Mon.Nov 28, 2022

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5 Top Customer Service Articles of the Week 11-28-2022

Shep Hyken

Each week, I read many customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too. When CEOs Engage Directly with Customers by G. Tomas M.

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Top call center metrics your organization should care about


Call center metrics, including call tracking metrics, can make improving operations at your contact center much easier to manage. Read this blog for the top metrics to consider and measure

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Creating Connection to Improve Work Culture with Chris Hsiung

Russel Lolacher

In this episode of Relationships at Work, Russel chats with speaker and Police Chief of the Mountain View Police Department Chris Hsiung on how communication and creating connection within an organization can improve workplace culture.

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Top 5 Higher Education Customer Service Trends for 2023


Colleges and universities often find themselves pulled between tradition and innovation. Since the COVID-19 pandemic first forced an experiment in remote learning, student support has also been caught been traditional phone offerings and new digital channels.

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Is Your L&D Organization Future-Proof?

Speaker: Karl Kapp, Ed.D., Professor of Instructional Design and Technology

If the recent past has taught us anything, it's that L&D organizations need to be nimble, quick, and able to react to both foreseen and unforeseen threats in order to be successful. That means looking to the convergence of technology, learning, and business needs so you can make intelligent, informed decisions regarding both your future and the future of your organization.

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AWS Unveils New AI Service Features and Enhancements at re:Invent 2022

AWS Machine Learning

Over the last 5 years, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have evolved from a niche activity to a rapidly growing mainstream endeavor.

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Capacity Planning in Customer Success

Education Services Group

As presenters at ChurnZero’s BIG RYG 2022, Jordan Olivero and I discussed segmentation, tiering, and capacity planning in our session: Financial Modeling for Customer Success: From the Top Down and Bottom Up.

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Cost Objections Are Up 30% For Contact Centers in Q4


Share on Twitter. Share on Facebook. Share on LinkedIn. Share on Email. With the inflation rate currently hovering around 8% , it is not a surprise that consumers are decreasing their spending across a variety of verticals.

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To App or Not to App: Is a Mobile App Right for You?


Between developing and maintaining a mobile app, corporations stand to spend thousands on a service that might not be used very often. One user's tweet went viral when she cited the popular opinion that customers don't want to download native apps for each business they.

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Prioritize Fraud Detection in the Gig Economy

24-7 InTouch

By the end of 2023, the gig economy is projected to reach a total gross volume of $455.2 billion. To say that this market has exploded over the last couple of years would be an understatement. . Millions of people worldwide participate in the gig economy in a variety of ways.

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The State of Customer Experience 2023 Research Report

The Northridge Group’s State of Customer Experience 2023 research report reveals a surge in preference for online agent chat versus phone amongst 18-35-year-olds—the first time online chat has eclipsed phone! Download the new report for more CX insights.

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How Do Indoor Positioning and Navigation Improve the Customer Experience?

CSM Magazine

Indoor navigation and indoor positioning are useful tools for optimizing business processes and improving the customer experience. These systems work based on geolocation and allow companies to remain competitive.

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Deep CX: My Discussion with Lucas Fuentes, Vice President of Training & Development at ONQ

Blue Ocean

I’m so excited for you to listen to our latest episode of Deep CX: A Blue Ocean Podcast. I got to sit down with Lucas Fuentes, Vice President of Training & Development at ONQ, a global leader in outsourced revenue cycle management.

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Types of LMS Integrations and How They Benefit Your Business

CSM Magazine

A learning management system can pave the way for a variety of beneficial business results. You are investing in the success of your employees, customers, partners, and your organization as a whole when you spend money on online learning. When adopting a new LMS, ensure its compatibility.

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Busted: 7 myths about Oracle SAM tools


Third-party Oracle licensing consultants tend to tell their clients that Oracle Software Asset Management (SAM) tools are weak, lacking capabilities and accuracy. In the end, helping you with Oracle compliance calculation or an Oracle audit is consultants’ bread and butter.

