Sun.Feb 09, 2020

Remote Video Support: 5 Core Considerations when Selecting a Solution


Offering fast, intuitive guidance for a wide range of issues – from device self-installation and troubleshooting to document capture and billing advice – remote video support technology allow contact center agents to see exactly what the customer sees.

Building Financial Strength through CX

Andrew Mcfarland

Companies with high customer experience (CX) capabilities are financially stronger because of those CX capabilities. Recall a previous post, which asserted that recessions affect the CX based on both corporate strength and existing CX capabilities.) For reference, here is link.

Parent Involvement in Education: Why it’s important for your child’s success


As a parent, you wear a thousand hats to your child. At home, your child is influenced by your actions, behaviors, and beliefs. As your child grows and more time accumulates in the classroom, it’s important to stay involved in their learning.