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Decode the customer experience with a CX map


Creating a customer experience (CX) map for your brand helps businesses zoom in on key insights that can focus and refine the customer experience. For those wanting solid business results, a CX map can be a valuable tool for identifying limitations, strengths and opportunities for real impact. .

Is Your Front Line Customer Service Team Likeable?

Teresa Allen

What are the factors that make a front-line employee as likeable and does this impact your business success?

Should We Relegate Customer Service to Bots?

CSM Magazine

AI is a huge trend today – and everyone wants a piece of this pie. It is used in digital marketing, data analysis, and of course customer service. One can hardly deny the extreme usefulness of this technology in answering customers’ queries because it allows a much faster response time.

Amazing Business Radio: Bernadette Smith


Unconscious Bias in Customer Service. Avoiding Assumptions So You Don’t Accidentally Offend Your Customers. Shep Hyken interviews Bernadette Smith. They discuss how inclusion and diversity training can create a better customer experience.

How Call Lifecycle Details Help Increase Customer Satisfaction

Do you want to better understand what your customers are experiencing on calls? Does your call center software lack key information, even if calls are recorded? Download this eBook now to learn how to gain insights on all your calls to increase your customer satisfaction!

Why Online Scripting Is So Important to Your Call Center Success

Contact Center Pipeline

Having your scripting online is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your sales and/or customer service agents. Here is why: You can prompt them to ask the right questions on every call.

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The State of the Contact Center in 2020 | Peter Ryan Interview


A few weeks ago, our CEO, Shai Berger , sat down with Peter Ryan, Principal Analyst and Founder of Ryan Strategic Advisory , to discuss the state of the contact center going into the new decade, and how the industry is expected to develop in the coming years.

Meeting the Demands on Enterprise Networks


The demands on enterprise networks have never been greater. More and more applications are moving to the cloud, connected endpoints are increasing exponentially, and distributed workforces are demanding secure access and optimal performance wherever they go. Enterprise Networking SD-WAN

IVR to Voicebot: The Obvious Shift?


There has been a common concern among the customer experience and service professionals about voice channel fading away for the contact centers. But in reality, this cannot be farther from the truth.

How to prepare customer service agents for threatening or emergency interactions

TELUS International

People and Culture

The Connected Journey: Developing your Empathy to Strengthen Strategies for Customer Relations

Speaker: Esther Kieft, Delivery Manager (Group Technology) at Domino's Pizza Enterprises

It is well known that empathy is a key ingredient in creating lovable products, yet not all products offer the best customer experience. From meeting stringent deadlines to insufficient resources being available to carry out customer research, there is a range of reasons why customer empathy could be missing in product development. Join Esther Kieft, as she breaks down using empathy at a distance to evaluate the problems that customers are experiencing during this global health crisis.

IVR to Voicebot: The Obvious Shift?


There has been a common concern among the customer experience and service professionals about voice channel fading away for the contact centers. But in reality, this cannot be farther from the truth.

What Is Signal Stripping?

Customers That Stick

Signal stripping is a term I came up with back in 2016 to explain the differing dynamics of different customer service channels.

5 Steps to Train Your Employees in New CX Initiatives


With over 15 years of experience in the customer experience (CX) space, I have seen multiple companies employ training efforts to get their employees involved in new CX programs and initiatives.

How to Improve New Hire Training

Toister Performance Solutions

Advertising disclosure: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. A customer service leader recently emailed me for some training advice.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

How Geo-Routing Phone Calls Simplifies Your Business & Helps Your Brand

CallSource Insights

Geographical routing can help your business reach many customers with one phone number. Geographical call routing, usually called geo-routing, is a type of phone routing that allows consumers to dial one phone number to reach the closest local business for that brand.

VirtualPBX Proudly Meets Kari’s Law, E911 Standards


Today’s blog post was written by VirtualPBX COO Lon Baker, whose expertise with the VirtualPBX Phone System makes him an excellent pick for the discussion of Kari’s Law and its implementation. In 2013, a tragedy took the life of Kari Hunt Dunn.

voip 63

Training Contact Center Agents to Multitask

NICE inContact

As call center agents move to fully functioning omnichannel contact center agents, the question of agent training comes into focus—particularly training contact center agents to multitask. Can it be done? What is an agent’s capacity to multitask?

