Guest Blog: The Future of CX Lies with Humans Not Robots


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Jaime Scott, writes about how engagement is crucial to delivering an excellent customer service experience. Workforce Engagement Management is absolutely crucial to the success of CX.

Verint Helps Humana Offer Robust Customer Service


One of the leading healthcare service providers in the United States, Humana needed to streamline the work it was doing in its back office several years ago due to significant growth. This provider leverages Verint Workforce Optimization across its customer service and back-office operations—as well as Verint Speech Analytics within its contact centers—to help create more operational efficiencies and help its employees understand and have an even more positive impact on patients’ lives.

For 2017, Resolve to Maximize Your Contact Center Technology Investments


One way is by looking at IVR and WFO-generated customer insights as a single entity—rather than separate ones. How can organizations start to think more strategically in the New Year about maximizing their technology investments?

Contact Center Execs: 5 Pains Keeping You Up at Night


No doubt contact center executives have a great deal to occupy their thoughts day and night. To execs who are hoping for a better night’s sleep—good news awaits you. It is quite likely that a solution to help reduce your operational headaches may be closer than you think.

The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

to meet customer expectations for digital service Social Media Voice of the. Customer. Messaging The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why So Many Contact Centers Struggle with. Digital Self Service Tweet this Customers want digital self- service options, such as chat and.

Liverpool Victoria Invests in Customer Experience with Verint


A UK-based financial services company, Liverpool Victoria (LV=), has more than 5,000 employees across the UK and needed a single, consistent and flexible workforce optimization platform to strengthen its customer service. LV= is now better equipped to meet customer demands—and agents’ lifestyle preferences—while more effectively managing costs.

Navy Federal Credit Union Offers Exceptional Customer Service to Customers Who Served


Providing one-stop financial services to current and former members of the military and the Department of Defense and their families, Navy Federal Credit Union is the world's largest credit union with more than 7.5 The company leveraged Verint Workforce Optimization to help automate staff planning and scheduling—in turn, enjoying savings in the millions of dollars by reducing overtime and excess staffing costs.

Verint Helps MSC Industrial Build on Customer Moments of Truth


One of the leading industrial solutions providers in the United States and a longtime Verint customer, MSC Industrial Supply Co. was interested in how it could improve productivity, enhance the customer experience, and keep operating costs down through a single, unified workforce optimization platform.

Back Office Integration Coming to the Forefront in Customer Engagement


We have begun to see the boundaries of the contact center expanding as its functionality encroaches upon other departments within the enterprise, agents gain access to subject matter experts in other departments, and data silos have come together in the interest of improved customer service. As the worlds of back office and front office operations come together, contact center agents will benefit by the improved customer service they are able to offer customers.

Facing the Future of Contact Center Employee Engagement


At the end of 2016, I conducted 20 interviews with customer service professionals who were members of the National Association of Call Centers (NACC). The question was, “What’s keeping you up at night when you think about your contact center in 2017 and beyond.”. The responses were remarkably similar—18 of the 20 customer service professionals I interviewed voiced their concern over what can be broadly categorized as employee engagement.

The Spotlight Is On the Back Office—Finally!


Managers and executives responsible for the back-office, the non-customer facing area of an organization that processes the goods and service requests of its customers, have been overlooked for a long time.


Closing the Gap Between the Front and Back Office


The boundaries between customer-facing, front-office channels and back-office support functions are blurring. As Ken Landoline, principal analyst at OVUM, stated in his blog, Back-Office Integration Coming to the Forefront in Customer Engagement , a number of trends are making it easier to link these two functions, including: In-sourcing previously outsourced contact center functions. 2 cause of customer dissatisfaction is delays and errors in the back-office 1.

Developing Customers for Life—An Enterprise Workforce Management Example


As we have covered in previous blogs, Verint is a company that is committed to developing customers for life. It’s refreshing to see outside-in examples that validate our guiding principle and how it’s taking hold in the market.

Got Joy? Happiness Guru Shawn Achor to Speak at Verint Engage 2018


and author of Before Happiness and The Happiness Advantage, will be a keynote speaker at the Verint Engage global customer conference at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel May 14 – 17. Presenters from Allianz Worldwide Partners, Holland America Line, Navy Federal Credit Union, NRG Energy, PlumChoice, Premier Bankcard, and other organizations will highlight how they put Verint solutions to work to better serve their customers. Shawn Achor, founder, GoodThink, Inc.

