Sun.Jul 12, 2020

Contact Center Industry Perspectives and Resources


CCNG is working through our network of colleagues and resources to help share information, insights, and ideas on maintaining strong customer care, employee support, and business continuity during this challenging period.

How To Create High-Converting Landing Pages


How often do you leave a website the very minute you visit it? For most internet users, it takes only 0.05 seconds to decide whether they want to stay or leave at once. Evidently, your landing page can’t be high-converting if visitors won’t stay on it.

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To Stay at Home or To Not Stay at Home: An Invitation to a Research Study


The contact center industry has never experienced anything like the COVID-19 pandemic. The rapid shift to move agents and supervisors to their homes has demonstrated that a work-at-home (WAH) model is possible for business continuity purposes.

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Here’s How You Can Avoid Customer Service Pitfalls

Wowdesk Blog

People often get confused with the terms ‘customer experience’ and ‘customer service’ and use them interchangeably. However, please note that they are different words with different significance. Customer service is reactive and influences the overall customer experience.

How Call Lifecycle Details Help Increase Customer Satisfaction

Do you want to better understand what your customers are experiencing on calls? Does your call center software lack key information, even if calls are recorded? Download this eBook now to learn how to gain insights on all your calls to increase your customer satisfaction!

3 Main Ways Customer Service Influences the Marketing Landscape

CSM Magazine

The marketing landscape is constantly changing and evolving, and the increasing demand from customers is one of the main factors in this. Nowadays customers want ‘immediate’, whether that’s immediate results, immediate satisfaction, or immediate blame.