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The Fine Art of Contact Center Management

Contact Center Pipeline

The five factors of Caller Tolerance. Part 2 of 2) In my January Contact Center Pipeline article, my topic was on the Art and Science of contact center management and its three driving forces: Random Call Arrival, Visible and Invisible Queue, and Caller Tolerance.

Why You Need More than CRM Features for Customer Success


Customer relationship management software is great for sales, but it isn’t a substitute for a customer success platform. In this blog, we’ll talk about why CRM features alone aren’t sufficient for an effective CS strategy.

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Different Types of BPO for Maximizing Business Growth


Business process outsourcing (BPO) has taken the world by storm. Valued at over $232 billion in 2020 , the BPO market is expected to further rise at an eye-popping 8.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2021 and 2028!

5 Frustrations Customers Have with Help Desks

Return Customer

Research by Deloitte and Touche reported that businesses that prioritize customers are a whopping 60% more profitable than those that don’t. And that 1 in 4 customers would pay 10% more just for better customer service as per ShepHyken’s 2021 Achieving Customer Amazement Report.

Customer Preferences: How Community Can Deliver a Simplified Experience

Your customers want a simplified customer experience. Make sure you give it to them with community. Download the whitepaper to learn more!

Unlocking New Potential for Higher Education


About 90% of colleges and universities see fewer than 70% of students graduate within six years. Clearly, student retention is a big goal for provosts and other institutional leaders.

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Amazing Business Radio: Michel Falcon

Shep Hyken

Bridging the Gap between Company Culture and Customer Service. Investing in Customer Service. Shep Hyken interviews Michel Falcon, keynote speaker, owner of Brasa Peruvian Kitchen , and author of People-First Culture: Build a Lasting Company By Shifting Your Focus From Profits to People.

10 Things Customer Success Leaders Can Do to Support and Empower Working Parents in Their Teams?


For years, it has been an unspoken yet accepted fact that the tech world is not kind to women, especially if they are mothers.

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Top Reasons Cloud-based Is Better Than On-Premise For Contact Centers


Top Reasons Cloud-based Is Better Than On-Premise For Contact Centers. Contact centers are becoming increasingly important to modern business, and they are the central hub in a company to assist with customer retention and building brand loyalty.

Move Over Millennials, Generation Z is Here

Call Design

Just when companies were starting to feel confident in their understanding of Millennials, along comes a new generation entering the workforce — Generation Z.

A Strategic Guide to Community Gamification

Does creating engaged customers and impacting CS objectives sound interesting? Learn more about how gamification can help your customer success team in our free eBook.

What Qualifies As a GOOD Net Promoter Score (NPS)?


As a customer success professional, you’ve likely heard many times about the Net Promotor Score (NPS).

Optimize Your Call Forwarding Feature


Use call forwarding to get your calls to the right people on your team. Ensure every caller gets a professional and human response. The post Optimize Your Call Forwarding Feature appeared first on AnswerConnect Blog. Resources


LiveVox to Showcase Purpose-Built Contact Center Solution for Financial Services at LendIt Fintech USA 2022


Single pane of glass offering maximizes performance, reduces customer effort, and helps to mitigate compliance risk. The post LiveVox to Showcase Purpose-Built Contact Center Solution for Financial Services at LendIt Fintech USA 2022 appeared first on Livevox. Corporate News

Customer Success leader spotlight: Mary Poppen, involve.ai


Welcome back to our Customer Success leader spotlight series, where we get candid with the leaders behind today’s most customer-centric organizations about their career stories, takes on the industry, and lessons learned along the way. . Get to know involve.ai

Should Customer Marketing Align with Customer Success?

With outcomes and metrics that align directly, find out why customer success should be the foundation of a customer marketing strategy. Download the free ebook now!

Hot off the press: Introducing Customer Health Magazine


Whoever uttered the words “publishing is dead” didn’t see this one coming. Ebooks, guides, and white papers, all have their place in the content mix, but what about an actual magazine created specifically for CS and community professionals?


Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an Answering Service

A Better Answer

Hiring an answering service assists growing businesses meet their customers’ needs. Call center agents can handle increasing demand for inquiries. Outsourcing customer service lets you focus on running your company.

Future of Work – the Hybrid Work Model for Contact Centers


For contact centers, the labor revolution has launched – the world is moving towards a new employee experience, a world where hybrid work is now the new norm for many organizations.

Automatic Call Distribution Pillar


IP PBX. A Detailed Insight Into ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) System and Its Importance For Today’s Businesses. In today’s time, all the well-performing call center solutions have ACD as one of their primary components.

Why Product Led Growth is a Customer Success Responsibility

Product Led Growth is fast become a leading business driver in the SaaS world. Find out why your organization should be implementing a product-led growth strategy today, and why customer success should lead it. Download this eBook to learn more!

5 Tips for Managing Remote Call Center Agents


Companies have to adjust to the new reality of remote work while still meeting market demands. This is why managing call center agents remotely has become a true challenge for the industry. Discover 5 tips to successfully manage remote call center agents.

Big Changes Need Big Data 


On June 1, 2021, SoFi became a publicly-traded company on the Nasdaq Global Market (Nasdaq). Just over six months later, on January 18, 2022, SoFi was granted a national bank charter.

SEO vs SEM: Learn the Difference Between Them


SEO vs SEM, how can you differentiate these two terms? If you know a little bit about the digital marketing area, probably you have already heard about these concepts, which are very important to promote a brand. . They are different strategies that can complement each other.

Top 7 Questions to Drive Customer Health.


If you could ask a question to your customers, what would that be? Tip: ask a question that drives your customer’s health! Yes, driving customer health is not an easy task.

How Self-Service Can Drive Down Costs and Improve CX

Best-selling author and customer experience thought leader Blake Morgan has created a new ebook on why offering self-service should be your focus. Self-service can improve customer experience and simultaneously drive down costs.

Why Brand Intimacy Might Be a Smarter Way to Gauge the Health (And Profitability) Of Your Customer Relationships


Why brand intimacy might be a smarter way to gauge the health (and profitability) of your customer relationships. Sure, “loyalty” measurements can be useful indicators of a customer’s repeat business and potential long-term profitability. But what leads to loyalty?

What Makes Outstanding a Call Center Service?


Vcare call center services is the ideal help for you new business, regardless of your business needs. Use the outsourcing our assorted services below to find the optimal solution for your business needs and learn about the most prominent customer service methods.

A Short Legal Guide to Using Customer Testimonials the Right Way 


Every businessperson loves to use customer testimonials on their website. The reason is that it builds trust amongst potential customers and builds goodwill in the market. However, not every businessperson follows ethics and posts authentic customer testimonials on their websites.

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Ingredients Of A Successful Customer Education Program


To achieve success in a quick time it is essential to have training in place. Without it, it’s an attempt to climb a ladder that results in a fall.

How to Prevent Brand Ambassador Burnout

Speaker: Kristi Faltorusso, VP of Customer Success at ClientSuccess

Your brand ambassadors are massively important to your business, actively promoting your brand and encouraging new business. But repeatedly requesting advocacy efforts from customers can lead to burnout and dissatisfaction. You need to avoid this at all costs! Learn how in this free webinar.

May 24 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Director, Client Success Location: Oakland, CA, US Organization: Cardlytics As a Director of Client Success, you will grow and diversify the solutions delivered to the largest partners ultimately growing Cardlytics revenue as a result.