When Elite Plumbers Wished They Had Workforce Management


Two brothers, Joseph and Henry Pendleton, started Elite Plumbers with the vision of delivering concierge-level plumbing service to serve upscale neighborhoods. Field personnel were backed with an equally professional call center. They picked an affluent southern community and quickly attracted hundreds of customers, many of whom lived in elegant but aging homes. Whenever a deep freeze occurred and the water stopped flowing, customers panicked.

Big Data - Getting Smarter with Customer Engagement


Can you remember the last time you experienced a customer service call that actually left you satisfied? When a service interaction is seamless, that moment lives on in a customer’s mind—and it sets the expectation for how all future experiences should go.

Rev Up the Pulse of Contact Center Operations


Contact center leaders and managers understand time and resource challenges all too well. Add an ever-increasing need for a great customer experience to the mix, and it’s clear that every advantage is needed to stay competitive.

Driving Holistic Customer Engagement Excellence


As discussed in a recent blog post by Laurie Wickham, the 2017 Verint Engage Global Customer Conference took place recently in Orlando, Florida with attendees from 17 countries and a variety of industries.

Three Simple Ways to Show Your Customers Some Love


This week as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s a good time to remember the role that emotion plays in customer service. If you haven’t, consider how your positive feelings about a brand partly arise from the good feelings you had about a customer service experience—or several of them. In a new article for Contact Center Pipeline , I discuss some simple, practical ways that organizations can demonstrate to their customers that they matter.

Top Workforce Engagement Trends for 2018


Verint’s Ryan Hollenbeck, senior vice president, global marketing, recently spoke with Saddletree Research’s Paul Stockford for Contact Center Pipeline about the major trends in customer engagement for 2018. More than ever, the customer engagement center has become a focal point for automation and shared intelligence.

Verint Speakers: The Value of Customer Experience and Using Web and Social Media Intelligence to Enhance Security


Chief Customer Office Melbourne. Verint’s Martyn Riddle, marketing director, Asia Pacific region, will present “The Contact Centre: Your Secret Weapon in Delivering Exemplary Customer Experiences” at 10:25 a.m. April 4-5; Melbourne, Australia.

Head to the Big D May 14-17 for the Verint Engage Customer Conference


It’s the Verint Engage global customer conference, and registration is underway for this year’s event at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel May 14 – 17. Hear from Holland American Line, PlumChoice, NRG Energy, Allianz Worldwide Partners, Premier Bankcard and Navy Federal Credit Union on how they put Verint solutions to work to better serve their customers. Share your perspectives on doing business with us in the Customer Experience Zone. Inspiration. Professional growth. Networking.

Modernizing the Enterprise with Back Office Automation


In my last post on automation and AI , I discussed how conversational AI-powered intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) are generating a large amount of interest in the customer engagement industry. That post continues a theme that we see in the media every day: organizations are looking at using automation and AI for business and workforce optimization—however, applying these technologies and processes needs to be well thought-out.

Don’t Motivate Today’s Employees with Yesterday’s Strategies


Today’s workforce looks very different than the one from just five years ago. Rapidly changing technology, shifting work-life priorities, and a surprisingly high “disengagement rate” have all collaborated to drive the need for changes—big ones—in the contact center. As such, organizations are walking a fine line as they try to balance costs, customer expectations and employee satisfaction. We all know today’s workforce is changing quickly and dramatically.

June Verint Speakers Focus on the Customer


Verint’s Donna Denehy, enterprise workforce optimization, will present “Have You Listened to Your Customer Today?” She will explore how recording, analytics and customer feedback are all involved in the ongoing transformation of quality.

Employee Engagement and Better Customer Engagement in 2016


While a good bit of the discussion focuses on the customer experience—and it should—providing tools for success to the people who speak daily with your customers should be front and center as well. Everyone is looking for a competitive advantage in 2016.

Connecting the Dots for a Better View of Digital Transformation


This is particularly true of those B2C businesses which are continuously faced with the challenge of engaging with their customers at the right time, across multiple channels—all wrapped in the data-driven context of that customer’s relationship with the business. The importance of connecting the dots behind the scenes means looking at all aspects of the enterprise which are focused on delivering products and services to consumers.

