Creating a collaborative contact center culture


The traditional contact center – with agents in cubicles following scripts and rushing to meet individual KPIs – will soon be a thing of the past. Agent collaboration also enables a higher First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate by eliminating time-consuming escalations.

High-Performance Agent Development in Contact Centers: Top Experts Reveal Secrets

Call Center Coach

The third step ( Step 1 , Step 2 ) in the contact center agent journey is about developing high-performing agents. Since the advent of contact centers, it’s never been documented that technology has remedied a failed systematic approach.

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Bed Bugs Invading Contact Centers: New Issues in Performance

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Just when we think managing all of the different customer contact channels, and those customers that can never be satisfied is pesky – we now must add beg bugs to the list of contact center performance issues. While at ICMI’s Contact Center Expo I was walking the Expo Hall and spotted a vendor that caused me to pause. Bed bugs in contact centers?! That’s why Orkin was at the Contact Center Expo. And our documentation is key.

25 Call Center Leaders Share the Most Effective Ways to Boost Contact Center Efficiency


Most call centers struggle with efficiency at one time or another. And because efficiency is directly tied to minimizing overhead costs in the call center, it’s a prominent challenge. Meet Our Panel of Contact Center Experts: .

The Health of the Contact Center: Are You Ready for 2019?

1The Health of the Contact Center: Agent Well-Being in a Customer-Centric Era 2New study reveals heightened complexity of. 500 million to revamp the in-flight experience for its customers and improve customer relations in the contact. Contact centers have dramatically changed.

Next Issue Avoidance – How contact centers can preempt follow-up calls


Contact centers are perfectly placed to predict imminent customer queries. By analyzing data from large sets of trouble tickets, organizations can anticipate customers’ next questions and eliminate huge volumes of future contacts.

The contact center monthly performance review by Robert C. Davis and Associates: Preparing for optimum results

Robert Davis

Delivering contact center monthly performance reviews (MPRs) should take 30 minutes. Most importantly, leaders should prepare any documentation needed during the MPR. Resources call centers coaching contact centers performance reviews training

The Artificial Intelligence Journey in Contact Centers

Cisco - Contact Center

” AI in the Contact Center. The interesting piece, which leading players such as Cisco ( Cognitive Collaboration Solutions ) will be able to turn into an advantage for their Contact Center architecture , is related to the way Google Duplex works.

Keys to Contact Center Consistency and Compliance

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Why is the issue of compliance important for contact centers? Contact centers need to provide accurate information to their customers. Contact center Agents need the most accurate and up to date information. Call Center CCW contact center Metrics Quality

Contact Centers Obsolete in 3 Years: Artificial Intelligence Wipes Out Industry

Call Center Coach

I met with Justin Robbins at the Contact Center Expo and we shared some observations with each other on what is going on in the industry. Of course, we were unable to avoid discussing what’s going on with Artificial Intelligence in Contact Centers and what affect it is having – and may have on our industry. We we’re unable to sustain the comedy for too long because we both have contact center operations experience and have too little patience for the drama.

The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

Messaging The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why So Many Contact Centers Struggle with. I N T R O Tweet this The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why So Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self Service | 3 It’s no secret that companies. The contact center is the one.

Building the Contact Center SOW: The Framework for Success


The contact center SOW is the framework for your relationship. It’s a dynamic document that, like your partnership, requires time and attention. Below we explore what it takes to build an effective contact center SOW. Who serves as the primary point of contact?

Moving to Cloud: A Must for Contact Centers

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But while the underpinning technology has been well tested, documented and measured – the journey of moving to the cloud can still be incredibly tricky. In the world of Contact Centers , moving functions like IVR and ACD are obvious choices.

New Integration with Google Cloud Contact Center AI


Have you heard about 8x8 X Series’ new integration with Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI? This integration makes solutions powered with artificial intelligence accessible to any company with 8x8’s Contact Center, without having to invest in a home-grown artificial intelligence program.

