. Audience insight is collected through many different outlets. This includes surveys, specialized tools and software which collect data through social and online channels, as well as direct interaction with customers through activities such as telemarketing.