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Guest Blog: The Hidden Workings of Top Customer Support Teams


This week we feature an article by Robert Occanyan who shares what successful customer support teams are doing to deliver an exceptional customer experience. . Here’s an important fact that customer support teams should always remember—people are more likely to remember negative experiences over positive ones.

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Everything you Need to Know about Customer Support Outsourcing


When we hear about the term ' Customer Support Outsourcing ', the first thing that comes to mind is that it means cutting your employees and outsourcing your work. Customer Support Outsourcing is one of the prominent factors in measuring the success of a business or company. What is Customer Support Outsourcing?


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Customer Support Services for E-gaming and E-sports Industry


So, with a growing demand for e-games, it is becoming important to get help via Customer Support Services on time. Thus, most of the gaming platforms are hiring Customer Service Outsourcing services for customer support to retain more paying customers. Five Principles of Successful Customer Support.

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When to Call a Contact Center Consultant…


Migration from cost center to revenue center In the continual drive to do more with less, more contact centers are moving from being a cost center to a profit center by moving from pure customer support, to a sales focused center. A work from home expert can process the change and training needed for success.

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The Complete Glossary of Common Customer Service & Support Lingos

ProProfs Blog

It’s not just great communication skills that make a customer support operator great at their job. 62% of customers say that a representative’s knowledge and resourcefulness play a key role in creating a good experience. To help you get started, we’ve prepared a small customer support glossary below.

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The Best Posts From the Customer Support Community in 2015


This year, we’ve seen the customer support community continue to grow, with small tribes setting up all over the internet and producing great support content. Going into support is now considered a valid career choice. In his words – support is not “set it and forget it.”. The best of self-service.

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The Contact Center Evolution: 5 Focus Areas to Move from Vanilla to Value


There is now a growing trend of contact centers supporting complex services outside the realm of what constitutes traditional customer service. I believe this will be a valuable differentiator for customer experience management specialists in the future. Training, Training, and More Training.