Cloud Contact Center Solutions Continue Upward Trajectory

DMG Consulting

Cloud Contact Center Solutions Continue Upward Trajectory. View this document on the publisher’s website. Last year could be seen as the breakthrough moment when cloud-based vendors began their takeover of the contact center infrastructure market. With more than 150 competitors worldwide, the cloud-based contact center infrastructure market is primed for success. A cloud-based contact center infrastructure solution offers many benefits.

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

rely on contact. center data 39%. sources that are democratized, such as contact. center data–a goldmine for customer insights. Often overlooked, the contact center provides. CUSTOMER, THE CONTACT. invaluable resource, transforming the contact.

The Future of Intelligent Decision Support Systems in Contact Centers


These systems are relevant for many verticals including healthcare, finance, weather prediction, call and chat centers, desktop apps, info kiosks and more. . Current state of DSS in contact centers. Call centers are highly stressed environments.

11 Contact Center Technologies to Boost Customer Satisfaction


Contact Centers appreciate: “We got our customer support sorted the day we started using Casengo to manage emails and social media posts.” Contact Centers appreciate: Enchant enables better collaboration of support teams making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

New Ways to Think About Contact Center Quality Monitoring

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Contact center managers know that quality monitoring and management is necessary to maintain or improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). Improving contact center quality is one of those activities that deliver perpetual benefits. How to document a call.

Contact Center Management Is Both an Art and a Science

DMG Consulting

Contact Center Management Is Both an Art and a Science. View this document on the publisher’s website. It’s alarming how many contact centers are managed without metrics, yet running a contact center strictly by the numbers is no silver-bullet solution either. In other words, contact center management is both an art and a science. Effective contact center leaders manage these numbers.

4 Strategies to Boost Agent Productivity

Speaker: Melissa Pollock, Customer Success Officer, AmplifAI

Three Pillars of AI for Contact Centers

DMG Consulting

Three Pillars of AI for Contact Centers. View this document on the publisher’s website. This means that the solution must utilize at least one of three pillars of AI for the contact center: natural language understanding/generation/processing (NLU/NLG/NLP), machine learning and real-time analytics. All of the older applications were rules-based, and most were too slow to be helpful in a servicing scenario, such as in a contact center.

Coaching — Medicine for the Contact Center

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However, every day in the contact center, supervisors and managers send incomplete messages to their agents, failing to prescribe what “medicine” is needed to correct their performance problems. The contact center may have a great quality management program that provides agents evaluations on their interactions as well as a stellar performance management platform that gives agents real-time insights into how they are performing against specific goals and metrics.

Contact Center CX: Next Issue Avoidance

CX Accelerator

Of all the effort-reduction pillars, this might be the number one way to enhance customer loyalty from the contact center! We document difficult cases, start to finish and conclude with what could/should have been done to prevent or avoid the issue all together.

KPI Guide for Omni-Channel Contact Centers

DMG Consulting

KPI Guide for Omni-Channel Contact Centers. Contact centers are highly complex operating environments with a lot of moving parts and activities. Executives and managers need real-time and historical key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to have full and timely visibility into the performance of their contact centers and employees. Please complete the registration form below and press the download button to access the document you requested.

Study: The Health of the Contact Center

1The Health of the Contact Center: Agent Well-Being in a Customer-Centric Era 2New study reveals heightened complexity of. 500 million to revamp the in-flight experience for its customers and improve customer relations in the contact. Contact centers have dramatically changed.

10 Reasons to Locate Your Contact Center in the Friendly North


Looking for an onshore contact center partner? Yes, we’re probably a little biased, but the proof is right here – check out our top 10 reasons to outsource your contact center to Canada. Full employment” in the US makes hiring new contact center agents a challenge.

Contact Center KPIs: Less is More

DMG Consulting

Contact Center KPIs: Less is More. View this document on the publisher’s website. Contact centers are typically complex operating environments that require many systems and applications to deliver an outstanding customer experience, cost effectively. The primary goal should be to provide a wonderful and meaningful service experience to everyone who interacts with your contact center, independent of the channel they choose.

