The Future Customer Experience Will Go Virtual

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According to research by Gartner, 89 percent of executives are betting on customer experience as their primary mode of competition before the end of 2016. However, over the last few decades, customer experience and service delivery veered away from personalized support and adopted a “call and wait” system while companies cut costs and installed voice-activated phone prompts. Augmented Shopping Experiences. Customer Service Customer Experience Management

Voice: The Heart of the Contact Center


There’s no question that contact centers are evolving to support the digital world in which their customers live – where people buy online, interact on social media, and communicate via video. Brands are expected to be agile in providing omni-channel support, where interactions might begin via an online form or live-chat then be continued seamlessly [ ] The post Voice: The Heart of the Contact Center appeared first on Poly Blog.


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Customer Service Trends 2017: An Effortless Customer Experience is Vital for Loyalty


Customers expect top-notch service, with no patience or loyalty for companies that don’t provide it. The result is that businesses lose customers instead of the growth they’d planned. Customers value the quality of customer service as much as price and quality of products. Recent trends in customer service show that companies can delight their customers while generating revenues. Your customers want to help themselves.

Revealed: Prepare Your Customers For Next U.S. Credit Crisis

Beyond Philosophy

With malls looking at the writing on the wall, businesses are now focused at effective customer engagement strategies. Shoppers are now familiar with the omni-channel choice and quite enjoying it. This is the reason brands are focusing on a customer experience module so that they can handhold customers through this process. Key insights for customer handholding. Providing an empathic experience is key. Look at customer psyche.

Top Five Contact Center Trends to Expect in 2020


Being a progressive industry driven by innovation and new technology, we can expect to see several trends emerging this year that propel the industry forward and have a significant impact on customer experience and agent productivity. Live engagement customer service. Over time, the customer has come to expect every business they connect with to provide fast responses, expert-level service, and quick resolutions. Contextualized omni-channel support.

[Slideshare] Messaging vs Chat vs Texting: Battle for the Future of Customer Service


Consumers love to communicate with each other over text channels and, according to recent studies , they are eager to use this mode of communication to interact with businesses. No one channel is dominant enough to make the other channels irrelevant. This has profound implications for the world of customer service as companies are increasingly focused on providing omni-channel support. Learn about the battle for the future of customer service.

2020 Contact Center Investment Priorities

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Do you plan or are you engaged in a digital transformation that includes digital and social media channels? This is interesting given the mega trend to improve the customer experience. Digital Transformation and Omni-Channel Support. of respondents are engaged in or plan to invest in a digital transformation initiative that includes the use of digital and social media channels. 2020 Contact Center Investment Priorities.

12 Actionable Strategies to Improve Customer Satisfaction in 2020

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Customers should be the focal point of every business. In the competitive marketplace, new businesses are springing up and the power is solely in the hands of customers to choose the brand, which is why understanding customer satisfaction is critical to ensure your long-term success. McKinsey reports say, “70% of the customer’s journey is based on how the customer feels they are being treated”. So, how do you improve customer satisfaction?

Empower Your Team With A Customer Service Philosophy


Customer service is incredibly important to any business. So important, even, that by 2020, it’s projected that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. So it’s safe to say that customer service is important. Well, behind any shining, successful customer service team is a strong customer service philosophy and customer service strategy. Why unified customer service as a philosophy is essential.

How to Handle Customer Complaints Effectively: 11 Tips

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Customer complaints are inevitable for any business. At some point, every business has to deal with unhappy customers. Huffpost study says, “ 91% of customers who are unhappy with a brand will leave without complaining.” . But the biggest challenge is how to handle customer complaints in a way that leaves the customers thinking that they are valuable. Often, a negative experience can be salvaged and turned into an opportunity. Boost customer satisfaction.

5 Customer Service Metrics You Should be Tracking Right Now

CSM Magazine

Customer service is more than just resolving issues. It is an experience in itself which shapes the brand name. How do you think companies like Amazon and Zappos know what their customers expect and work with maximum efficiency? It’s the way they use the customer service metrics to their advantage. The insights they derive from the metrics are not limited to checking an agent’s performance or overall customer satisfaction. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

Customer Service in the Digital Age

CSM Magazine

Emergent technologies have forever changed traditional customer service support. Lampton look at the state of customer service in the digital age. Rising customer expectations and increasing brand loyalty competition are driving the need to provide greater value-driven service to both consumers and stakeholders. Businesses of all sizes are adopting an integrative approach to deliver the best possible customer experience throughout the product life cycle.