Mon.Jul 04, 2022

10 Best Chatbots for Customer Service: Architect Perfect Dialogues with Your Audience


Come to think of it, automation and robots have invaded our lives well and truly. There is a possibility you face it in every scenario and in a variety of guises: paying for groceries at [ … ].

Kommunicate’s Self-Learning AI feature – Our Bots Just Got Smarter!!!


Last Updated on July 4, 2022 “Robots are not going to replace humans; they are going to make their jobs much more humane. Difficult, demeaning, demanding, dangerous, dull – these are the jobs robots will be taking.


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Why Does A Business Need Multilingual Customer Support?


Introduction. With nearly 2 billion online shoppers surfing the internet daily, there is a certainty that some of them will attempt to contact customer service.

5 Top Customer Service Articles of the Week 7-4-2022

Shep Hyken

Each week I read many customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too. 7 Top AI Trends in Customer Service by Zendesk.

Customer Satisfaction in the Digital Age

Speaker: Aarde Cosseboom, Contact Center & Customer Experience Advisor and Co-Host of the Another Cloud Podcast

More than ever, we are seeing organizations implement digital channels in an attempt to better engage their customers and help employees sort through the mountains of customer inquiries. But how does this affect customer satisfaction?

‘Voice of the Employee’ Initiatives Create a Virtuous Cycle


If there was ever a good time for customer experience and employee experience processes to work in tandem, it’s now.

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Episode #24 – Building Community to Improve the Employee Experience

Russel Lolacher

In this episode of Relationships at Work, Russel chats with co-founder of the CX Accelerator and speaker Nate Brown on how to build build community to benefit your employee experience in your industry.

BigChange Elevates Green Ambitions for VM Elevators

CSM Magazine

VM Elevators, a premium, independent lift and escalator services provider, is boosting its green credentials using BigChange job management software.

The importance of WebRTC monitoring for enterprises


The importance of WebRTC monitoring for enterprises Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) is transforming the way we communicate online. Fuelled, in part, by the remote communication needs of the Covid-19 pandemic, use of WebRTC solutions has grown significantly in the last few years.

What Is Forum Marketing and How Can It Help Your Business?

CSM Magazine

While social media algorithms are able to bring individuals with similar interests together, businesses could take advantage of this exciting opportunity, using online debates and forums to appeal to users and engage with them with minimal effort.

The Inner Circle Guide to Remote & Hybrid Contact Center Solutions

In this handy guide, learn everything you need to build your ultimate contact center—with no walls and no limitations. Empower your agents to serve your customers better, and from anywhere.

5 Best 3D Modeling Courses


The 3D modeling courses are perfect for designers who want to expand their knowledge and find new project opportunities. You will learn how to create three-dimensional representations of humans, animals, objects, and landscapes, which can be used to design games, animations, and other products.


Everything You Need to Know About Casino Customer Support

CSM Magazine

Casino customer support is a very important aspect of the life of any casino player. It determines whether you are going to succeed or not.

Top 5 Product Adoption Metrics to track for your SaaS business


Your key performance indicator for attaining customer success will be product adoption. In order to decrease churn and boost retention, you must keep track of it constantly. Use product adoption metrics to quantify how much value your clients are getting from your solution.

SaaS 52

6 Ways How Knowledge Management Automation Can Improve Customer Service


The post 6 Ways How Knowledge Management Automation Can Improve Customer Service appeared first on Knowmax. KM Software AI knowledge management Knowledge management and Artificial Intelligence

The New Digital Landscape for Next-Gen CX

Boost customer satisfaction across all digital channels with this stat-filled guide, which reveals the key ingredients you need to keep all of your customers satisfied.

Jul 04 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Director, Customer Success Location: Remote, New York, NY, US Organization: Urbint As a Director of Customer Success, you will own the ultimate success of Urbint’s customer base; this includes seamless customer onboarding, project success, retention, and renewal.

SaaS Customer Churn Analysis: Why Does It Matter and How to Do It Right?


Your customers are truly the most important stakeholders in the SaaS company. Knowing what works for them is great. But it is more important to know what doesn’t work for them. Every SaaS business needs to know why its customers are churning. This is why SaaS customer churn analysis is important.