Fri.Nov 15, 2019

Guest Blog: Three Surprising Ways You Can Improve the Customer Experience with Cloud IVR


This week we feature an article by Nogol Tardugno who tells us how to get our contact center interactive voice response (IVR) to deliver the best customer experience. Any reports of the death of interactive voice response (IVR) as a customer service channel have been greatly exaggerated.

The Surprising Affect Your Experience Has on Price Imaging

Beyond Philosophy

Customers have an idea of whether you are a low- or high-priced store almost before they ever interact with you. There are many reasons for it, and you are responsible for a lot of them. There is a story that demonstrates this concept that happened in a neighborhood in Boston called Jamaica Plain.

How to Apply Automation into Your Startup’s CRM Sales Processes

CSM Magazine

Let’s face it, automation has come in and transformed how we live – from the way we travel to how we communicate and pretty much how we handle all other facets of life.

CRM 52

Q&A: How to Get 20/20 Foresight for Your 2020 Customer Success Planning


Q&A: How to Get 20/20 Foresight for Your 2020 Customer Success Planning. . We are in the thick of Q4 and the high-pressure budget and strategy planning season is in full swing in SaaS organizations around the globe.

Conquering CX in the World of Technology

Speaker: Stacy Sherman, Head of Customer Experience and Culture Transformation

We are in the midst of a technological boom. New technology is being released every year and both employees and customers must adapt to the latest trends. It’s important that organizations are aware of what is available and what will be best for a successful customer experience. Join us for an insightful webinar with Stacy Sherman, where she will provide information on how current technology trends such as sending alerts and notifications can go a long way in improving customer experience and customer loyalty.

Tribalism: Are You In with The In-Crowd

Beyond Philosophy

Tribalism: Are You In with The In-Crowd? As humans, the need to belong is essential to us. Most of us have a deep need to feel we are part of a broader community that shares our values and interests. In other words, we need to find our tribe.

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Why Answering Service Free Trials Are No Free Lunch

Ambs Call Center

Some answering services offer free trials to entice wary businesses to use their service. Their logic is that if you try it you will like it. They pretend their service is so good that they have nothing to risk.

It was all about community at Pulse Europe 2019


Whew, what a conference! The team at inSided had the pleasure of being part of last week’s Pulse Europe in London and we sure had an exciting time! Saas Trends

SaaS 52

Importance of Emotion in Call Center Customer Experience


How important are your consumers’ feelings? While you may not give it much thought - your job is their satisfaction, after all - it is actually very important to the job you do. Research has found that when it comes to call center customer experience, emotion plays a big role.

How Bad Customer Service Affects Your Business


There are no questions that customer service is an integral component of any business’s success. You might have an awesome product and great pricing but if your customer’s experience is not good, then you are losing the ultimate battle to win their hearts. What is Bad Customer Service?

How to Leverage Quality Management to Transform the Customer Experience

When was the last time you took a step back to examine quality management (QM) in your contact center? Determining behaviors that are critical to successful customer experiences, and then coaching agents to exceed that standard on every customer interaction, is the key to running a great contact center. Download this eBook and uncover how winning organizations are improving Customer Satisfaction, NPS, and other key metrics.

Bring on the Holiday Rush: Prep Tips for Your Contact Center

NICE inContact

For even more in-depth tips and trends, check out this ICMI article . In just two weeks, the holiday shopping season will be in full swing. No other season impacts so many contact centers across so many markets quite like it. To accommodate the volume of sales, returns, and customer service requests, most businesses will hire seasonal contact center staff. Some retailers choose to upgrade technology, moving their call center software to the cloud.

Scheduling for the Modern Contact Center: The Secret is WFM


There is something utterly satisfying about a schedule. Schedules for our daily lives make us more efficient, help us prioritize, help us become more proficient and most importantly, saves us time, our most valuable resource. In the world of workforce management, those same benefits hold true.

The Future of Financial Security: Mitigating Risk & Managing Technology

Whitepages Pro

Dan Jiao, Payment Risk Solutions Manager at Ekata, was on a BrightTALK live panel at Money20/20 in October. Watch a recording of this panel and learn more about how the movement of #data to the cloud has created new risks and challenges when it comes to protecting #financialdata, and much more. Watch now. Full description from BrightTalk: . As advancements in technology continue to march forward, the way we store, handle and access data is changing.

22 Metrics & KPIs to Measure Your Ticketing System’s Effectiveness


Tracking metrics and KPIs To be successful, contact centers need a robust, integrated platform that can generate essential metrics reports. In addition, when metrics change in response to a shift in the business such as a product launch, staff change, or marketing campaign, managers must interpret the data to find what’s not working. Below are. The post 22 Metrics & KPIs to Measure Your Ticketing System’s Effectiveness appeared first on Livevox. Contact Center Metrics

How to Cut the High Cost of Contact Center Agent Attrition

Agent attrition has always been a burden on a company’s bottom line. When turnover runs rampant in the contact center, institutional knowledge is lost, productivity drops, the quality of service decreases, and employee engagement and morale go down. This white paper takes an in-depth look at the problem and explains how outsourcing can be used to fix it.

Tech Talks Podcast: How Ekata Is Linking Digital Identity Back To Humanity

Whitepages Pro

Ajay Andrews, VP of Product of Ekata, joins The Tech Talks Daily Podcast to discuss how businesses, such as Alipay, Stripe, Airbnb, and Microsoft, rely on Ekata’s solutions to approve more good transactions, reduce friction, and find fraud. Listen on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Click here to listen now. The post Tech Talks Podcast: How Ekata Is Linking Digital Identity Back To Humanity appeared first on Ekata. Fraud Risk Machine Learning News Our Data Research and Report


Next Stop - Chicago and SCTC (and SIPtones!)

Jon Arnold

I’m off early Sunday to Chicago for the annual SCTC conference. It’s the only travel event for me this month, and if I play my cards right, I won’t be on the road for an event again until mid-January.