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Journey to Contact Center Success


As a contact center manager, you face never-ending challenges from day-to-day operations to envisioning long-term possibilities to improve customer experience while at the same time building efficiency and modernizing processes and systems.

How To Improve Customer Service In 8 Easy Steps?

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Improving customer service is of key interest for all types of businesses and call center. Client dependability is basically vital to business achievement. Despite the fact that a large portion of us know this, the numbers may shock even the most very much educated Marketers.

5 Benefits of Using Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Center

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a touchy subject in the contact center industry. Some fear AI will completely replace human agents, while others want to dive head first and automate as much as possible.

Refining the Hiring Process

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What leader wouldn’t love to fill his or her contact center with highly skilled customer service professionals who will stay for a while and help to grow the business? That might be easier to do if you had unlimited time at your disposal, but in the fast-paced, ever-changing, always-putting-out-fires contact center environment, the need to […]. Recruiting & Hiring behavioral-based job interviews call center chatbots contact center hiring recruiting

Onwards and Cloudwards! Explore your options for moving towards the cloud

Hear from independent research analyst Jon Arnold and our very own Barbara Gonzalez, VP of Global Business Consulting, on this topic as they discuss the forces driving the move to the cloud and the options for businesses when change becomes mandatory.

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Boost Your Brand – Double Business Growth with Voice Broadcasting

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Voice broadcast users can contact targets. It doesn’t matter they member, subscriber, constituents, employees or customers; almost immediately. If used by the government authority it would be as an emergency notification system. Such as notification are intended only for use in emergencies).

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How to Improve Your Powers of Observation

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Advertising disclosure: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Have you ever encountered a customer who had that "lost" look?

Aspect Via® Workforce Management™ Supporting Amazon Connected Home Vision


Most of us know about Amazon’s acquisition of Ring.com back in February of this year, the second largest acquisition ever made by Amazon, exceeded only by their acquisition of Whole Foods.

6 Things Retail Companies Need from Their Contact Centers to Retain Customers

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An article by Fred Chua discusses the customer journey and how two components can be the most critical; the user experience with online shopping and the order processing stage.

Is Ribbon Communications the New BroadSoft?

Jon Arnold

Short question - and long answer. That thought has been with me since their Perspectives18 event earlier this month, and I finally got a chance to explore it in my latest contribution to BCStrategies.


5 Valuable Metrics Contact Centers Can Provide Companies

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Does your company gather valuable customer insights from your brand’s digital channels? According to an article by Maria Marinina , the data within digital channels can be just as valuable as data from traditional methods such as research, surveys, and CRM systems.

Effective Feedback: Balancing Effort with Results


This is the final post in our series on providing effective agent feedback. Creating well-balanced agents requires well-balanced feedback. We have (so far) looked at agent feedback in terms of “positive-versus-negative” or how it aligns with the three E’s of agent experience. But there is another perspective to consider. As customer experience consultant Agnieszka Anna [.]. Read More. The post Effective Feedback: Balancing Effort with Results appeared first on Sharpen Contact Center Software.