2020 Contact Center Investment Priorities

DMG Consulting

2020 Contact Center Investment Priorities. DMG’s annual survey of contact center investment priorities for the year has confirmed the anecdotal data we’ve been hearing from companies. 2020 is looking to be an outstanding year for contact center investments.

Voice: The Heart of the Contact Center


There’s no question that contact centers are evolving to support the digital world in which their customers live – where people buy online, interact on social media, and communicate via video. Brands are expected to be agile in providing omni-channel support, where interactions might begin via an online form or live-chat then be continued seamlessly [ ] The post Voice: The Heart of the Contact Center appeared first on Poly Blog.

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Top Five Contact Center Trends to Expect in 2020


As January comes to a close, we wanted to have a look at what 2020 has in store for the contact center. To ensure you stay ahead of the curve in the year to come, we have compiled a list of what we think will be the top five trends for the contact center in 2020.

How to Ramp-up Your Customer Service for the Retail Holiday Season with Outsourced Help

Advantage Communications

With the holiday shopping season just weeks away, a retail brand’s customer service team should now be planning ahead for omni-channel support for the upcoming Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other key high volume dates. Contact Center

A Channel is a Channel

DMG Consulting

A Channel is a Channel. Headlines shout the power and benefits of the newest “servicing” channels – one day it is social media and the next it is chat. In fact, no single channel is more important than another. What matters is that customers, prospects, partners, and everyone else receives a response in their channel of choice on a timely basis. This is often a major challenge, as many companies have separate servicing systems to handle each channel.

[Slideshare] Messaging vs Chat vs Texting: Battle for the Future of Customer Service


Consumers love to communicate with each other over text channels and, according to recent studies , they are eager to use this mode of communication to interact with businesses. No one channel is dominant enough to make the other channels irrelevant.

WFM Solutions Adapt to Changing Needs

DMG Consulting

No contact center technology has undergone as significant a paradigm shift as the WFM sector. But contact centers are also realizing many benefits, including reduced operating costs, optimized scheduling, improved performance, decreased staff attrition and an engaged and committed workforce. Contact centers need to be optimally staffed on a 24x7x365 basis, including weekends and holidays. Customers require omni-channel support and personalized service.

Vom Anwender her denken: Rollenbasierte Benutzeroberflächen


Im Contact Center Umfeld ist dies eine besonders wichtige Größe, denn durch ihren direkten Kundenkontakt tragen zufriedene Mitarbeiter entscheidend zur Kundenzufriedenheit bei. kompletter Omni-Channel Support – alle Kanäle.

Customer Service Trends 2017: An Effortless Customer Experience is Vital for Loyalty


In the customer service trends handbook published by Microsoft , “90% of consumers say they expect consistency and continuity from a brand across channels.”. Yet, relatively few contact centers have focused on providing a consistent customer experience.