Why Do Contact Center Agents Stay?

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Regardless of the economic cycle, turnover can be a problem for a lot of contact centers. Whether it’s just retaining any person to be in your contact center or just those high performers. The frontline supervisor ( Call Center Supervisor Success Path ).

Promote Better Work-Life Balance in the Contact Center

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Work environment call center contact center culture employee motivation flexible scheduling paid time-off work-life balance

The New Definition of Employee Empowerment

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The classic definition of employee empowerment never seemed right. Here's a quick story that illustrates the challenge with this definition: A technical support rep, let's call him Scott, was empowered to take as long as necessary to help a customer solve an issue.

13 Contact Center Metrics: Definitions & Calculations


Learn the definitions and calculations for 13 common contact center metrics. [.]. The post 13 Contact Center Metrics: Definitions & Calculations appeared first on Sharpen Contact Center Software. Read More. Customer Experience

The Top 3 Ways to Forecast for Your Contact Center

it’s the foundation of contact center scheduling. things—like contact volume—that can be so. leads to a spike in contact volume, which in turn. one; it’s when contact forecasts are chronically. than actuals, contact centers overstaff to cover.

Seamless Self-Service Starts in the Contact Center

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Customer Experience (CX) as a term may have many definitions, but it is generally accepted that it is all about creating personalized, seamless, low-effort customer interactions.

Create a Contact Center Service That Sparkles

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Service innovation has for years been a central part of my consulting practice, especially those industries with excessive customer contact: hotels, banks, hospitals, retail stores and call centers. If the innovation spotlight was put on a call or contact center, what would be the outcome. On the inside, call center leaders are focusing on the means—IVR, CRM, CTI, AHT, UCD, ACD and ASA. But, people-communicating-with-people is by definition inconsistent.

Contact Center Executive Priorities for 2018

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At least it is as stated in CCW’s Executive Report Contact Center Priorities for 2018. As I mentioned, we are all aware that intent and execution are often times two separate elements in contact centers. What I think would be great to see as a follow-up report is which of the contact center executive priorities were actually accomplished at year’s end. Definitely not fast enough for customers. Interpreting Contact Center Executive Priorities.

Putting Humanity in Contact Centers

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It’s just the nature of the contact center industry. Or is it time to put humanity into your contact center? “It’s It’s time to put humanity into your contact center.” Managing a contact center is fast paced and furious.

What Is Voice Analytics? Definition, Tips, Best Practices, and Challenges of Voice Analytics


Definition of Voice Analytics Voice analytics are the use of a voice recognition tool to analyze and record a spoken conversation. Definition, Tips, Best Practices, and Challenges of Voice Analytics appeared first on CallMiner.

What Are Bots? [Definition]


For all the stories of gutted call centers and struggling service interactions, there’s still an awful lot of innovation coming out of the customer service industry. Definition] appeared first on Sharpen Contact Center Software.

4 Best Practices To Incorporate Wellness In Your Contact Center

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In the contact center community, we understand the true value of a happy customer. As contact center agents, we find ourselves sitting still the majority of our shift. Trying to make healthy shifts in your contact center and it’s just not working?

What is PCI Compliance Call Recording & Transcription: Definition, Expert Tips & Best Practices


To train and evaluate call center staff. There are two primary categories that offer solutions to the issue of PCI compliance in the call center — manual and software solutions. Ensure that you are operating under the correct understanding of PCI compliance for your contact center. This impacts call recording management and storage, and control of the agent/caller interface within the physical call-center space. Call centers have become the hub of service.

Automated Contact Centers: How Hair Club Does More

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Scalability is a serious problem for contact centers in just about every industry. So, that forces you to continually hire new contact center agents if you want to reach more customers. Enhancing the Contact Center—Not Replacing It.

New Ways to Think About Contact Center Quality Monitoring

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Contact center managers know that quality monitoring and management is necessary to maintain or improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). Improving contact center quality is one of those activities that deliver perpetual benefits.

2019 Contact Center Conferences


That means we need to start thinking about planning and scheduling for the best 2019 contact center conferences. Here are some of the most anticipated 2019 contact center conferences that are definitely worth your time to attend. Can you believe it?

Before You Go to RFP, Get Friendly: A Guide to On-Site Contact Center Visits


Picture this: You’re in the RFP process for a new contact center partner. You know exactly what you need in regards to channel support, reporting metrics, technical capabilities, agent training, and more, and the contact center RFP makes sure you’re checking all the boxes.

What is Hosted Call Center Software? A Definition of Hosted Call Center Software, Advantages, and Best Practices for Choosing the Right Delivery Model


Hosted call center software is a delivery model that differs from on-premise software and shares some characteristics with cloud-based software. Here’s a look at hosted call center software, its advantages, and best practices for choosing the right delivery model for your call center.

CXone Contact Center Solutions Help Radisson Hotel Group Support Guest Experiences

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But like many companies that transition their operation from call center to contact center as they grow, Radisson realized there was a definite disconnect: it was using an out-of-date, on-premises Avaya system to manage its global network of.

Contact Center CX: Next Issue Avoidance

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Of all the effort-reduction pillars, this might be the number one way to enhance customer loyalty from the contact center! Last week, Brittany Naylor (Vice President of Customer Support for Service Direct) queued up a wonderful topic in our CX Accelerator slack channel.

Contact Center and Back Office Talent Acquisition and the Knicks

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This is especially true in large contact centers and back office organizations given their high human density, spontaneous growth requirements, increasing competition and turbulent levels of employee attrition.

