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Amazing Business Radio: Cameron Mitchell


“Yes” is the Answer; What is the Question? Putting People First to Achieve an Exceptional Customer Experience. Shep Hyken interviews Cameron Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. They discuss Cameron’s customer service philosophies and his new book, Yes is the Answer!

Six Common Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes In Quality Monitoring In Contact Centers

Myra Golden Media

After I deliver a customized, engaging customer service workshop, I help my clients reinforce the main ideas. One way I do that is by teaming up with the company’s Quality Assurance team.

The Surprising Effect of Choice Architecture on Your CX

Beyond Philosophy

I live in Sarasota, Florida, and recently, there have been some interesting changes to the public benches. Halfway along the seat, there are armrests. At first, I thought it was to make them more comfortable than they were without an armrest in the middle.

Revisiting Contact Center Schedule Adherence

Contact Center Pipeline

When you find someone in a contact center who is passionate about schedule adherence, it’s a good bet he/she is (or once was) a member of a workforce management team (WMT).

Redefining Customer Experience Metrics for Better Performance

Speaker: Lynn Hunsaker, Chief Customer Officer of ClearAction Continuum

Join us for this insightful webinar with Lynn Hunsaker, Chief Customer Officer of ClearAction, who will show you how to zero-in on true leading indicators and describe how to connect business results metrics with employees’ workflow metrics.

Why You Should Focus on Nurturing the Customer Relationship


The digital transformation of business has created a customer-centered economy where customers seek short-term commitments and value choice, flexibility, and personalized service. This has irrevocably changed how enterprises need to approach customers.

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Artificial Intelligence Is Designed To Learn, So Start Letting It


This article originally appeared on behalf of the Forbes Technology Council, a community for world-class CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives. Read the original post here. thought leadership

5 Things People Overlook When Building Support Strategy


Listen to what your customers have to say, and make sure you have a clean-cut process to track customer insights that everyone in your company is able to access.

Data Security and Quality Standards for Remote Interpretation Providers


Providing quality business and government services often requires interacting with the private information of customers and constituents. Private and public organizations alike must take active measures to make sure that data stays secure—and to vet potential vendors to make sure they do the same.

The Best Phrases for Taking Ownership of Service Failures

Toister Performance Solutions

Advertising disclosure: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Customer service often involves solving problems we didn't create.

Training for Lead Generation, Customer Onboarding and Support

Customer lifecycle training gives customers the knowledge and tools they need to be successful. As customer success and satisfaction grows, so does retention and repeat business. This eBook can help training teams improve or expand their customer training programs.

A Call Center Glossary: The A-Zs of Call Centers


Often, we use terminology and abbreviations that we become accustomed to in our everyday lives, especially within the call center space.

Intelligent Automation, Mobile, and Customer Support for Millennials and Generation Z


UJET’s Connor Sutton, Team Lead of Customer Success, participated in Destination CRM’s Digital Transformation: From Call Centers to Customer Engagement Centers webinar. His section discussed the need to intelligent automation and how customer support must look at mobile as a primary channel.

CRM 72

10 Reasons to Locate Your Contact Center in the Friendly North


Looking for an onshore contact center partner? One that can wow your customers while simultaneously delivering an unparalleled ROI? Your answer may just lie to the friendly north.

Easy Steps to Optimise your Homepage for Lead Conversion


What is the aim of your homepage? Conversion and education are key points to optimise your homepage in B2B marketing. But you need to be realistic and think about why people may visit it. The most likely reason is to gain a better understanding of what your business is about.

B2B 66

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

If Artificial Intelligence for businesses is a red-hot topic in C-suites, AI for customer engagement and contact center customer service is white hot. This white paper covers specific areas in this domain that offer potential for transformational ROI, and a fast, zero-risk way to innovate with AI.

How Customer Success Can Rescue the CX Industry

Sampson Lee

Recently I read the article by Bob Thompson, CEO of CustomerThink Corp., Could a “Customer Success” Mindset Save the CX Industry?

What is Call Center Performance Management?


What is Performance Management? Call Center Performance Management is a program, generally led by a contact center operations manager, dedicated to calculating and improving the performance of contact center agents.

CSM from the Trenches: Mentors – Nina Wilkinson, Director of Customer Success, AspireIQ


Welcome to our blog series CSM from the Trenches, a community for frontline Customer Success Managers (CSMs) that discusses trends, best practices, and advice for the frontline. Being on the CSM frontline allows us to directly influence the success of our clients.

