What is Customer Centricity DNA?


What is Customer Centricity DNA? What is customer-centricity DNA? And centricity means “being situated at the center; a position of central prominence or importance”. Accordingly, customer-centricity DNA means your business is customer-centered in all that it does. Your business can develop customer-centricity DNA. Weave customer-centered thinking and doing in everything everyone does. What is Customer-Centricity DNA?

What Customer-Centric Companies Must Do To Become Customer-Obsessed

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In building relationships with customers, and value for them, my long-time observation is that most organizations tend to progress through several stages of performance as they are becoming truly customer-centric: a) customer awareness, b) customer sensitivity, c) customer focus, and d) customer obsession. Customer Awareness. Customer Sensitivity. Customer Focus. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,


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Customer Centric Processes for Stellar Customer Experience


Customer Centric Processes for Stellar Customer Experience Lynn Hunsaker. All processes within a company have the potential to impact customer experience. However far removed from the customer you perceive a process to be, there is a snowball effect for employees’ (and suppliers’ and partners’) behaviors that can eventually permeate end-users. Customer-facing employees are only as effective as the rest of the company enables them to be.

Customer-Centric Cultures Don’t Just Happen


The same can be said of customer centricity. Customer centricity doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to build a customer-centric culture at your company, then you’d better be able to live with process and incremental improvement. If we boil it down to its essence, there’s a five-step process to customer centricity. Customer-centric culture is a matter of commitment at all levels of your business.

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

INTRODUCTION Business Transformation and Analytics: Driving Change in a Customer-Centric World | 3. understand new sources of customer data and. quickly act to meet new customer expectations. percent) and direct feedback from customers (39. the customer base.

Becoming a Customer-Centric Organization

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The customer-centric mindset entails making major decisions while taking customer needs and customer journeys into account. This responsibility is not limited to the CSM (Customer Success Manager) alone, a company-wide disposition to customer satisfaction is crucial to customer success. This is as a result of greater customer trust which reduces churn, increases renewals, and bolsters user adoption through referrals and testimonials.

CSM Team Performance Metrics That Matter

CSM Practice

A good customer success team drives continuous value to the customer at every point in the customer life-cycle journey. But how do you measure the effectiveness of your customer success team and their playbooks? Customer Financial Metrics.

Meet Janet LeBlanc: Our December 2020 Wall of Fame Honoree

Contact Center Pipeline

Contact Center Pipeline’s AUTHOR WALL OF FAME Janet LeBlanc is President of Janet LeBlanc + Associates, a consulting firm specializing in the design and delivery of a Branded Customer Experience®.

When B2B and B2C Key Performance Metrics Flatline….

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performance metrics flatline and, for all intents and purposes, have little or no granular actionability. Two years ago, they adopted, system-wide, one of the popular single number performance metrics. The company needs to understand the benefits, and overall perceived value, customers seek in the entertainment experience. In over a decade of performance measurement, only key driver (simple regression/correlation) analysis around a single number metric were reported.

B2C 221

Top Priorities in Customer-Centric Contact Centers


Did you miss this Customer Experience Update Webinar from the end of November? Read the transcript below: Nicholas Rodriguez: …the highest priorities for Contact Centers that focus on the customer. So, Talkdesk Enterprise Contact Center empowers companies to make their Customer Experience a competitive advantage. Over 1,400 innovative enterprises around the world with thousands of seats including IBM, Acxiom and Zumiez rely on Talkdesk to power their customer interaction.

8 Customer Experience Metric Silos Mask Momentum


8 Customer Experience Metric Silos Mask Momentum Lynn Hunsaker. Metrics selection can be the most pivotal decision you make in your customer experience management strategy. The trick to successful metrics selection is to connect the dots between cause-and-effect. That’s why customer experience metric silos mask momentum as either an understatement or an overstatement of reality. Reveal reality to propel progress in customer experience achievements.

Top 20 Customer Success Consultants in 2020


Customer success consultants are an experienced and established party with a primary objective to serve the customer success niche. The members of the customer success consultation zero in on developing a strong foundation for the domain to dwell and accelerate.

Study: Executives Are Delusional About Customer-Centricity

Toister Performance Solutions

There's a famous statistic that 80 percent of executives believed their organization delivered a superior customer experience, but only 8 percent of customers agreed. A 2017 study by Capgemini Consulting sought to provide updated insight into the so-called executive disconnect. Executives still believe they are doing well, with 75 percent saying their organization is customer-centric. Just 30 percent of customers agree. What are your customers doing?

Why Mindfulness Belongs in Your Call Center

Customer Centric Support

Customer service and contact center staff need the tools to reduce stress, increase focus and productivity, as much, if not more than the average office worker. Better metrics, happier customers and more engaged agents are results we all want to know more about. Customer Satisfaction – Employee satisfaction directly correlates to your customer’s satisfaction. Arguably, the customers who interact with them benefit as much as they do.

