The Secret of Measuring Customer Emotions

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Unless you serve robots exclusively, your customers are humans. Human feelings influence our actions and drive customer behavior. Therefore, you must design a Customer Experience that makes your customers feel a way that drives value for your organization.

The Surprising Secret to Sales Growth

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On rewarding regular customers with promotions to keep them coming back. On improving the customer’s experience at the time of purchase. On customers who are only starting to consider making a purchase. Customers aren’t as loyal as you think they are.

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How is Your Business Dealing with the Paradox of Choice?

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That post-purchase anxiety about a decision is a common affliction for Customers. Reducing choices isn’t the answer though, as customers are attracted by large assortments; i.e. they like the feeling of having an abundance of choice. are ways to ease the customer decision making. .

3 Ways to Use Mobile To Your Advantage

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Chances are, 70% or more of your Customers are reading/Googling/posting on mobile devices about your organization, too. Train customer staff across all channels. Customer-facing staff should know how to use all the channels you have available.

5 Facts to End the ROI Debate on Customer Experience

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For many years, there has been a debate whether you could assign a dollar amount to determine the return on investment for any Customer Experience improvements. Customer Satisfaction results in a higher share price. Keeping Customers results in a high increase in value.

Talking Trash: How Damaged Goods Kill Sales

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I was thinking about this research in the context of our behavioral journey mapping , where we identify customer touchpoints and assess customersemotional reactions at each one. It’s important to be aware of these issues if you want to create a positive customer experience.

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Want More Sales? Give All Your Money Away!

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This year, outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia announced that it would give 100 percent of its Black Friday retail and online sales to grassroots environmental organizations. Sales soared in 2012. It costs far more to acquire new customers than to keep the ones you already have.

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4 Things We Can All Learn from a Retail Customer Experience

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Retailers have been at the forefront for understanding how to use the human brain and emotions to maximize profits from their Customers. Using smells in your Customer Experience is olfactory marketing, and it works. Undertake what we call a Customer Mirror.

Watch A Great Emotional Ad That Is Critically Acclaimed

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Great ads create a great emotional connection, and many times, don’t even involve a product or service. When you evoke emotions that create a good memory based on the content of your ad, you create Customer Expectations for your experience.

How to Make or Break Your Customer Experience

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All the little parts along the way in your experience are what make a Customer experience Customer-Centric. Putting the Customer first in everything you do applies to every part of your organization, from the way you greet them to the way you bill them.

Is ‘Being Human’ With Customers A New Concept? And, Does It Create Emotional, Experiential, Social and Financial Value?

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More than just a buzzword, ‘being human’, especially in brand-building and leveraging customer relationships, has become a buzz-phrase or buzz-concept. The ‘human’ factor, in marketing, communications, positioning, and experience creation through sales, service, and operations now pervades titles of articles, blogs, white papers, and even books. To understand customers, the effective enterprise needs to think in human, emotional terms. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

5 Reasons Your KPIs Are Hurting Your Customer Experience

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Being Customer-Centric requires rewarding those that contribute to Customer-Centricity. Too many organizations are still not rewarding Customer Experience improvement because they don’t measure it. Despite understanding, many organizations still reward on operationally focused Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like sales and productivity. Focusing on rewarding these, however, is not conducive to Customer Centricity. Why Most Customer Experience Programs Fail.

Loyalty Programs!?! We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Loyalty Programs!!!

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Without fear of (much) argument, it’s a fair statement that all companies want, and try to generate and achieve, optimum loyalty from their customer base. They should want this because study after study shows the financial rewards of having loyal customers. Some companies reach this goal through superior value delivery, built on quality products and services and positive, consistent customer experiences. Customer loyalty programs are especially popular among retailers.

The Meteoric Rise Of Content As A Driver of Buyer Behavior, Especially Rich Video: What Does It Mean For Marketers?

