Wed.Jun 24, 2020

Don’t Reduce People to Numbers… or Should You?

Contact Center Pipeline

Assessment tools have been an industry standard in human resources management for a while. At times, this may feel cold and very corporate, as one of the beauties of Homo sapiens is that we’re all very unique and also different.

Three ways to intertwine EX and CX


A strong relationship between Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) matters. When they work together, EX can drive CX to success. Developing EX strategies and reevaluating them periodically is as critical as doing so for CX.

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How AI will change the face of customer experience


The use of emerging technologies such as automation and AI to manage customer experience will be key to improve significantly contact centers’ efficiency and reduce costs.

How to Measure Customer Retention


Get ready to do a little math. While not my typical lesson, this is very important. It’s about customer retention—which can lead to customer loyalty. Loyal customers are important to all businesses regardless of industry or size—large, small, B2B or B2C.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

10 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Customer Centricity


We all know that customer centricity is essential; even more so these days with the lockdown in most countries due to the pandemic. Now more than ever, businesses need to put their customers clearly at the heart of their organisation.

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Just Being Who We Are: Personal Stories from Our LGBTQ Community


Sometimes those of us in the LGBTQ community need to sort out who we are before we can live proudly as we really are. By being true to ourselves we can be true to others, including friends, families, spouses, and colleagues.

When working from home really works


I started working for 5CA back in October 2019. Currently, I’m working as a Gaming Technology Support Agent in Spain. My job as an expert on the products of the company I'm supporting is to offer support to customers and get them up, running and happy in no time

Hero Digital named an Adobe Platinum Solution Partner

Hero Digital

Hero Digital , the leading independent customer experience company, has been selected as one of only 35 Adobe Platinum Solution Partners worldwide.

The Omnichannel Contact Center: A Guide for 2020 (with Actionable Tips)


Omnichannel Contact Centers: the Why and How in 2020. Even during this time marked by rapid change and uncertainty, the foundation of a successful contact center remains constant: exceptional customer experience.

8 Contact Center Trends to Watch in 2020

In this eBook, we’ll arm you with the research you need to inform areas of investment, and 8 quick tips you can use to improve your contact center’s performance now!

Boost productivity and reduce turnover for your contact center agents


Now that you have successfully onboarded your agents and deployed an effective development strategy , it’s time to think about the final — and some would say the most important — step. You’ve invested time and resources turning your tenured agents into highly effective customer service professionals.

Top 5 Must-Attend Virtual CX Events for 2020


COVID-19 has presented many challenges for the customer service and customer experience industries. Beyond shifting business operations, work environments, and priorities for the rest of the year, it’s no secret the current global pandemic has been the death of almost all in-person gatherings.

Contact Tracing – Empowering Your Call Center Agents Has Never Been More Important

NICE inContact

Most state a federal government agencies are struggling with exponential increases in call volumes as a result of the pandemic. One unnamed agency experienced an over 3000% jump in call volume. The scariest part of that data point is that agency had not yet begun executing contact tracing efforts.

Testing Yealink Video Conference Phones in VirtualPBX


With our Video Calling beta test in full swing, we wanted to do something a little different this week. What you can read here today is a profile of several Yealink video conference desk phones. We have tested multiple Yealink phones to work with our Video Calling Service.

voip 60

The Pros and Cons of Incentivized Reviews

With so many online reviews out there, we’ve decided to take a look at how incentivized consumer reviews fare against regular reviews from consumers that were not incentivized. Is one better than the other? More positive? Are they similar in topics covered and level of detail? Download this report to get answers to those questions and more!

The Ultimate Customer Success Playlist to Keep You Motivated This Summer


We are now officially in summer. Which usually means pool parties, beach vacations, and exciting travel plans. This year is a little different, in that summer marks going on four months of us all working from home and our time off looking a lot different than we originally planned.

5 Ways to Manage the Performance of Apathetic Agents (and Why They Don’t Care if They’re a Good Customer Service Rep or Not)


As a manager, you own 70% of your employees’ engagement at work. . Your agents show up each day, plop down in their seats in the office or at home, and immediately start helping customers. And it’s up to you, manager, to keep them engaged in their role. To help them progress their careers.

The Omnichannel Contact Center: A Guide for 2020 (with Actionable Tips)


Even during this time marked by rapid change and uncertainty, the foundation of a successful contact center remains constant: exceptional customer experience. Organizations that deliver consistently positive customer experiences thrive through any crisis.

5 Steps to Re-Engaging Customers in the Wake of a Pandemic


Are your customers struggling to come to terms with the new rules and new inconveniences of today’s “social distancing” requirements? Are they starting to take out their frustrations on your customer care agents? It seems to be happening just about everywhere right now.

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

When the Cloud Won’t Cut It: Deploying On-Premise Customer Engagement Software


When considering any technology investment, security and privacy are non-negotiable. No matter which digital support channels your business offers, keeping your confidential customer data safe and secure is a (if not the ) top priority.

Forrester’s Art Schoeller on seven strategies for elevating CX today


There are few people who understand COVID-19’s impact on customer experience as well as Forrester Research’s Art Schoeller. Announce Closer Integration for Azure Event Hub

CSM Magazine

Azure Event Hub users can now easily migrate their logs to one centralised data management platform. UK based ELK-as-a-Service platform

How AI Solutions Are Improving Call Centers: How They Work for You?


Call centers work in an extremely competitive industry, so they need to adopt every tool that will give them an advantage. Over the last few years, artificial intelligence (AI) solutions have become increasingly common in modern call centers.

AI & Community: Don't Hammer the Flowers

Speaker: Venessa Paech, Australia's Leading Community Specialist

Join Vanilla Forums on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 at 8:30 AM ET for this on-demand workshop led by Venessa Paech, Co-Founder of Australian Community Managers and Leading APAC Community Specialist.

Conn3ct Makes ICR Acquisition

Connect Managed

Conn3ct announced today that it has acquired ICR Speech Solutions & Services Limited (ICR) , a highly specialised speech application development company in interactive voice response (IVR) and next generation speech bot technology.

Why now is a great time to optimise your customer service - Part 1: Start with an audit


Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2020 Author: Anne-Merete Jensen - Senior Business Consultant Why now is a great time to optimise your customer service - Part 1: Start with an audit. Published on: June 24, 2020.

Find success in mastering employee experience


Have you ever sent or received an annual employee experience survey that asks questions such as “How satisfied are you with your workspace?” or “How likely are you to recommend this company to your friend?”

NEWS: Shep Hyken—The Future of Customer Feedback

Interaction Metrics

Shep Hyken and Martha Brooke had a great conversation (6-23-2020) about the future of customer feedback. Check it out here! They covered survey fatigue–it’s through the roof!

Get More Value from Contact Center Performance

This whitepaper has provided some suggestions for KPIs that you may want to use. Once you’ve chosen your KPIs, make sure that you’ve communicated the importance of these metrics to all employees in your contact center, as well as how you expect them to be achieved.

June Podcast Now Posted - Workplace Perspectives in Pandemic Times

Jon Arnold

Got quite a few updates underway for my website, and by extension, that includes the newsletter and our monthly podcast. I’ll have more on each of these in due time, and for now, the main update is that the June podcast is now publicly available.


Corporate Wiki Vs Knowledge Management: Which is best to share knowledge?


Corporate Wiki Vs Knowledge Management: Which is best to share knowledge? Knowledge Base Knowledge Management Agent Learning

Brand Move Roundup – June 24, 2020

C Space

The Brand Move Roundup – June 24, 2020. We’re tracking the notable brand moves & highlighting the companies who are tackling this challenge successfully. Tweet.