5 Reasons IT Pros Should Deploy Video Collaboration Solutions


Gone are the days when the IT department was relegated to the bottom floor of an office to perform tasks that few in the organization understood. IT professionals today are the innovators, troubleshooters, cyber security watchdogs, data masters, and business process experts of the organization.


The Health of the Contact Center: Are You Ready for 2019?

A survey of 1,000 contact center professionals reveals what it takes to improve agent well-being in a customer-centric era. This report is a must-read for contact center leaders preparing to engage agents and improve customer experience in 2019.



A “Fly-By-Night” for over 35 Years. We’ve been a fly-by-night for over 35 years. The little company that could, and does, for over 35 years is turning 36 this summer. Still under the same founder, still made in America, still used throughout the world, and still evolving to provide the best WFM system — ever. We serve some of the largest businesses with our products as well as some of the smallest.

Why You Should Focus on Nurturing the Customer Relationship


The digital transformation of business has created a customer-centered economy where customers seek short-term commitments and value choice, flexibility, and personalized service. This has irrevocably changed how enterprises need to approach customers.

Will AI Impact the Contact Center?

Strategic Contact

We embarked on a fun little survey this spring to gather input on the future of the contact center. Because AI is a hot topic, we focused particular attention on this widely hyped enabling technology. We asked people to weigh in on what impact they think AI will have on contact centers in the next.

Branch uses Mastercard Send™ to push funds instantly to U.S. debit cards

Branch Mesenger

Nearly 80 percent of hourly workers experience some degree of pay variance from week to week and 75 percent have less than $500 saved for an emergency. We understand that an unexpected emergency or bill timing can derail finances.

How to Make the Transition to Customer Service Outsourcing

Speaker: Randy Clapp, Chief Revenue Officer, Advantage Communications Inc.

You’re feeling the pressure of keeping your employees engaged and improving your customer experience, but you’re not sure if you’re ready or even know how to make a smooth transition to a contact center. Randy Clapp, Chief Revenue Officer of Advantage Communications, will lead you through an outsourcing Self-Assessment you can apply to your business in this insightful webinar developed to provide you with the building blocks to take your customer service experience to the next level.

The smart move towards enterprise mobility


I recently came across an article about the growing use of mobile solutions, such as smartphones and cloud-sharing apps, and how they are changing the corporate landscape.

The Advantages of Analytics-Enabled Quality Management


The Advantages of Analytics-Enabled Quality Management. For most of the past 40 years, contact centers have performed quality management (QM) the same way. Calls are identified for evaluation from recordings, and then a QM specialist listens, assesses and completes a monitoring form for each of them. While traditional QM applications have been enhanced over the years, the QM process remains highly manual, even in the best of cases. QM Challenges.

Dialers: Power & Predictive


As promises are made not be broken, in this post we will continue talking about dialers, specifically about the Power and Predictive dialers. . Power Dialer. Power dialers are the most traditional type of dialer and the most commonly used. A power dialer works around the idea of “Overdial” what this means is the system will make more calls then you have agents available.

What’s the difference between customer journey mapping and customer journey analytics?


Question: What’s the difference between customer journey mapping and customer journey analytics? Answer: Customer journey mapping provides enterprises with a visual representation of the touchpoints that prospects or customers traverse when interacting with their organization, from the first touch through the last.

A New Segmentation Model for Customer Onboarding

A great customer onboarding program is a proactive and meaningful way to make a lasting impact on customer engagement, retention, and expansion. In this eBook, Skilljar will show you a new framework for building a customer onboarding program, including how to segment users and drive long-term value and retention through education.

5 Key Emotions to Ensure Customer Loyalty

NICE inContact

We think it’s important to strike a balance between automation and a human touch in digital customer service. Sure, we live in a world that increasingly relies on technology, but we believe this only emphasizes the qualities that are particular to human communication, not replace them. The connections between customer experience and loyalty are clear. Let’s take a closer look at the actual emotions that inspire loyalty.

Conversations’19: First Global Series in Africa Leg


The landscape of contact center technologies has changed over decades and with customers becoming more informed and tech-savvy, the face of customer service demands more than just a query resolution over a call. Africa is not far behind in the adoption of technological transformation.

How to Ask for a Customer Reference (and actually get one)


Adam proposes recommendations on how to ask customers for a reference. Customer Success Customer customer journey Customer Service