Mon.Mar 23, 2020

Working remotely = 30% increase in community engagement


Online engagement drastically increased over the last week—and we can see it. At inSided, we serve the online communities for many of the largest B2C and B2B brands like T-Mobile, Gainsight, Sonos, Nutanix, Zapier and Coursera. So what does the data show us on current engagement levels?

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Give Agents Tools to Address the Need for Speed

NICE inContact

Here’s a dirty little secret. Despite the industry’s focus on the customer experience (CX), contacts still take too long and don’t reach closure often enough. Generally speaking, it’s not the agents’ fault. They really want to help customers.

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Evolving to an At-Home Agent Experience


Evolving to an At-Home Agent Experience While many contact centers rely on traditional office setups, as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic develop and we all work together to slow the virus’ spread through social distancing, there could be an effect on how you coordinate your agents.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of March 23, 2020


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too. An open letter on customer service during a pandemic by Paul Selby.

A New Segmentation Model for Customer Onboarding

In this eBook, we will show you a new framework for building a customer onboarding program, including how to segment users and drive long-term value and retention through education.

What is Service Desk?

ProProfs Blog

Every company has a customer support process in place, but what about its employees, clients, and stakeholders? Wondering what I’m talking about? Imagine this: . While working, one of your employees faces some technical issues with their system. . Who would they call? The HR department? Maybe. .

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Your Call Center Business Continuity Plan: Shifting to Work from Home


Work from home (WFH) for customer service agents is a concept that has rapidly gained traction over the past few years, enabling enterprises to partially address the ongoing contact center recruitment crisis. In the current climate, this model has emerged as a critical element of any call center business continuity plan and companies around the world seek to enable remote working as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Customer Experience Management for Salesforce


GetFeedback by SurveyMonkey offers the most flexible, easy-to-use CX technology with the fastest time-to-value in market. Product & News

Is the end of survey-dependent Effort measurement here?


When it comes to measuring Customer Effort, are you survey-dependent? If so, isn’t this causing a higher effort experience as customers must relinquish some of their valuable time to answer these surveys? Machine learning and predictive scoring are modernizing the customer experience.

New Podcast - Talking Voice Bots and Audio Quality on No Jitter

Jon Arnold

I do all kinds of podcasts, and this time around, I was interviewed by No Jitter’s Beth Schultz as part of a series sponsored by Spearline. With that out of the way, Beth started by getting my back story and how I got into this space.


A Practitioner's Guide to Sustainable Customer Experience in the Contact Center

To make contact center conversations great, you need to set-up the right environment for success. This involves your contact center design, the data you use, and some critical customer-centric capabilities.

3 Tips for Boosting Customer Retention


Just how valuable is it to keep customers invested in your brand? We're exploring the answer to this question and some tips on improving retention in today's blog. Customer Success

Is Call-Out Culture a Necessary Evil?


Bad service at a restaurant, being disconnected from a service call or a poorly directed commercial ad — all of these scenarios can lead to your business feeling the wrath of social media users at one point or another. Callout culture has picked up steam over the last few years with popular movements on social media making an impact in our everyday discourse.

The Critical Role of the Contact Center During COVID-19


As technology leaders, we have been mulling over what the Aspect technical team can do to help us get through these challenging times.

Preparing For a Pandemic with Ansafone Contact Centers!


Pandemics are unpredictable and difficult to prepare for. Besides the SARS Epidemic of 2002-2004, H1N1 Influenza Pandemic of 2009, and Ebola Epidemic of 2014-2016 in more recent years, we, unfortunately, are dealing with one in 2020! And today, in 2020, we have the COVID-19 pandemic!! An outbreak of a serious disease that has grown out of … Preparing For a Pandemic with Ansafone Contact Centers! Read More » The post Preparing For a Pandemic with Ansafone Contact Centers!

How to Leverage Quality Management to Transform the Customer Experience

When was the last time you took a step back to examine quality management (QM) in your contact center? Determining behaviors that are critical to successful customer experiences, and then coaching agents to exceed that standard on every customer interaction, is the key to running a great contact center. Download this eBook and uncover how winning organizations are improving Customer Satisfaction, NPS, and other key metrics.