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As they are gathering information to help in day-to-day brand decision-making, consumers want, crave, desire, seek, and value content from marketers – as long as it is reasonably altruistic, informative and objective, and minimizes the ‘look of sponsorship’ and the three most readily identifiable sales ‘P’s’: push, pitch, and puff. Beyond video, there’s documented proof of how all elements of content can effectively leverage customer behavior. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

When Marketing’s Goal is to Emotionally Connect with Consumers…Content is the Once and Future King!

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Because, even if they are attracted, visitors won’t have a good usage and emotional experience, and they will be less likely to return or convert. All of this is designed to create and sustain emotionally-based relationships. In other words, consumers may shift back and forth from marketing to sales – and at their individual, emotionally driven whim. The post When Marketing’s Goal is to Emotionally Connect with Consumers…Content is the Once and Future King!

McKinsey Thinks Bland, Generic Loyalty Programs Are Killing Business – And They May Be Right!

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A recent Forbes article by McKinsey (“Making Loyalty Pay: Six Lessons From The Innovators”), showed that, based on the consulting organization’s recent study, loyalty program participation has steadily increased over the past five years (a 10% annual rate of growth), with the average household now having almost 25 memberships ( [link] ) For all of that growing popularity, there are huge questions for marketers: Are the programs contributing to increased sales?

Losing Customers Trust is the Worst Penalty VW Will Face

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I find it beyond belief how large organizations can cheat and lie to their Customers. Because they lied to their Customers. The hope was the Clean Diesel would boost sales in the U.S., which accounts for only about 6% of global sales for the brand. VW is a HUGE brand, and they have just lied to customers. Trust is a basic emotion. It is essential to building Customer loyalty. When will companies learn to stop lying to their Customers?

Service Process vs. Service Experience: Solving the Customer’s Problem vs. Owning the Customer’s Issue

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Whether consumers articulate it or not, or whether it gets measured or not, emotions have become core to experience response and future consumer decisions. In a recent article, Robert Passikoff, CEO of Brand Keys, presented statistics which demonstrate the extent to which consumer response to experiences, and the resultant impact on decision processes, has become emotion-dominant. It is also an essential element of customer-centricity. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

Critical: The Strength Of Customer’s Emotion

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Why the Strength of Customer’s Emotion is Critical. Customersemotions are a critical part of Customer Experience. Our research shows that over 50 percent of a Customer Experience is about customer emotions. Furthermore, we know that emotion drives customer behavior. Having awareness of what emotions your experience evokes when and why is critical to your Customer Experience Outcome.

How To Use Your Customer’s Emotions to Get What You Want

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The idea I often share is that customer emotions influence over half of your Customer Experience. However, just knowing customers are emotional doesn’t help your business….unless What’s more, certain emotions result in the achievement of your business goals.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition with New Advances in CX Marketing

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This podcast discusses the five areas you can address that will change the results you get with your Customer Experience. With a focus on these five key actions, you will not only improve your Customer Experience, but you can also get a jump on the competition in the new year.

For Employees and Customers, Should the Goal Be Higher Engagement or Higher Experience Value?

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Consistently, and irrespective of continent or country, the most effective reps showed true empathy for the customer’s issue, literally “owning” the issue as if it were theirs as well, walking in their shoes. and making a true emotional connection. Blogs Customer Experience

Make This Change – Your Business Depends On It!

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I have led hundreds of successful Customer Experience (CX) program successes. Organizations fail to improve their CX when they lack customer-centricity. Customer-centricity requires you to put the Customer at the center of everything you do. Blogs Customer Experience

Be warned: Is your data failing you?

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CX Data platforms are growing in popularity by those that seek to improve their Customer Experiences. These platforms can provide data management intended to optimize the Customer Experience, not only at a general level but also at a personalized level. It Is Still All About Emotions.

Unbelievable! Reviewers Blamed for Movie Flops!

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This is a classic example of companies blaming other people for their own failure to focus on what customers want. This happens when executives and managers blame poor customer retention on marketing or an ill-trained sales staff. And it happens in everyday customer interactions.

Be Warned: You Can’t Rely On Big Data!

