Serving as a Real Kitty: How to Give Authentic Customer Service

CSM Magazine

As we celebrate Customer Service Week, Chip Bell reflects on how we can bring more authenticity to the workplace all year round. Customers long to be served by “a real kitty.” Scripts, protocols, rules, and regulations often keep front-line service people in a less-than-authentic stance. Yet, authenticity is the feature that bolsters trust among customers. Think of it as equipping contact center agents with a bulletproof vest.

Coronavirus is Transforming Every Aspect of Customer Experience


Furthermore, supply chains are being disrupted, physical stores are closing, and agents are unable to staff contact centers. One of the biggest challenges is delivering consistent and valuable customer experience (CX). Policies and procedures are changing from day to day and customer service teams are just trying to keep up with growing customer concerns around the virus. A final important area of focus is enabling self-service capabilities.