Employee Engagement: Facing the Future Part 2


In my previous blog post , I discussed the rise to prominence of employee engagement in today’s contact center industry. As a reminder, 82 percent of participants in Saddletree Research’s recent survey of end-users ranked employee engagement as a highly important component of their contact center operational strategy. contact center population with a 95 percent confidence level and a margin of error of 3.6

Back Office Workforce Management: The Second Wave


It was in 2011 that the back office first came to our attention at Saddletree Research as a potentially disruptive force in the global contact center industry. had the front office contact center and the back office contact center reporting to the same internal organization.

Webinars: How More Automation = Better Quality, More Engaged Employees


Maybe you haven’t thought about this yet, but are you aware that contact centers are now using automation to modernize quality management? Automation capabilities can actually empower employees and make their lives—and those of your customers—even better. Using technology to automate your quality program—from scoring through coaching—can produce real-life benefits to your quality team, as well as your frontline employees, your customers and your company.

Add Mindfulness to Your Contact Center WFO and IVR Strategies


You may know from personal experience that low-performing, partially effective contact center technologies and overwhelmed customer service employees are not a winning combination. Being mindful with your contact center IVR and WFO strategies can help you get better at the things you care about for your business.

Are You Using All That Workforce Optimization Has to Offer?


A question being asked within many organizations is—how can we deliver better customer experiences? What solutions should we invest in to help achieve customer experience goals and meet customer expectations? This may be true for your organization when it comes to workforce optimization. The latest advances available today may be just what you need to help you achieve your customer experience goals. Enhancing what you have to deliver better experiences.

Transforming the Invisible Back Office into a Competitive Differentiator


For a quarter of a century, contact centers have relied on workforce management software and business processes to bring visibility, transparency and consistency to managing work, capacity and people. Today, sophisticated workforce management solutions not only help contact centers schedule and manage the right number of agents with the appropriate skills, but can also provide visibility into agent performance and productivity, along with cost savings.

Automated Quality Management Drives Objective Evaluations, Job Satisfaction


In 2018, the contact center industry will be all about automation. The groundswell of interest in automating many of the traditionally routine tasks in the contact center is creating a substantial impact on both employee engagement and the customer experience, and we expect this automation groundswell will do nothing but grow in the months and years ahead. contact center industry, and likely the global contact center industry.

The Route to Fully Autonomous AI Self Service Starts at your Contact Center


Human-AI interaction, for years held up as the final frontier, is now giving way to autonomous AI-powered customer self service becoming a part of our daily experience. Why the crowdsourcing of expertise is at the core of deep learning-powered self-service tools.

What’s Holding Back the Contact Center Industry?


Contact centers are like people: We’re all at different stages, chugging along healthily but sometimes faltering along the way. As we begin to look back at 2018, one thing is becoming clear: Not every contact center is created equal. How to Set a Winning Service Level.

Verint Speakers: More Automation and Solving Issues with Communities


Top 5 Best Practices for Extending WFO Beyond the Contact Center. Verint’s Craig Seebach, vice president, workforce optimization strategy, will present this content at 11 a.m. The contact center is often just the start of the customer’s journey. Although news about recent advances in automation technology may be creating employee anxiety, these capabilities can actually empower employees and make their lives—and those of your customers—even better.

The Top Contact Center Trends to Watch in 2019 [White Paper]


No, it’s the top contact center trends to watch for in 2019. As the sun sets on 2018, contact center superheroes should watch for the plots, characters, and villains within them. Social Media as a Contact Center Touchpoint. It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

Tortoise or Hare – Which One Best Describes Your Contact Center?

CSM Magazine

oz contact centers are sometimes too efficient for their own good leading to poor customer service and high agent attrition rates. Here, he explains how to build highly effective teams using workforce. to right-size your contact center.

WFO’s Journey into the Future


The contact center workforce optimization (WFO) market is in transition. Companies large and small need WFO applications to optimize employee performance and to capture and analyze customer insights. The most frequently purchased WFO applications are recording, quality assurance (QA) and workforce management (WFM). billion, as of December 31, 2016, of which the contact center is responsible for $1.6 WFO’s Journey into the Future .