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Customer Advocacy – A Term Changing the Dynamics of Marketing

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That’s the power of customer advocacy. Get closer than ever to your customers. So, before we get into the dynamics of customer advocacy, let’s cover the basics first. . What is Customer Advocacy? These examples are a few of the many other ways the customer advocacy programs work! .

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How Online Communities Create Customer Advocacy and Retention


How Online Communities Create Customer Advocacy and Retention. This is a guest post by Danielle Juson is a Customer Success Community expert at inSided. Isn’t it great when you have a customer that not only keeps using your product, but shouts about how great it is too? Make a great first impression from the start.


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Customer Advocacy: Is This Thing Even Real?


Do you have a sales team that is tasked with creating leads and closing contracts? Do you have one for increasing your web presence to help boost sales through your website? And it’s got a name as well; Customer Advocacy. In other words, it is everything that you do to put customers needs above yours. Yes, it is.

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CXNext Podcast Episode 53: Creating Better Customer Advocacy Programs

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How do you engage your customers? Customer advocacy has gotten to be a corporate buzzword like CX or content marketing. But there’s a lot to building a great customer advocacy program. How do you approach your customers? How do we put that customer at the center? How do you engage with them?

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Meet the winners of the 2022 ChurnHero Awards for Customer Success


For the third year running, we asked CS teams who’ve challenged the status quo with innovative, meaningful, and customer-centric approaches to enter the ChurnHero Awards and tell us all about it. We have a member of our team who has been top seller (over the sales team) for two quarters this year. Advocacy Hero: Cority.

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How Can Your Company and Customers Profit Most from Higher Employee Commitment?

Beyond Philosophy

Gwinner of Kansas State University—have found that employee behavior and advocacy—regardless of the employee’s level of satisfaction—have a direct and profound relationship to the behavior of customers, and also to corporate sales and profitability.

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Tips for Setting Up Your Customer Advisory Board (CAB)


Here are some top advantages that CABs can offer your company: • Strengthen relationships with key customers. Increase customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Receive invaluable customer feedback on products, services, and strategies. Gain insights into customer needs in order to develop better offerings.

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