When IVR meets Visual Assistance – Retaining the Lost Waiting Time


Today, IVR is a core technology well entrenched in call centers that has transcended way beyond its role as a simple customer routing system. . When the human agent has his first contact with the customer, he already knows the problem, the solution and whether the fix is covered by warranty.

Customer Wait Times Don’t Matter


Ask any customer facing professional what they are most worried about and customer wait time will be top of mind. While overly long wait times can be a driver of dissatisfaction, truth is customers don’t mind “just enough” wait time, in fact almost anything beyond that has no return on investment. ” He went on to brag about hiring and training staff to reduce wait times and I complimented him for his efforts.

Managing Wait Times to Reduce Customer Frustration

Monet Software

There are two types of people in the world: those who hate waiting, and those who really hate waiting. And that’s important when you run a contact center, as one of your most important objectives has to be the reduction of wait times.

What is Call Center Average Wait Time and 3 Ways to Reduce It


The longer you make them wait, the less important they feel. Knowing how long it takes to answer customer calls can help you answer that question, and Average Wait Time has become a contact center key performance indicator for just that reason.

The Top 3 Ways to Forecast for Your Contact Center

it’s the foundation of contact center scheduling. things—like contact volume—that can be so. leads to a spike in contact volume, which in turn. leads to long handle times. forgive occasional long handle times during an. Contact (Call). Daily Contact.

How Lineten Reduced Average Wait Time from 2 Minutes to 18 Seconds with Talkdesk


In addition to improving their average wait time , Lineten saw a number of improvements by moving their contact center to the cloud with Talkdesk. Improving Customer Experience by Reducing Average Wait Time. Tell us about your contact center(s)? .

25 Call Center Leaders Share the Most Effective Ways to Boost Contact Center Efficiency


Most call centers struggle with efficiency at one time or another. And because efficiency is directly tied to minimizing overhead costs in the call center, it’s a prominent challenge. Meet Our Panel of Contact Center Experts: .

Worried? Is Your Contact Center Failing You?

Beyond Philosophy

Contact centers are often the communications lifeblood of a business. So how do you make sure your contact centre is set up to deliver the ultimate customer experience ? There are two things about communicating with a contact center that can drive clients to frustration.

Create a Contact Center Service That Sparkles

Call Center Coach

Service innovation has for years been a central part of my consulting practice, especially those industries with excessive customer contact: hotels, banks, hospitals, retail stores and call centers. If the innovation spotlight was put on a call or contact center, what would be the outcome. On the inside, call center leaders are focusing on the means—IVR, CRM, CTI, AHT, UCD, ACD and ASA. Focus on my needs, not your handle time.

5 Ways to Transform Contact Center Customer Experience

Transparent BPO

Customer satisfaction with contact centers is down, according to the Contact Center Satisfaction Index 2019 from CFI Group, a market research firm. How can contact centers turn that around so that customers are left feeling positive about the interaction?

The Psychology Behind Why Customers Hate Waiting


As humans, we’ve all had to endure the seemingly torturous act of waiting. Whether as a child, eagerly waiting for our slice of the birthday cake to be passed down, or as an adult, having to sit in drab waiting room at the doctor’s office. Time seems to drag when you’re bored.

How Human Centered Design Improves the Digital Contact Center Government Experience

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The government will better serve all stakeholders by establishing a focus to oversee the design and implementation of a human-centered design strategy that: identifies and responds to key touch points in a stakeholder’s journey. By Rosetta Lue.

New Integration with Google Cloud Contact Center AI


Have you heard about 8x8 X Series’ new integration with Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI? This integration makes solutions powered with artificial intelligence accessible to any company with 8x8’s Contact Center, without having to invest in a home-grown artificial intelligence program.

3 Contact Center Challenges You Can Win With Technology


The value of the Cloud is especially relevant for the contact center industry. Between the pressure of handling clients, maintaining efficient operations 24/7, and ensuring cost-efficiency, there are a lot of issues that contact centers could potentially face.

How to Ease the Pain of Scaling Your Contact Center


Higher call volumes leading to longer wait times for your customers and higher stress for your agents? Maybe it’s time to consider the benefits of outsourcing some or all of that customer care volume. Scaling Your Contact Center: In-House vs Outsourced.

11 Contact Center Technologies to Boost Customer Satisfaction


The platform allows for real-time conversation, regardless of channel type, via a unique Hybrid Messaging Timeline. Contact Centers appreciate: “We got our customer support sorted the day we started using Casengo to manage emails and social media posts.”

Hold the Phone—You’re Spending How Much Time on Hold?


Seems like plenty of time to check everything off your bucket list, right? That’s because the joint study conducted by both these organizations found that much of that time isn’t spent as well as we’d like. But those small increments of time add up quickly.

RFP Questions to Ask About AI in the Contact Center


And you’re ready for your outsourced customer service RFP to hit the road and bring you some stellar options for a new contact center partner. Here’s the short list of the best questions to ask about AI in the contact center. Looking for more contact center RFP questions?

Prepare Your Contact Center for the Holiday Rush


Is your Contact Center Prepared for the Holiday Rush? When you think about the holidays your first thought probably includes lots of parties, brisker temperatures, and cherished time with friends and family.

Workforce AI: The Driverless Contact Center


It’s in the Uber app that minimizes your wait time after you hail a car. Looking specifically at the contact center industry, we have seen a recent flurry of activity around chatbots, intelligent IVRs and virtual agents.

How RPA Can Augment Your Contact Center Workforce Without Threatening Jobs

Noble Systems

If you’re a contact center manager, you might justifiably worry about having to cut your staff. What you notice, however, is that other companies are investing in automation as part of their contact center technology. Improving CX with Contact Center Automation.

