The Individualization of the Customer Experience

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Well, apparently it is not, judging by the frequency with which companies have a customer service strategy that forces its agents to treat everyone based on the same template, the same speech, and the same rules… We are in times when customers are empowered.

Guest Blog: 7 Ways to Enhance Your Customer Experience with Live Chat


This week we feature an article by Hamzah Tariq who shares seven ways to improve the overall live chat experience for your customers. Businesses constantly try to improve the customer experience they deliver through new approaches, tools and strategies. .

Business Process Outsourcing: An Important Development Lever

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Support. Information Technology (IT) is a major support function for any business. There are few ways to ensure the good positioning of a company without viable IT technical support, which is one reason why any business leader should consider outsourcing IT services.

Upset Customers: 4 Tips to Calm and Keep Calm

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In the customer service industry, we will have to deal with an angry customer sooner or later. Not knowing how to deal with angry customers can culminate into giant losses for the companies involved. Angry customers deconcentrate the agents.

How to Say No to A Customer: Difficult but Indispensable

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Everyone who works in customer service has been found in the cumbersome task of having to say no to a customer occasionally. Even if we are selling or providing customer service, we have two options: to say no or knowing how to say no. The customer either!

How to Increase Sales During the Holidays

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You should be interested in what your customers are looking for. Customers want people who sound ‘natural’ and able to have a conversation. So, whilst the customer may not be able to see it, they can hear it.

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Emotions Shape Customer Experiences

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The Temkin Group recently released a report about the different emotional responses customers have (by age group) after receiving technical support for their computer. This report is important because it: (1) addresses the difference between intentional and accidental experiences, (2). Customer Experience Bruce Temkin Emotion Intentional Peter Fader

Empathy: A Vital Quality for Customer Service Agents

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This is due to the world of Customer Relations, but also in the HR world and, more broadly, in the managerial literature. On the other hand, when agents apologize and recognize that a problem really exists, customer satisfaction increases significantly.

How to Provide A Superior Customer Serving During the Holidays?

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Accordingly, this season for any support professional is one of the most stressful times of the year. Because of this surge in sales, companies always stay on their heels to deliver the best experience to all their customers despite the huge rush.

The 5 Phrases Customers Hate and Love to Hear

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You have decided to call customer service or return to the store where you made the purchase to request a replacement or a refund of your money, and after having been on hold for an eternity the customer service agent very kindly replies: ” We are very sorry, but we cannot return your money.

Building Customer Loyalty: The Most Important Thing for Your Business

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But in a landscape full of new companies of all tendencies and where competition is fierce, it is necessary to maintain a constant connection with your customers to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Let’s talk about customer loyalty…. Provide great customer service.

The 6 Top Qualities of a Successful Sales Representative

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Create a great selling environment, providing reps with the tools they need, and offering the support to encourage a passionate mindset. Empathy and compassion are prerequisites to great customer service. In business, your attitude determines whether customers buy from you or not.

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Virtual Assistants: What Are the Advantages for Companies?

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Conduct research on the internet, manage your work files, create databases on your customer information, prepare presentations or write minutes of meetings are non-exhaustive examples of all the tasks it can perform for you. Answering Customer Service Emails /Tickets / Chat Support.

Augmented World – How AR Transforms Customer Experience


Augmented Reality (AR) – the ability to overlay and share physical objects, spaces and images on a user’s view of the real world– is revolutionizing the customer experience. AR creates a new digital experience that transforms the customer journey into an immersive visual interactive experience. Pre-Sale: Add Value to the Shopping Experience. Brands can also incorporate entertaining activities to engage the customer. Self-service support.

The Best 5 Strategies To Really Understand Your Customers

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The success of any business depends on its capacity to understand the desires and necessities of its customers. Today, with big data and artificial intelligence, one might think that technology is the key to reaching the customers. Directly solicit feedback from customers.

Use Technology to Enhance Customer Experience

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Smart service providers are using technology to delight customers , become more efficient when serving customers, and recover customer loyalty when things do go wrong. Here are three ways you can enhance your customer experience: 1.

Solving System Silos for Customer Experience Excellence


Solving System Silos for Customer Experience Excellence Lynn Hunsaker. The irony of technology is that it’s often marketed as customer experience management , yet it inevitably creates its own set of customer experience snafus.

How Can Contact Center Leaders Avoid the 'Mechanical' Approach to Metrics, and Become More Customer Experience Focused?

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These are what I consider "mechanical" as they show how the contact center is "functioning", however, do not necessarily tell how successful the contact center is at actually serving the customer and how its agents are contributing to the overall customer experience.

The Power of Psychology in Customer Service

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Psychology is very important when we are talking about customer service. If you can better understand how the mind of your customers work, you can offer a higher level of intuitive support and consequently, they will be happier. Really listen to your customers.

The Importance of Tech Support Services for Businesses

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One of the major contributing factors to your company’s success is the efficiency of your professional support team. You might be surprised to know that the technical support team lays the foundation for building a credible relationship between the customers and the company. If you cannot manage to hire new staff for handling the customer care affairs, you can outsource to a known tech support company. Enhances Customer Experience.

Is it time to revamp your customer experience survey strategy?


