Mon.Feb 17, 2020

Where AI Meets CX: How Conversational Commerce Effects Customer-Driven Growth

Beyond Philosophy

Technology, human behavior, Customer Experience are intersecting through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and taking marketing in a new direction. To understand how it requires a better understanding of what the inventor of the hashtag Chris Messina’s calls Conversational Commerce.

Measure Customer Loyalty With NPS in Salesforce


The reasons you should use NPS, and our three pillars for improving your NPS program with the GetFeedback Salesforce integration. Articles


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The top three ways savvy organizations are using the Tethr Effort Index (TEI)


In this brief video , Tethr’s SVP of Product, Ted McKenna, breaks down three of the most powerful ways customers are putting the Tethr Effort Index (TEI) to work. . TEI is the market’s first machine-based effort measure.

Measure Customer Loyalty With NPS in Salesforce


You can learn a lot about your customers by asking one simple question: On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend us? . This question is the most basic NPS question and it can yield powerful insights about customer loyalty at key stages of the customer journey.

A New Segmentation Model for Customer Onboarding

In this eBook, we will show you a new framework for building a customer onboarding program, including how to segment users and drive long-term value and retention through education.

Playvox 2020 Kickoff Event an Example of Company Growth


Two photographers launched into a big task recently, arranging more than 80 people for a team photo in Manizales, Colombia. Playvox Updates


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Tips on Training Work-At-Home Agents


Agents who work from home present different benefits and challenges for call centers. Workers who are physically in the call center have the opportunity to learn from walking around the center or listening in on a neighbor. Remote agents can miss out on this opportunity and experience.

8 ways to ask your child about school


As a parent, you wear a thousand hats to your child. At home, your child is influenced by your actions, behaviours, and beliefs. Your encouragement and love will help cultivate curiosity, confidence, and a healthy attitude towards learning new things—for life.

Why Integration Over Total Automation Is Key for Customer Service Success

CSM Magazine

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how much the world of business has evolved, even in areas we don’t often think of as having improved.

Call Center Agent Assessment for Today


What makes a great call center agent? The problem with answering that question is that the correct reply might vary from center to center - and it will also be dramatically different than the answer might have been just a decade ago. It definitely makes call center agent assessment difficult!

A Practitioner's Guide to Sustainable Customer Experience in the Contact Center

To make contact center conversations great, you need to set-up the right environment for success. This involves your contact center design, the data you use, and some critical customer-centric capabilities.

Salesforce and call tracking for marketers


When companies integrate their call tracking into Salesforce, it adds the final piece to their customer journey. Because, despite Salesforce hosting a wealth of digital customer data and insight, it misses the last piece of the puzzle. Offline phone calls.

Why Providing Social Media Customer Service Support is Crucial for Business


In an era where every business is judged by what it publishes on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, social media customer service is a must for any business. Keeping up with the growing commentary can be time-consuming, however. So, how do you balance the in-person communications with online interactions and keep your customers happy? Easy, by partnering with a team that knows social media and the importance of providing optimal customer service support to all aspects of your business.