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Guest blog: The Top 3 Chatbot Features your Business Needs to Succeed


Integrating chatbots powered by AI into your business is a fantastic way to keep one step ahead of your competitors and provide superior customer service. It also improves the level of interaction between your company and its customers. The primary reason for implementing chatbots into customer service is to improve communication with customers and help them get answers to their queries in real-time.

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Troubleshooting VoIP’s Most Common SIP Problems


Troubleshooting VoIP's Most Common SIP Problems Failover routing for business continuity, reduced telephony costs, boosted agent productivity, and smoother communications with international customers… There are a multitude of reasons you switched over to a cloud-based system. But like any new technology endeavor – there is a learning curve with plenty of hiccups along the way.… The post Troubleshooting VoIP’s Most Common SIP Problems appeared first on AVOXI.

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Transforming Quality Management with AI


Playvox Announces AutoQA. Whether you work in what is called a contact center, customer support center, or customer experience center, you likely always need to figure out how to do more with less. This need persists, even though we can easily point to research that shows: Companies that lead in customer experience outperform laggards by nearly 80%. 84% of companies that work to improve their customer experience report an increase in their revenue. 73% of companies with above-average customer ex

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Building a Better Brand with Customer Service


Communicating with your customers directly is one of the most effective ways a business can improve their brand and global outlook. Marketing efforts can only get you so far. Once a customer makes, or is close to making, a purchase, it is time to put extra effort in satisfying them in order to build a customer base that keeps returning for more. This is where customer service enters the picture.

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Contact Center Dialers Demystified

Dive into the realm of contact center dialers with our infographic! Explore the various types – Preview, Predictive, Automatic, and Progressive Dialers – and unravel their roles in boosting call center performance.

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Parallel data processing with RStudio on Amazon SageMaker

AWS Machine Learning

Last year, we announced the general availability of RStudio on Amazon SageMaker , the industry’s first fully managed RStudio Workbench integrated development environment (IDE) in the cloud. You can quickly launch the familiar RStudio IDE, and dial up and down the underlying compute resources without interrupting your work, making it easy to build machine learning (ML) and analytics solutions in R at scale.

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The Future is Here – and Healthcare Is at the Forefront of the Shift

Anexa BPO

The healthcare industry in the US is facing a transformation. It’s estimated that up to $265 billion worth of care services for Medicare fee-for-service and Medicare Advantage recipients will shift from traditional facilities to a home setting by 2025 – and without compromising quality or access. Although rising healthcare costs and disease have increased home care services, the pandemic also generated opportunities to transform them into future-friendly, state-of-the-art systems.

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Saudi Arabia’s First COPC Inc. Certified BPO: ccc by stc 


WINTER PARK, Fla. , Sept. 19, 2022 — COPC Inc. is pleased to announce that ccc by stc has met the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard requirements. Headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, ccc is a leading CX management business processing outsourcer (BPO). The company provides a spectrum of seamless solutions that span outsourced customer care, technology services, digital business, consulting, back-office, and other specialized services for enriching customer experience.

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Navigating Rough Waters: Actions for CS During Uncertain Times

Education Services Group

It would be an incredible understatement to say that the last couple of years have been a bit bumpy for, well, just about every person and every business. Yet, despite those rough patches, we started this year looking ahead to a bright future for Customer Success. Now that we’re nearly 75% of the way through, 2022 is proving to have its own set of challenges to throw at us all , with lots of ups and downs.

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Creating Opportunities for CX Agents


Watch to the full podcast here: Or click here to just listen to the audio. ? ? ?. Today we welcome Martin Anderson cofounder and CEO of Lemon. Lemon is a BPO is that different approach to its employees and their careers. Today we are talking about improving the lives of our CX agents so that they have supportive training, work-life-balance, and a safe place to vent so that we can extend and elevate their roles in the company promote the longer success of the business.

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The New GTM Playbook: 18 Ways to Future-Proof Your Sales Team

Longer sales cycles. Increasingly discerning buyers. More meetings. Intensifying competition. Economic uncertainty. Go-to-market teams of every size, in every industry, are grappling with these challenges firsthand. Thankfully, there’s an answer. We’ve developed an entirely new way for GTM leaders to identify and execute proven, data-driven strategies that drive revenue.

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What is the Best Live Chat Software For Enterprise Customer Service Teams?


What's the best live chat software for enterprise-level customer service teams? Here we go over necessary features and the LiveVox platform. The post What is the Best Live Chat Software For Enterprise Customer Service Teams? appeared first on LiveVox.

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Competitive Job Offers and Agent Retention


Watch to the full podcast here: Or click here to just listen to the audio. ? ? ? ?. The shift in labor dynamics that we’ve seen over the last two years has given call center agents the advantage of being able to work from home, take new jobs without having to relocate and elect better opportunities as they come along. Contact centers have been impacted by this new power dynamic.

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Why Key Account Management Matters

Kapta Customer Success

For most B2B companies, about 70% of annual revenue comes from existing customers. That’s seven out of every ten dollars coming from the base. Your job as a key account manager (KAM) is to secure that revenue by delivering value to your customers. I think about this as protecting and growing the revenue from your existing customers.

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Why are Organizations Adopting SMS Customer Support?


When listing technologies that have shaped the way people communicate, it’s impossible to exclude SMS, or text messaging. 100% of U.S. adults surveyed between ages 18 and 49 say they own a cellphone. For organizations looking to improve their customer service and support operations, SMS is now becoming an essential channel alongside the likes of live chat, email and social media.

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Decoding the Call Labeling and Blocking Process

Uncover the complexity behind call labeling and blocking with this infographic. Discover the intricate factors and entities that shape the fate of a call, from illegal activity to user feedback, and understand why numbers get labeled and blocked.

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Best Voicemail Scripts to Make Easy Sales


Leaving a voicemail may seem to have no connection with effective cold calling campaigns. We used to understand outbound sales as live sales calls or cold emails, during which a deal is closed, or a lead is at least warmed for further communication. As a consequence, people used to consider cold calling voicemails as a kind of failure - where is no call, there is no progress.

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Sep 19 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Head of Client Success, West Region Location: Malvern, PA, US Organization: Vanguard As a Head of Client Success, you will be responsible for the retention, satisfaction, and growth of clients and prospects within their assigned segment. Coaches crew to strategically navigate organizations, internally and externally, with strong commercial orientation; deeply understands clients’ needs, types of buyers, and how to identify and drive growth opportunities.

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5 Top Customer Service Articles of the Week 9-19-2022


Each week I read many customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too. 4 Ways Brands Are Boosting Customer Loyalty by Scott Clark. (CMSWire) Customer loyalty refers to customers who continue to do business with a brand as a preference over competitors.