Are you able to connect your customer experience survey program to key business goals, like increased revenue and decreased churn? Response rates for the typical customer experience survey have been dropping over the past 20 years, from about 20% to only 2% today.

Transition to the Cloud to Reduce Operational Expenses While Improving Customer Experience

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As a well established and award-winning technical support company, 80024Support had the goal of aligning their infrastructure and technology investments with its company’s vision to provide unrivaled customer experience solutions. In order to accomplish this, they needed to find a vendor (and partner) to help them safely transition to the cloud and digitally transform their contact center operations. Transition Cloud

Why Customer Experience is Like Sex in High School

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No, I’m not talking about sex — I’m talking about customer experience. What does customer experience have to do with sex? Just like sex in high-school, customer experience has gone wild. Let’s start with a definition of Customer Experience.

Reputation Management or Customer Experience Management?

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Background image courtesy of Unsplash Which should you focus on: reputation management or customer experience management? companies have a myriad of options for listening to customers online and uncovering when and where good and bad experiences are taking place.

Resistance to change – the arch nemesis of customer experience


Here, he explains why change is good and outlines a flexible philosophy to kickstart the transformation of your customer interactions. Five ways to future-proof customer service. They allow an organization to flex their customer care muscle when most needed.

Contact Center Resolution Number 1 – Shift Your Focus from Product to Customer Experience

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Over the last couple years, there’s been a shift in the content of television and radio commercials from product features to customer experience. Additionally, smaller organizations often can provide a more personalized experience for its customers.

How to Make Your Customer Experience Stands Out in the Experience Economy

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To compete in today’s market, companies have to go beyond providing excellent customer service. Today, we work in an experience economy, where people are looking for a memorable business interaction, not just a successful one. Know your customer. Respect customers’ time.

5 Ways Tomorrow's Contact Center Will Deliver Value

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By: Andrew Gilliam Imagine what the world will be like after you've checked off every box on your customer experience to-do list. Customer journeys are frictionless and fault-tolerant, because they were meticulously studied, optimized, and fortified.

Revealed: 7 Essential Elements For Your Omnichannel Strategy

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Forbes once described the omnichannel experience as the point where “ marketing meets ubiquity ,” an apt description. Building on the Forbes concept, I say your brand promise delivered through excellent Customer Experience is what is ubiquitous. Blogs Customer Experience

Step up Customer Assistance with Live Video Support


Innovative ways to provide customers with immediate assistance, guidance and support lies at the heart of every customer-centric organization. Live video chat support. With live video chat support, face-to-face communication is established between agent and customer.

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Guest Blog: Customer Feedback Loops – 3 Examples & Strategies


This week we feature an article by Agi Marx who shares 3 ways to close the customer feedback loop to prevent churn and increase revenue. – Shep Hyken. What is the customer feedback loop? But not all feedback is customer complaints. Why the customer feedback loop is important?

Guest Blog: 3 Simple Ways (Backed by Research) to Improve Customer Service Quality


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Steven Macdonald, shares the results of a study examining how companies around the world respond to customer service requests. Inform customers that you have received their request.

Guest Blog: Answer the Questions Customers Don’t Know to Ask


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Jeremy Watkin shares a story demonstrating the importance of empowerment to great customer service. This speaks to a value that really marks a great customer service professional.

Guest Blog: Why Knowledge Base Integration with Live Chat Is Important for Better Customer Support


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Jason Grills, writes about the importance of good customer support and the impact it can have on your business. How exactly can good customer service improve your business? Improved Customer Experience.

Modern Leading Morale Steps to Lead Great Customer Service Performance


Leaders, do you know how to lead high morale for great customer service delivery? Customer service work in help desks , contact centers, technical support teams, and ecommerce centers is challenging and stressful. Customer service leaders need to inspire not inflame.

Don’t Lose Customers to a Bad Contact Center Experience

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79% of consumers indicate that they will leave you if you provide them just one bad customer experience. So, what constitutes a “bad customer experience”? Consumers rated customer service 17 percent lower, on average, across more than 10 channels.

“Forever Better”: Miele Canada and the Pursuit of Customer Service Excellence [Interview]


As Miele evangelists know, the company stands for two important things: Quality and customers. So, it is fitting that its customer service reflects this, too. ” This, too, applies to the quality of its customer service. Eric Esguerra is no stranger to customer service.

The CX Position – Where should CX sit in your organisation? by John Morris


A few months ago we kicked off some research based on the 6 key customer experience elements referred to as the 6 Ps principles. That customer needs and desires are changing isn’t new, however their needs and desires are not only changing but broadening as well.

Calling all Call Centers: Confessions of a Tech Support Agent


If you’ve had your eyes on the Fonolo blog for the past nine years, you know that in that time we have dedicated ourselves to bringing you news and views of all kinds that impact the customer service and contact center spaces. And the experience itself? It’s our turn.

Do You Need a Survey Tool or a VoC Partner?


In this scenario, you figure out the touchpoints and the questions to ask customers. No matter what, your VoC partner should certainly have an implementation team that sets up your VoC — including survey design, programming, dashboard creation, user setup, and ensuring your customer list is ready to go once you are ready to begin. A good value-added VoC partner can also help you identify specific things you can do immediately to improve the customer experience.