A Simple Guide to Renewal Rate Metric

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However, the health of the recurring revenue is not dependent on new customers only, but also the renewal rate of existing customers. It also allows them to focus on other income-generating processes like expansion or acquiring new customers. Customer Renewal Rate.

How to Define Your Priorities and Build a Plan for Customer Centricity


The final discipline of growth banking is all about listening and acting on feedback from your customers. This discipline requires an understanding of measure and metrics. And it starts with the decision to either build or buy a Voice of the Customer solution for your own organization. But it's important to note: having customer data and following up with individual customer and employee feedback is not enough to move your overall Net Promoter or Customer Loyalty scores.

5 Facts to End the ROI Debate on Customer Experience

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For many years, there has been a debate whether you could assign a dollar amount to determine the return on investment for any Customer Experience improvements. At times (more in the “old days” but every now and then it happens in present times) we’ve literally have been accused of “having religion;” i.e., believing in Customer Experience (CX) without proof and asked to show the value of CX. Customer Satisfaction results in a higher share price.

The Evolving Chief Customer Officer: Identifying Value, Authority, Scope, Responsibilities, and Strategic Direction Within the Enterprise

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In the past decade, we’ve seen the number of companies with an individual in the role of Chief Customer Officer (CCO) – nicely defined by Wikipedia as “the executive responsible for the total relationship with an organization’s customers” – grow from under 100 to thousands today. They are; Customer Experience and Value Optimization. Customer Insight, Data and Action Generation. Customer-related decision making is now knowledge-based, replacing intuition and guesswork.

Customer Success Team Performance Metrics That Matter

CSM Practice

A good customer success team drives continuous value to the customer at every point in the customer life-cycle journey. But how do you measure the effectiveness of your customer success team and their playbooks? Customer Financial Metrics.

Customer Success Team Performance Metrics That Matter

CSM Practice

A good customer success team drives continuous value to the customer at every point in the customer life-cycle journey. But how do you measure the effectiveness of your customer success team and their playbooks? Customer Financial Metrics.

McKinsey Thinks Bland, Generic Loyalty Programs Are Killing Business – And They May Be Right!

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A recent Forbes article by McKinsey (“Making Loyalty Pay: Six Lessons From The Innovators”), showed that, based on the consulting organization’s recent study, loyalty program participation has steadily increased over the past five years (a 10% annual rate of growth), with the average household now having almost 25 memberships ( [link] ) For all of that growing popularity, there are huge questions for marketers: Are the programs contributing to increased sales? Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

How to Use the CSAT Metric in Your CX Program


Let’s talk about customer satisfaction. . In customer experience (CX) terms, we often dismiss Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) measurement as too simple. Great customer experiences are created by designing and understanding the end-to-end journey of your customer, from before they are aware of your brand all the way through to when they leave you or become your greatest advocate. . CX shouldn’t ever be measured by one metric alone.

How to Use Phone Metrics to Make Better Business Decisions


Phone metrics inform data-driven decisions. In the era of Big Data and data-driven decisions, phone metrics can act as an invaluable measure of customer service. Previously, only the top dogs in any industry had access to phone metrics. The most helpful phone metrics to track. When mining phone metrics for those key measures that will improve decision making, start with: Call volume. Tips to making better business decisions using phone metrics. #1.

5 Tips For Providing Quality Customer Service Training


Great customer service starts with making great hires. Providing excellent customer service has never been more critical. According to a recent marketing report by Gartner , 89% of businesses are now expected to compete on customer experience alone , compared to only 36% just a few years prior. So, how can you provide a great training experience for your customer service team? For example, Amazon strives to be ‘Earth’s most customer-centric company.’

Ways to Successfully Transform Your Workplace

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Creating a customer centric workplace is no easy task, but it is necessary if you want your employees to deliver the best customer experience possible. As the name suggests, the customer centric approach to the workplace asserts customers are the most important component of any company’s success. If you are ready to reap the previously mentioned customer centric workplace benefits, here are five ways to successfully transform your workplace.

How to Find Your Customer Experience Metric


Most of them measure customer experience with some widely used metric – most commonly Net Promoter Score. But there are still some companies who don’t measure customer experience at all. Some of them are laggards and fully aware that customer experience is one of their major weaknesses. Many of these companies are suffering from a disease I have diagnosed as the metric anxiety. Do you suffer from metric anxiety? Learn about the metric that we use.

How to Solve Customer Experience Silos


How to Solve Customer Experience Silos Lynn Hunsaker. Customer experience silos are kryptonite, weakening your super-friendly staff, touch-points and designs. Smooth customer experiences require silo-solving across the customer journey. If your company wants to become a customer experience super-power, standing out in your industry and reaping those financial advantages, silo-solving must be predominant in your customer experience strategy.

How to Ensure Customer Experience is a Key Element of Your Business Strategy 


This month, in my exclusive column for CustomerThink, I continue to explore in detail my perspective on seven ‘tips’ that will enable any organisation to become genuinely customer centric. Engaging your people in playing a key role in improving the customer experience is one thing, but what if customer experience is not actually a key element of the business strategy in the first place? but also customer driven ones (loyalty, satisfaction, effort etc.…).