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Journey analytics seeks to improve customer experience by collecting data at each point on a customer’s journey and mapping customers’ paths – whether they lead to a purchase or not. When customers have positive emotions, they feel good about a company in general, building value.

Teams Score Big With Fans And Franchises!

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They have each partnered with a sports franchise in a brilliant play to boost the emotional engagement with the team’s fans. Philadelphia area McDonald’s donate 100% of the income generated from coffee sales to a local youth homeless shelters. However, emotions work the other way, too.

Any Press Is Good Press, Right?

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Berger’s research team looked at The New York Times positive and negative reviews of books and how those review affected sales. They found that there wasn’t a clear answer because, surprisingly, bad reviews didn’t necessarily hurt sales in all cases. Well…It depends!

Apple Stock Drop Reveals the High Price of Worry

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Emotions affect our behavior, more than many of us like to admit. With so much riding on our behavior in a consumer economy, understanding these emotions and how they influence consumer behavior is a key to increasing customer loyalty and retention in our highly competitive market.

Stay Ahead of Your Competition with New Advances in CX Marketing

Beyond Philosophy

This podcast discusses the five areas you can address that will change the results you get with your Customer Experience. With a focus on these five key actions, you will not only improve your Customer Experience, but you can also get a jump on the competition in the new year. Having a record of your return on investment (ROI) for Customer Experience programs is vital. An increase in sales is excellent. But not all ROI is sales-based.

Five Ways to Keep Your CX Program Alive and Well in 2019

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Customer Experience is having some growing pains. However, by adopting a renewed focus on the following five concepts in Customer Experience, you can overcome these challenges, and, perhaps more importantly, stay ahead of the competition. Segment your customers into personas.

C Suites Shudder As Panama Papers Go Online

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Boardrooms across the world are shuddering as the Panama Papers are put online, allowing both employees and Customers to view their integrity – or lack of it! This is another reputational issue which affects the engagement of employees and Customers. Blogs Customer Experience

You Need to Know the TRUTH About Customer Empathy!


We toss the word empathy around these days, especially in customer experience circles. And while most of us agree it’s vital to have and show empathy with customers, many rarely go beyond that in really capturing the touchpoints to understand emotions.

Call Center Software: How to Choose the Best Software (Tips & Best Practices)


Predictive Dialer: An automated calling system, typically used for sales. As you will certainly know, customer service is critical – but you need to ensure that your call center software has the best customer service ever. Customers expect nothing less.

Changing Customer Behavior with a Little Nudge

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Do you nudge your customers? A nudge propels a customer toward the behavior you want – whether it’s purchasing a product, signing up for a subscription or making a repeat visit to a retailer. Have you ever left a retail store after a sales associate approached you for the third time to tell you about a special offer? Getting Customers to Respond. How does this help you nudge customers toward the behavior you want? Let’s look at customer interactions.

The Keys to Unlocking NPS

C Space

Senior Consultant at C Space. is a Senior Consultant in C Space’s Boston office and a core member of our global research team. Christina turns stats to story and is the lead researcher of our 2018 Customer, Experienced. The other parts are customers’ powerful emotional cues.

15 CX Experts Talk about the Future and Challenges of Customer Experience in 2018 [part 2]


The future of customer experience is decided. We asked 15 experts with world reputation in Customer experience the same question and the results might surprise you. Every each of them answered the following questions: How do you see the future of customer experience?

Neglecting Your Contact Centre


This post was originally published on Smith+Co Consultancy’s blog. . For better or worse ‘Customer Experience’ has become one of the most talked about fads in business circles. NONE of these metrics instils a ‘customer experience’ mind-set.

How CX Leadership Training Impact On the Contact Center

Dialer 360

The contextualizes actionable plans make sure customer satisfaction and repeat business. Ultimately customer integrity important in all aspect of training leadership. Customer experience entails every action as the customer has with your business tactics.

Customer Experience Challenges According to 15 CX Experts


Customer experience has been a buzzword for several years and is only heating up. Many companies experience numerous challenges in the ares of customer experience transformation. What are, in your opinion, the top challenges in customer experience that companies should be aware of now?