How to Create a Customer Success Adoption Plan


Adoption is a stage in a journey, not a point in time. It is the process of continuing to derive ever-more value from your products and services. This experience of value is critical to the health of your customer relationship, so you need a customer success adoption plan. What is Adoption?

Busy Season? Keep Customers Satisfied with Great Support

A great customer experience drives customer loyalty. Learn how to keep your customers happy this holiday season by helping them through their channel of choice with seasonal support experts.

Ameyo Announces the Launch of Channel Addition Framework (CAF) to Increase Visibility Across Channels


Messaging applications are leading the new age customers and millennials prefer to connect via multiple messaging apps. Social media is an ever-expanding landscape and the newer channels are emerging with their varied usage across the world.

UJET Releases Research with Insights on the New Tools Shaping Customer Support

CSM Magazine

New report further establishes the need for building seamless customer experiences across all channels and touchpoints. UJET Inc. ,

24x7 Customer Service Performance Optimization: Constantly Monitor, Measure, Recognize & Reward Quality


CX Culture

Winners of Customer Happiness Awards 2020 have been announced!


Recognizing the best Exceptional Accomplishments. Six years ago, the idea of appreciating our customers for their hard work and dedication to excellence, crossed our minds. Thanks to amazing support teams, we have the opportunity to continue rewarding the best among our customers.

The 5Es of Community: Support Forums and Beyond

Speaker: Angelica Coleman, Community Lead, Snowflake

When you build your community, if you know where to focus your initial efforts, you'll be able to set yourself up for success and future growth. Setting your objectives correctly will allow yourself and others within your organization to leverage your community to meet your overall business objectives. In order to establish this type of robust community, you need to have strong community objectives in place that are supported with the proper types of programs; programs that will help your community succeed. But narrowing down on your community objectives can be difficult, let alone knowing how to structure your community programs and offerings in a way that supports them.

AI for contact centers: How Artificial Intelligence is transforming the contact center


Customer experience and contact centers, in particular, are great starting points to implement artificial intelligence (AI) solutions since they are a large source of customer information, generating enormous quantities of data that is impossible to process manually.



As humans, we often overestimate our performance. This phenomena has been studied so often, it has a name: the Dunning-Kruger effect. The Dunning-Kruger effect states that we have a cognitive bias in believing we are smarter than we actually are. We naturally overestimate our own abilities.

Why Choose Conn3ct to Support Your Digital Transformation Journey?

Connect Managed

In July last year, we proudly announced that Connect Managed Services and G3 Comms were merging. From there, Conn3ct was born. But what prompted the merger and what makes Conn3ct different? Read on to find out about our unique approach. News Digital Transformation

5 Steps to Train Your Employees in New CX Initiatives


With over 15 years of experience in the customer experience (CX) space, I have seen multiple companies employ training efforts to get their employees involved in new CX programs and initiatives.

6 Ways to Secure (More Of) a Budget for Your Customer Education Program

Whether you’re looking to kickstart or expand your customer education program, you need access to a budget. Learn how you can demonstrate the positive ROI of customer training and make the case for securing a larger budget in our latest eBook!

Dealing With Emotional Injuries Caused by Customer Anger

CSM Magazine

When you work in a customer facing job, dealing with irate customers is, unluckily, just part of the job. But what do you do when customers cross the line from standard grumpiness to downright bullying?

Top 5 Customer Success Takeaways from CCO USA


Top 5 Customer Success Takeaways from Chief Customer Officers USA. ChurnZero had the opportunity to attend and sponsor an event last week called – CCO USA.

Top 3 Reasons to Become a SaaS Developer at Calabrio


We’re often asked what makes Calabrio a top workplace for Minnesota’s sharp, inventive Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) developers—what really sets us apart from all of the other SaaS technology companies in the state. Our answer? Three key things.

SaaS 52