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Top 12 Qualities to Look for in an Outsourced Contact Center Partner

Transparent BPO

Finding a quality, affordable outsourced contact center partner can be hard. There are many factors to consider, including site location, company culture, the technology in use, price, quality, and more. Certainly, you want to find the partner that is the right fit for your business needs.

Managing Attrition in a Strong Economy

Contact Center Pipeline

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current unemployment rate is the lowest in 48 years. When the economy is strong and contact center jobs are plentiful, retaining your top talent can become a daunting task.

Smart, Dynamic CX in the Modern Contact Center


You cannot get around it – contact centers must modernize their operations to remain competitive in the current business landscape. Artificial intelligence is able to contribute to this effort in […]. The post Smart, Dynamic CX in the Modern Contact Center appeared first on Blueworx. Blog AI Contact Center CX

When It Comes To CX, Sweat The Small Stuff

Beyond Philosophy

In our customer experience consultancy, clients tell us customers make decisions based on price or features. However, in our research, we never find price or features are the most important things.

Redefining Customer Experience Metrics for Better Performance

Speaker: Lynn Hunsaker, Chief Customer Officer of ClearAction Continuum

Join us for this insightful webinar with Lynn Hunsaker, Chief Customer Officer of ClearAction, who will show you how to zero-in on true leading indicators and describe how to connect business results metrics with employees’ workflow metrics.

Enterprise Chat Software: Understanding its Role & Benefits to Boost Your Business

ProProfs Blog

You must have noticed some of your visitors leave the website without making a purchase. Ever wondered what leads to such a result? Even with the perfect marketing strategy in place, you get visitors on the website. But what about engagement?

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How a Small Business Owner Kicked Self-Doubt

Toister Performance Solutions

One of my favorite things is hearing from customer service leaders and small business owners who candidly share the challenges they face. One recent email that caught my attention was from Aaron Pallesen, owner of Hive Martial Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Intuitive Customer by Colin Shaw and Ryan Hamilton (a One Win Book Review)

Customers That Stick

In this One Win Book Review, we take a look at The Intuitive Customer by Colin Shaw and Ryan Hamilton. Check out the video below to hear Adam’s one win that you can take away from The Intuitive Customer to improve your organization’s customer experience and customer service.

New and Improved: GetFeedback Actions


Surface time-sensitive customer feedback and take immediate action to enhance the customer experience. It’s often said that “talk is cheap but actions are priceless.” In this case, collecting customer feedback is easy but taking action is where the real substance lies.

Why You Need to Understand the Voice of the Customer


It is the bad idea that causes me to be reminded that we should not talk to ourselves – we should be better listeners. We should be listening to the voice of the customer. Continue reading → The post Why You Need to Understand the Voice of the Customer appeared first on CustomerCount.


Training for Lead Generation, Customer Onboarding and Support

Customer lifecycle training gives customers the knowledge and tools they need to be successful. As customer success and satisfaction grows, so does retention and repeat business. This eBook can help training teams improve or expand their customer training programs.

Customer Success Leading Indicators and 3 Ways to Turn Around a Failing Product


In the world of SaaS products, there are plenty of ups and downs. Every product goes through the process of checks and balances, and sometimes there are more downs than ups. Just because you have a ‘failing’ product doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up shop.

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Essential Topics for Your Customer Service Team’s Learning Library


A Learning Management System (LMS) is a must for call center and customer-service managers looking to improve their teams’ performance , but what topics should your learning materials actually cover? It’s not an easy question to answer, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

ACE 2019: The Master Program Track


I hope you’re planning on joining us at ACE this summer. Based on your feedback, we’ve been fine-tuning our breakout session tracks. New for this year is the Master Program track , which is now part of our improved certification program.

How To Learn From Customer Feedback in 3 Steps


Customer feedback is the number one way your team can improve your product or service. The toughest part is building or buying a tool to ask for and measure customer satisfaction — but you can’t stop there. It’s also important to put processes in place so that you can learn from what your customers are telling you. Especially since feedback can come through many channels: email, NPS surveys, CSAT surveys, reviews, and more.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

If Artificial Intelligence for businesses is a red-hot topic in C-suites, AI for customer engagement and contact center customer service is white hot. This white paper covers specific areas in this domain that offer potential for transformational ROI, and a fast, zero-risk way to innovate with AI.

Bright Pattern Makes The Connection: Transitioning from Legacy Technology to the Cloud

Bright Pattern

The Connection—a large-scale BPO and customer care provider—has been in the CX space for over 36 years and its client list includes everything from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and everything in between.