Preparedness is Making All the Difference in Business Continuity


As a new week is on the horizon, it is important to briefly look back to see what has transpired as well as how we did. The words “ Never Saw That Coming” has taken on a new meaning! It is fair to say that many companies had IT business continuity plans for several disastrous “what-if” scenarios.

How to Handle a Large Volume of Live Chats


Ensuring that your customers can reach you in a click (or two) is crucial to offering great digital customer service and is what makes live chat such a popular customer support channel. However, the volume of chats you receive may get out of hand if you aren’t prepared.

Averting Disaster: How We’re Helping Keep Contact Centers Working (Safely) through the COVID-19 Crisis


If there is one clear lesson to be learned from COVID-19, it’s the power of adapting—well and quickly—to change. I’ve been reminded of this throughout my career leading technology companies and serving customers. But what we’re experiencing right now is unprecedented.

What You Need To Know About Customer Service Automation


Digitization is on the mind of virtually every customer service leader, as new technology promises to improve the customer experience, streamline internal processes and boost agent productivity. Read More. Jacada Blog

Why Community is a Strategic Asset Against Your Competitors

Speaker: David Spinks, Founder of CMX and VP of Community at Bevy, and Adrian Speyer, Head of Community at Vanilla Forums

Join Vanilla Forums as Founder of CMX and VP of Community at Bevy, David Spinks, and Head of Community at Vanilla Forums, Adrian Speyer talk about how the best companies in the world are building strong cross-channel communities to successfully protect their most valuable assets: their customers, partners and stakeholders.

Scoring Your Work at Home Readiness

Insite Managed Solutions

Scoring Your Work at Home Readiness As we have been interacting with our clients over the last several weeks, we have been asked to provide guidance with implementing or ramping a Work at Home (W@H) workforce.

Why Your Home Business Needs a Virtual Receptionist

Abby Connect Virtual Receptionists

Having a home business can come with amazing perks b ut it also has its challenges. One obstacle that should be familiar to you at home business owners is having to push back those solicitors from your front door while trying to juggl e your client conference calls.

Ensuring Continuity in Times of Crisis: What to Do about COVID-19

Working Solutions

In just a few months, the emergence of the new COVID-19 coronavirus has changed the world in unsettling ways, costing thousands of lives and countless trillions in economic damage worldwide. With so many unknowns, it’s hard to know where it will all end.

How Do I Remote?

Zoom International

Are you transitioning from working in an office to working remote? It definitely takes adjustment and discipline to work remotely, but honestly even though I am a social person who likes building strong relationships in person, I have to say I love it.

Get More Value from Contact Center Performance

This whitepaper has provided some suggestions for KPIs that you may want to use. Once you’ve chosen your KPIs, make sure that you’ve communicated the importance of these metrics to all employees in your contact center, as well as how you expect them to be achieved.

COVID-19 and Ameyo’s Business Continuity Plan


Hello Valued Customers and Partners The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has created disruptions globally. We at Ameyo are striving our best to ensure that your day-to-day business operations run flawlessly while our employees are safe.

5 Steps to Create the Best Customer Onboarding Experiences


When it comes time to identify the most critical part of the customer lifecycle or customer journey, a few big milestones like ‘closing the sale’ or ‘growing adoption’ might be thrown out there.

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Our products are warmly welcomed in Romania


Hodusoft is an IT based firm offering services and solution for IP BPX, Contact Center, Video Conferencing and Audio & Video Broadcasting. It’s a great honour to receive positive feedback from our clients and their unbreakable trust which is our asset and success mantra.

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Message from Our CEO, Randy Harmat of Ansafone Contact Centers


During these uncertain times, we all have experienced the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in every aspect of our lives. As we continue to monitor the daily changing environment, we continue to evaluate the impact it has on our business, public and personal health and the safety of our customers, employees and partnerships.

3 Reasons to Prioritize On-Demand Customer Training

On-demand training is a powerful tool you can leverage to support new customer onboarding and ongoing education through the customer lifecycle. In this eBook, we’ll delve into the 3 key benefits of on-demand training for your customer onboarding process.