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The Ultimate Crash Course in eLearning Visual Design

Speaker: Connie Malamed, Founder of Mastering Instructional Design and Publisher of The eLearning Coach

Well-designed materials can motivate learners, improve comprehension, and assist optimal retention. If you need rapid, easily actionable ways to improve your eLearning and slides, join this session to learn the power principles that will have the biggest impact on your designs.

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What Is a Double up in Trading?

CSM Magazine

Who doesn’t like to double up or increase their profits? Every binary options trader yearns for that and tries to apply different strategies to achieve manifold profit. The reason for this is that although trading through binary options is very simple, the returns made through it are not.

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Deploy an MLOps solution that hosts your model endpoints in AWS Lambda

AWS Machine Learning

In 2019, Amazon co-founded the climate pledge. The pledge’s goal is to achieve net zero carbon by 2040. This is 10 years earlier than the Paris agreement outlines. Companies who sign up are committed to regular reporting, carbon elimination, and credible offsets.

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What Is DRaaS and Why Does Your Business Need It?

CSM Magazine

With the increasing digitalization of modern business models, it is critical for any enterprise to have robust security systems and backups in place. The digital world is just as vulnerable to disasters as traditional businesses.

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How SaaS Unicorn Pipedrive Uses Klaus, Aircall & Intercom to Provide Excellent Customer Service


Pipedrive is a SaaS unicorn—a deal-driven CRM solution which empowers marketing and sales teams. There are 900 employees globally, serving 100,000 businesses across 179 countries. Their support team is in high demand, using Intercom & Aircall to connect with customers. .

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Leveraging Data Analytics to Optimize the Customer Experience

Speaker: Nathan Hart, Mary Kane & Imran Mohammed

Join The Northridge Group for an exploration into how a data-driven root cause analysis of Contact Center First Contact Resolution (FCR) issues can lead to actionable insights to resolve FCR problems, improve Customer Experience, and reduce costs!

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How Recognizing Your Military Customer Base Can Boost Brand Loyalty

CSM Magazine

The military community is a loyal one. In fact, they’re the most loyal customers of all. The US Department of Defense spends billions of dollars on goods and services that cater to their needs and contribute to its mission in the field.

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Coaching Tips for Account Managers | Key Account Management


As you prepare for the new year you’ve got ambitious goals for growth and retention. Retention is essential to meeting your growth numbers. Otherwise, it becomes less attainable with approximately 70% of annual revenue coming from existing clients. So, to ensure retention, your key account managers need to be at their best to shore up these VIP customers. Then they can not only retain but grow revenue from this base. Key Account Management

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How to Safely Launch Your Customer Service Software to Market

CSM Magazine

The excruciating days of writing code, testing features, and debugging are finally over. You’ve created a customer service software solution that’s as close to perfection as it gets. Now it’s time to get the word out and launch your software to the real world!

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New Podcast - with Intermedia, Talking About Cloud Migration

Jon Arnold

UK-based EM360 enlists me to host podcasts with their sponsors from time to time, and for this episode, I was in conversation with Mark Sher from Intermedia.

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Create Engaging Scenario-Based Training on ANY Budget

Speaker: Tim Buteyn - President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions, Inc.

In this webinar, Tim Buteyn of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions will explore how to optimize learner engagement with scenario-based training. You'll learn what makes up scenarios, how they benefit the learner, and why this is important to your organization. You'll also dive into real-world examples across a wide range of budgets and look at how typical training content can be completely transformed.

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Concentrix and Grypp score ECCCSA for Best Innovation in Customer Service


Concentrix VisualCX Platform powered by Grypp, stands out as a new digital technology solution. The post Concentrix and Grypp score ECCCSA for Best Innovation in Customer Service appeared first on Concentrix. 2022 Awards

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Nov 28- Customer Success Jobs


Role: Customer Success Manager Location: New York, United States (On-site) Organization: Talon.One As a Customer Success Manager, you will delight customers with continual support and proactive suggestions making their business more successful.