The Holistic Customer Journey Framework: Thinking Beyond Products & Brands

Relay Blog

In the digital age, customer experience is everything. However, it’s also more difficult than ever. The post The Holistic Customer Journey Framework: Thinking Beyond Products & Brands appeared first on Relay. Support customer framework holistic journey strategy

Using Active Listening on the Phone To Improve Sales


How Active Listening on the Phone is One of the Best Practices for Cross-Selling and Upselling.

Working together to improve customer relationships


Managing your customer relationships is a company-wide effort. It involves multiple departments within an organization, including sales, customers service and IT, to name a few.

The Health of the Contact Center: Are You Ready for 2019?

A survey of 1,000 contact center professionals reveals what it takes to improve agent well-being in a customer-centric era. This report is a must-read for contact center leaders preparing to engage agents and improve customer experience in 2019.

Fivestars Pay: a new way to turn payments into automated growth for your business


Today we’re proud to launch Fivestars Pay—a payment processing service that integrates Fivestars with point of sale systems and makes the program easy, automatic, and three times more powerful. By combining payments, loyalty, and marketing automation, Fivestars is helping local businesses drive customer loyalty at rates that significantly exceed those of big chains. All local […].

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The value of a good phone conversation


We talk a lot about the importance of customer satisfaction, and how it directly impacts our business success and annual profits.

The tipping point: When should fast-growing companies stop ignoring customers?

TELUS International

CX Best Practices

The Shutdown and the Storm: CXone Provides a Welcome Tool for the State of Michigan

NICE inContact

Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Integrated Services Delivery (IDS) is the state agency that manages the entire process for benefits administration — from application and qualification through delivery. Although the state of Michigan maintains 14 different contact centers for different agencies, DHHS/IDS didn’t have a dedicated contact center.

How to Make the Transition to Customer Service Outsourcing

Speaker: Randy Clapp, Chief Revenue Officer, Advantage Communications Inc.

You’re feeling the pressure of keeping your employees engaged and improving your customer experience, but you’re not sure if you’re ready or even know how to make a smooth transition to a contact center. Randy Clapp, Chief Revenue Officer of Advantage Communications, will lead you through an outsourcing Self-Assessment you can apply to your business in this insightful webinar developed to provide you with the building blocks to take your customer service experience to the next level.

Network Insights: Velocity (Part 1 of 3)

Whitepages Pro

Last week, we released a new feature in Pro Insight, our manual review solution , called network insights. Network insights provides users valuable signals that are a layer deeper than traditional linkages or match statuses.

Release Notes: Drag and Drop, Plus More Emoji Support in Beacon

Help Scout

Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new. What’s New. Drag and drop attachments in Beacon. Let the GIF sharing begin!

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Network Insights: Velocity (Part 1 of 3)

Whitepages Pro

Last week, we released a new feature in Pro Insight, our manual review solution , called network insights. Network insights provides users valuable signals that are a layer deeper than traditional linkages or match statuses.

Help! How do I handle too many support tickets?


Let’s be clear, both customer service and customer experience are integral to business success, whether it be in B2B or B2C companies. As customer demands both evolve and increase, so too do the ways they must be handled.

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A New Segmentation Model for Customer Onboarding

A great customer onboarding program is a proactive and meaningful way to make a lasting impact on customer engagement, retention, and expansion. In this eBook, Skilljar will show you a new framework for building a customer onboarding program, including how to segment users and drive long-term value and retention through education.

Here’s What’s New from April 2019 | Kommunicate Product Updates


We pour a lot of passion and creativity into making our product better each and every day. The April version of the product release includes the Latest version of IOS and Android SDK’S, Bug fixes, Improved UX and feature releases.


Step 4 of 5: AI Self-Service Without Compromise – Avoid Siloed Channels With a Unified, Omnichannel CX Platform


This is the fourth of a five-part blog series that outlines the Five Best Practices for AI Self-Service Without Compromise. Read Part 1 , Part 2 , and Part 3 first! Gartner predicts that customers soon will prefer using speech-driven interfaces to other forms of self-service when given a choice.

Marlette Funding Opens New Customer Experience Center of Excellence to Service Best Egg Personal Loans


SAN ANTONIO (May 9, 2019) – Marlette Funding, LLC, developer and operator of the consumer-lending online platform for Best Egg personal loans, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the company’s new Customer Experience Center of Excellence, located at Alorica’s Woodway site.