New Data Reveals How Critical Customer Service KPIs are Enhanced by Visual Assistance Technology


For years, companies have battled to strike the right balance between customer service KPIs. Focusing on one metric would often harm others. For example, heavy emphasis on low AHT would often negatively impact customer satisfaction. Conversely, when trying to improve NPS, agents would often spend additional time building relationships with their customers, driving up call durations. Customer Service KPIs – The Results.

20/20 Vision: The Best Advice for Contact Centers in 2020 – The Experts Weigh In


Every year we ask: What can contact centers do to bolster their productivity, efficiency, and customer service offerings in the future? Well, it’s that time once again: We invited some of the top contact center experts from Ada , J Arnold and Associates , The Belding Group , Calzilla , Expivia , and other vibrant CX and CS avenues to offer us and you, our dear readership, their best pieces of advice for contact centers in this increasingly complex customer age.

Amazing Business Radio: Vibhas Ratanjee


Emotional Engagement and Customer Centricity. How to Drive Customer and Employee Engagement for a Better Customer Experience. They discuss strategies for building customer centricity and emotional engagement. Give your customers a voice in your company.

Are Popular Customer Experience Metrics Just “Immature”, Or Do They Have Bigger Challenges?

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Based on insights from the Temkin Group report’s State of CX Metrics, 2015, a recent LinkedIn infographic post by CXPA co-founder Bruce Temkin labeled customer experience metrics as “Immature, But Improving”. Lack of taking action based on CX metrics (57%). Poor communication of CX metrics (41%). Lack of resources for tracking CX metrics (39%). – Too little compensation tied to CX metrics (36%). The 4 Most Important Customer Experience Metrics.

Customer Experience Handoff Silos are the Heart of Success


Customer Experience Handoff Silos are the Heart of Success Lynn Hunsaker. One of the most profound discoveries from customer experience journey mapping is interdependencies across data, systems, channels, processes and people. Customers experience our companies horizontally. Accordingly, smooth handoffs between departments can make all the difference in poor versus great customer experience. Interdependencies are horizontal along the customer experience journey.

Is the Golden Rule Part of Your Customer Experience Strategy?


Suffice it to say, insult-laden receipts aren’t among our customer experience best practices. Sometimes customer experience strategy can be simple. Customer Experience Best Practice: Foster Relationships. customers , who purchase products and services. With this perspective, customers are a means to an end. And employees and consultants who operate under such leaders take this point of view (i.e., Customer Experience Best Practice: Clarity of Purpose.

What is Customer Experience Ecosystem?


What is Customer Experience Ecosystem? Recent snafus caused by faulty customer experience ecosystem management include United Airlines dragging a paying customer out of his seat and off the plane per a random drawing of passengers to make room for a flight crew to fly on that overbooked flight. And Wells Fargo employees creating phony accounts for customers in order to meet an internal goal of 8 accounts per customer. What is: Customer Experience Strategy?

How Do You Get the CEO to Care About Customers?

Chip Bell

It is a question I get a lot from customer service leaders. They are convinced there is a missed tactic that, if implemented, would have the C-suite camping out in the contact center and inviting customers to board meetings. I was working as a consultant with Victoria’s Secret. The head of marketing asked to get some time with me on one of my consulting visits to corporate headquarters in Columbus, OH. We can’t get Les to seriously consider the view of our customers.”.

REI and Balancing Sales and Customer Experience Improvement


Sales or Customer Experience? Through the lens of his personal experience, the ex-employee asked : “If REI is focused on customer experience and a co-op style of business, why are employees only being measured by membership sales?”. This scenario brings up two of our focuses at PeopleMetrics—the prospect-to-customer experience and customer experience metrics. And what metrics will enable that support? Improving Customer Experience through Measurement.

Sales 68

Solving System Silos for Customer Experience Excellence


Solving System Silos for Customer Experience Excellence Lynn Hunsaker. The irony of technology is that it’s often marketed as customer experience management , yet it inevitably creates its own set of customer experience snafus. System silos are necessary for efficiency and effectiveness in processing certain types of data and operations for certain parts of the customer life cycle and for certain parts of the value delivery cycle. Don’t over-customize a system.

Australian Banking and Financial Institutions Need a Seismic Shift in Culture

Noble Systems

Institutions that have drawn criticism from the royal commission for being motivated by greed must refocus their energy on treating customers fairly and balancing customer needs with those of the business. This transformation may require a radical change in strategy from one that is primarily revenue and profit-driven, to one that is customer-centric and focuses first on achieving an extraordinary customer experience. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT).

Education, Education, Education – the real need for developing Customer Experience learning


As we approach the end of another calendar year, like many Customer Experience Specialists, I am asked a number of ‘annual cyclical’ questions that ask for my opinion on a number of things. One of those things is related to my key Customer Experience learning’s for the year. Customer Experience is a classic example of a subject that has arrived very late into the international world of business. The ‘random’ Customer Experience!