Poly Helps Empower Contact Center Workers


It’s a well-documented trend that the rise of digital channels such as webchat, apps, FAQs, etc., has led to a change in the way contact centers handle interactions. Deflecting these low-value interactions has enabled contact centers to improve [ ] The post Poly Helps Empower Contact Center Workers appeared first on Poly Blog. “I just want to speak to someone.”

The Fundamental Guide to the Contact Center RFP


Contracting a new contact center outsourcer may be one of the most impactful decisions you make all year (no pressure, right?) This alone may give you enough insight to build a basic list of potential partners for your contact center RFP process. Planning for 2019 already?

Four Top Trends for Contact Centers

Taylor Reach Group

It seems there is no shortage of experts and pundits weighing in on what they see as the trends that will impact the Call Center/ Contact Center industry. In this post, I want to focus on trends that are already starting to ‘bite’ in Call and Contact Centers. . . .

IT Managers’ Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure (whitepaper)

DMG Consulting

IT Managers’ Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure. If a company has required IT resources to support their on-premise contact center solution, they will need similar assistance with a cloud-based solution. The purpose of this white paper is to debunk the myth that IT resources are not necessary to assist with and participate in the selection and ongoing management and administration of a cloud-based contact center infrastructure solution.

How to Cash in on Contact Center Failures

NICE inContact

If you’ve manage an aging contact center, then you’ve probably identified several inefficiencies which limit your success. Maybe its call volumes that exceed contact center capacity. Whatever the reason, when troubles reduce the contact center to nothing more than a tightly managed expense, it becomes very difficult to ask for improvements. These savings can then be applied to contact center improvements.

Demystifying artificial intelligence’s role in contact centers

Cisco - Contact Center

AI is shaping the future of customer experiences and the contact center. This week I will be speaking at UC Expo about the role that artificial intelligence is playing in advancing contact center productivity and efficiency, and in particular how this is benefiting the agent and customer experience. In 1950, the English mathematician and computer scientist, Alan Turing documented his ideas for testing a thinking machine.

Click-to-Call: Driving Great Calls in the Contact Center

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Many companies are reluctant to introduce click-to-call technologies (also known as click-to-agent, click-to-dial, click-to-contact, tap-to-talk etc.) for fear of driving increased costs and complexities to their Contact Center. Driving incremental contacts into their center.

These 8 Technologies Are Transforming the Contact Center

DMG Consulting

These 8 Technologies Are Transforming the Contact Center. View this document on the publisher’s website. Contact Centers are some of the most technically sophisticated operations in the enterprise, putting to use more than 45 systems and applications. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Big Data analytics, and mobility are all driving contact center innovation.

Five Critical Tasks for Contact Center Supervisors

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What does a contact center supervisor do? But supervisors play a critical role in keeping contact centers on track. Many supervisors began their careers as contact center agents, so they know how that job should be performed.

Workforce Optimization Ushers in the Real-Time Contact Center

DMG Consulting

Workforce Optimization Ushers in the Real-Time Contact Center. View this document on the publisher’s website. It’s hard to overstate how much the contact center technology sector has progressed in the past 15 years. Thirteen years ago, DMG Consulting published the book The Real-Time Contact Center. Contact centers are typically conservative and slow to change, and DMG expects this to continue.

Performance Management and the Power of Positive Psychology in the Contact Center

NICE inContact

For contact center agents, it sometimes feels like either the workday drags on or it flies by with a flash. So, let’s breakdown “flow” into a few tactical strategies that can be used in a modern call center utilizing performance management software. Helping call center agents set specific, measurable, and realistic goals can increase their focus and motivation. Set your agents up for success by having them document their goals.

Boost your Contact Center's Key Metrics with Better Language Support

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Your Contact Center is driving toward efficiencies, better experiences, and empowered customers. 79% of contact centers report they serve customers who are not native speakers of their primary language. Is your contact center ready?