Stop Thinking About Your Contact Center as a Cost Center


Traditionally, contact centers are considered cost centers—a necessary evil that companies fund because they have to, not because they want to. That’s because the cost-center approach ignores the role the contact center can play in driving revenues to the organization.

What is Call Wrap Up Time? 5 Ways to Reduce It in Your Contact Center


Reducing average wait time and average handle time in your contact can yield huge customer satisfaction increases for your business. In this blog, we outline what call wrap up time is and actionable steps you can take to reduce it in your contact center.

KLM Provides Wait Time Estimates on Twitter Page

Brad Cleveland

They even provide wait time estimates, updated every five minutes. KLM harnesses Twitter for customer service, handling a diverse range of issues and steering customers to other channels when that makes sense.

Top contact center authentication stories of 2017


Throughout 2017, we’ve discussed many of the top challenges facing contact centers and the authentication industry. With unchanging personal data in the hands of hackers, identity thieves can potentially use the details to apply for new lines of credit at any time.

Efficiency vs. Automation: Effectively Implementing Contact Center AI


AI is driving truly revolutionary capabilities in the contact center that play into the sweeping trend of digital transformation. Organizations understand this, with 94% agreeing that effective AI can transform the performance of their contact center.

4 Contact Center Reports to Kick off 2019


Our inboxes here at Fonolo HQ are full of great reports covering call center technology and trends. Below are four reports that we think are worth your time. Report # 1: The US Contact Center Decision-Maker’s Guide 2018-19. Who wrote it: Contact Babel.

Choose the Right KPIs for Your Contact Center Service Model

TASKE Technology

Last month, we talked about how KPIs can help you measure whether your contact center is meeting business objectives. We also covered a few KPIs that are generally accepted as core measures of service levels in a contact center: first call resolution, telephone service factor, and abandon rates. Now, we’ll look more closely at KPIs for more specific contact center service models. In general, contact centers provide inbound or outbound call services.

Workforce Management Basics in Today’s Contact Center: Part 1

NICE inContact

For seasoned workforce managers, predicting contact volumes and creating perfect schedules are second nature – even although, to those of us on the outside, they seem to speak a whole different contact center language!

Predicting Contact Center Average Handle Time

Bright Pattern

Average handle time, or AHT, is one of the most important contact center metrics. It characterizes the duration of call processing by agents and has a strong impact on the whole operation of the contact center. average handle time

How Contact Centers Manage the Holiday Rush

Call Experts

With this steady growth and increase in demand, contact centers are a vital partner to support the holiday rush. . . Customer activities and interactions with brands during the holiday season significantly impact contact centers. The holiday season is here!

The Coming Disruption of the Contact Center Outsourcing Industry – Part 2

Taylor Reach Group

The old Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) model is broken. Together this makes for an effective quality program, without expensive and time-consuming calibration and ambiguous results. Uncategorized #BPO best practices contact center Outsourcing Quality

7 Tips to Improve Contact Center Customer Experience

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We are entering an experience economy where customers are not just looking for the right service at the right time but looking for one that is engaging and immersive. Contact Center Customer Experience can be enhanced every step of the way as customers interact with the brand.

6 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Calling Your Contact Center


The call center can be a great resource for getting questions answered, but it’s typically not the most enjoyable experience. So with that in mind, contact centers need to ensure that the calling experience is just as pleasant as every other channel. Long Hold Times.

KPIs for Managing your Contact Center

DMG Consulting

KPIs for Managing your Contact Center . Contact centers are highly complex operating environments with a lot of moving parts and activities. In an attempt to achieve full transparency and visibility, contact center leaders may receive dozens of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), some of which seem to contradict others. So what information does a contact center leader need to properly manage their operating environment?

Accomplish Your Contact Center Goals with Roadmapping

Monet Software

For a contact center goal, you can do the same thing. Are there times when an insufficient number of agents are working, which may prompt those that are extra-busy to wrap up calls faster to cut down on wait times? Business goals are like destinations.

Why Customers Loathe Your Contact Center


All you need is a quick answer by an informed, competent customer service agent and instead, you get lengthy, unhelpful self-service menus, long wait times and apathetic agents without answers. If you took the time to dig into legacy contact center technology (yeah right, who does this?), Fortunately, people like me actually do geek out about contact center technology, evolution and trends. That perception is reality for too many contact centers.

How to Build a Compelling Business Case for Modernizing Your Contact Center

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Increasingly, the contact center is used to deliver holistic customer experience throughout a lifetime of customers’ journeys. This makes sense since many of the activities designed to acquire and retain customers and to deliver and support products and services all utilize the contact center in some fashion. But what do you do if your outdated call center can’t deliver? By owning my own car, you will save on gas and you will have more free time (the benefit).

Workforce Management Basics in Today’s Contact Center: Part 1

NICE inContact

For seasoned workforce managers, predicting contact volumes and creating perfect schedules are second nature – even although, to those of us on the outside, they seem to speak a whole different contact center language! Workforce management can be overwhelming and confusing for those thrown into the Workforce Management trenches for the first time. Scheduling is a critical contact center function, but like forecasting, can be tricky.

3 Practical Ways AI in the Contact Center Gets Real


Closer to home and much more practically, let’s take a look at how AI is changing the contact center and customer experience, and where the impact is most significant. Specifically, we’ll focus on three applications of AI that will forever change how we build and run contact centers: Chatbots, analytics, and the agent experience. First of all, any technology that makes the contact center faster and more productive is a good thing.