IVR Definition and Benefits


For the end user, these interactive systems function in a way that allows them to navigate your contact center and find an appropriate solution quickly, using only their phone’s keypad. Some of the applications for the IVR include: Call center forwarding. Call Center IVR.

7 Contact Center Glossary Terms You Need to Know

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I could take you through a litany of common contact center terms and definitions … but why? To understand todays technologies and what they mean to your business is key to help make the right investments in your customer experience – here are some of the most researched contact center terms: . Cloud Contact Center – Cloud computing… applied to the contact center.

Calculating Occupancy in the Contact Center

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Occupancy Definition: The percentage of your agent’s logged-in time spent in direct contact with a customer or in activities directly following and related to that contact (e.g. Calculation: Total Contact Time (Talk Time + After Call Work) /Total Logged-in Time. If you’re looking for extremely high Service Levels and very low Average Speed of Answer, you’ll need to run a lower Occupancy rate, to ensure your agents are ready for the next contact.

What’s the difference between a call center and a contact center? [Definition]


The customer service industry toggles between the terms call center and contact center, but what’s the difference? Often, people talk or ask questions about call centers, but they really mean contact center. The post What’s the difference between a call center and a contact center? Definition] appeared first on Sharpen Contact Center Software.

What is In-Line Training? [Definition]


In the contact center space, there isn’t much information about in-line training. Definition] appeared first on Sharpen Contact Center Software.

4 Essential Resources to Read Before You Craft Your Contact Center RFP


The purpose of a contact center RFP is no different: it’s an essential process to use when choosing an outsourcer. However, the contact center RFP is unique and can’t be modeled on the same old RFP template used for other services your company may procure.

Four Top Trends for Contact Centers

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It seems there is no shortage of experts and pundits weighing in on what they see as the trends that will impact the Call Center/ Contact Center industry. In this post, I want to focus on trends that are already starting to ‘bite’ in Call and Contact Centers. . . .

4 Insightful Contact Center Reports You Should Be Reading


It’s been an exciting year so far in the world of contact centers. In just the last month we saw the release of Apple’s Business Chat, the announcement of Twilio’s new Flex call center platform and the acquisition of Altocloud by Genesys. Contact Center Priorities for 2018.

WFM – Your First Step to a Cloud Contact Center


Marc Benioff, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Salesforce said it best, “ If someone asks me what cloud computing is, I try not to get bogged down with definitions. What’s the view of cloud software in the contact center at ground level?

Google Launches Contact Center AI


Google made a major announcement at their “Cloud Next” event with the launch of Contact Center AI. It was the second time this month that the contact center world was rocked by a Google announcement. Call Center AI call-center contact-center google google-duplex

What is Agent Experience? [Definition]


Definition] appeared first on Sharpen Contact Center Software. There’s chatter from vendors in the customer service industry about fixing agent experience, but up to this point, there’s been no concrete meaning for the talked-about term. It’s time to stop missing the mark. Agent experience isn’t a selling point. It’s a real problem we need to DO something about. We’re defining agent experience, so [.]. Read More. The post What is Agent Experience?

The Undead: AI Can’t Die Because its Definition Keeps Changing


It doesn’t follow these rules because its definition is fuzzy. “AI” The set of technologies that are included in the definition shifts with time. Effect on Customer Service and Call Centers. But I don’t see this as evidence of the call center’s human-less future.

Cloud Contact Center Made Simple – Call Routing


With all the contact center solutions out there—and all the features available—there is a LOT of terminology and jargon thrown around. So to make it easier for you, we decided to put in the work to define cloud contact center terms and ideas in a way that anyone could understand.

Contact Centers Focusing Less on 80/20 Service Level


In the wide world of call center metrics, “service level” has always held a special place. Its origins go back over 5 decades, to the earliest days of call centers. Even more astonishing is that most call centers would name the same target value for that metric: the magical “80/20”.

The Top Contact Center Acquisitions of the Last 6 Months


This post was supposed to be about the “Top Contact Center Acquisitions of 2018”, but two significant deals occurred in the last two weeks, and I didn’t want to wait another year to include them on the list. We continue to see a very active M&A market in the contact center space.

Boost Productivity with the “Right” Contact Center KPIs and Gamification

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Improving contact center agent productivity can have a major impact on bottom-line results. There are many lists of “Top” Contact Center KPIs that you can access with a simple Internet search. How do you measure agent productivity in your contact center?

CXone Contact Center Solutions Help Radisson Hotel Group Support Guest Experiences

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But like many companies that transition their operation from call center to contact center as they grow, Radisson realized there was a definite disconnect: it was using an out-of-date, on-premises Avaya system to manage its global network of contact centers and BPOs. Ultimately moving to NICE inContact’s unified CXone cloud CX platform and its contact center software solutions would be pivotal for Radisson Hotel Group.

7 Tips to Improve Contact Center Customer Experience

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Contact centers are a powerhouse to deliver that exceptional experience across the entire customer journey starting from awareness, interest to purchase, service and advocacy. Contact Center Customer Experience can be enhanced every step of the way as customers interact with the brand.

Artificial Intelligence: Streamlining Contact Center Technology

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Automated systems are especially helpful for call centers, and Gartner predicts that non-voice interactions in customer service settings will likely rise to 85 percent by the year 2020. Such systems can also take care of after-hours phone calls when call center agents are not available.