Customer Centric Employee Engagement


Customer Centric Employee Engagement Lynn Hunsaker. Organizations that are centered around their customers know that it’s not a part-time role. To truly be customer-centric , everyone company-wide needs to have a deep understanding of the customer’s world. Here are some great examples of companies whose customers agree are doing a superior job at being customer-centric.

Customer Centric Employee Engagement


Customer Centric Employee Engagement Lynn Hunsaker. Organizations that are centered around their customers know that it’s not a part-time role. To truly be customer-centric , everyone company-wide needs to have a deep understanding of the customer’s world. And beyond this sharp awareness, everyone needs to be constant in their personal alignment with the customer’s world, exemplified by their decision-making and behaviors.


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Customer Centric Action Plans


Customer Centric Action Plans Lynn Hunsaker. Monitoring voice of the customer is one thing, but can all your employees name the customers’ top ten wish list? Barclays’ personal performance reviews include a strategic satisfaction index, which includes a retrospective 3-month comparison to other banks and continuous improvement of the customers’ top ten wish list.

When Employee Engagement Goes Wrong

CSM Magazine

Companies who truly want to build an engaged workforce must look at employee connection and involvement. We all have been part of an ’employee engagement’ initiative, whether an individual program or a full-fledged organizational imperative. Many times, these programs become a flash-in-the-pan, not truly geared towards building a healthy organizational culture, but a reaction to when employees are disengaging and attrition numbers are up.

Employee Ambassadorship: CX Focus Built On Neither Employee Satisfaction Nor Employee Engagement

Beyond Philosophy

Whenever the subject of employee satisfaction and engagement arises, it is often difficult to differentiate between them. If you believe that “a satisfied employee IS an engaged employee.” These employees start their work day, they perform their job at acceptable levels, and they go home. Although satisfied employees are generally supportive of the business, they likely won’t go beyond doing the basics of their job descriptions.

Are You Deliberate with Your Customer Strategy or Just Taking a Chance?

Beyond Philosophy

Customer centricity requires strategy to cultivate a culture that puts the Customer at the center of everything you do. As the third in our series of nine posts looking at the different parts of the organization contributing to Customer centricity, let’s look at: Customer Strategy. Naïve companies are the least customer-focused and Natural companies are the most customer-focused. Creating a Deliberate Customer Experience in Your Strategy.

Do You Harness the Power of Habit in Your Marketing Yet?

Beyond Philosophy

When they saw these purchases in the customer’s history, they decided that they would begin the targeted campaign to these women. “ Most of the time, what we do, is what we do most of the time”. This is former F1 champion Lewis Hamilton stopping in the wrong team’s garage to change tires.

“U.S. Employee Engagement Reaches Three-Year High.” Where Customer Experience and Value Delivery Are Concerned, Shouldn’t We Ask: ‘So What?’

Beyond Philosophy

A recent article by a major employee research and engagement consulting organization led with the above headline. They were reporting on results of their national workforce tracking poll, the highlight of which was that employee engagement had risen 1.2% between January and February, 2015 (to 32.9%) and that this new level was the highest engagement rate reported in the past three years. Employee Engagement Reaches Three-Year High.”

5 Facts to End the ROI Debate on Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

For many years, there has been a debate whether you could assign a dollar amount to determine the return on investment for any Customer Experience improvements. At times (more in the “old days” but every now and then it happens in present times) we’ve literally have been accused of “having religion;” i.e., believing in Customer Experience (CX) without proof and asked to show the value of CX. Customer Satisfaction results in a higher share price.

Why Mindfulness Belongs in Your Call Center

Customer Centric Support

Customer service and contact center staff need the tools to reduce stress, increase focus and productivity, as much, if not more than the average office worker. Better metrics, happier customers and more engaged agents are results we all want to know more about. More importantly, the corporate leadership gained an understanding of how important investing in their employee’s overall emotional health and sense of purpose is to company culture.

3 Examples of Change for the Better in Airlines

Beyond Philosophy

There have been many great stories in the past couple of months about airlines doing what was right by their Customers. We can all learn a little about Customer centricity when we look at these examples from three major carriers in the US. Southwest Attacks Its Late Problem Head-on with Its Customers. Southwest Airlines is a great Customer-centric airline with excellent employee engagement. Should 4% of Customers Dictate Strategy?

Is ‘Being Human’ With Customers A New Concept? And, Does It Create Emotional, Experiential, Social and Financial Value?

Beyond Philosophy

More than just a buzzword, ‘being human’, especially in brand-building and leveraging customer relationships, has become a buzz-phrase or buzz-concept. To understand customers, the effective enterprise needs to think in human, emotional terms. To make the brand or company more attractive, and have more impact on customer decision-making, there must be an emphasis on creating more perceived value and more personalization. Are customer experiences ‘human’ and branded?

Top Priorities in Customer-Centric Contact Centers


Did you miss this Customer Experience Update Webinar from the end of November? Read the transcript below: Nicholas Rodriguez: …the highest priorities for Contact Centers that focus on the customer. So, Talkdesk Enterprise Contact Center empowers companies to make their Customer Experience a competitive advantage. Over 1,400 innovative enterprises around the world with thousands of seats including IBM, Acxiom and Zumiez rely on Talkdesk to power their customer interaction.

5 Reasons Your KPIs Are Hurting Your Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

Being Customer-Centric requires rewarding those that contribute to Customer-Centricity. Too many organizations are still not rewarding Customer Experience improvement because they don’t measure it. Focusing on rewarding these, however, is not conducive to Customer Centricity. 5 Reasons Your Current KPIs Are Hurting Your Customer Experience. The ratio is off between internal and Customer measures.

What Does The Scottish Independence Vote Have to Do with Customer Experience?

Beyond Philosophy

Before I explain what I mean by that and how it has to do with Customer Experience, however, let me first tell you where I was born. 2] The study found price increases had twice the effect on customer switching, compared to price decreases.”. How is this applicable to Customer Experience? Well, Loss Aversion is applicable to Customer Experience as well. Regardless, the public outcry was huge because Customers felt they were losing something.

Fireside Chat: Command Alkon on Creating a Customer-Centric Culture

Satrix Solutions

For Command Alkon, gathering customer feedback on the direction of the company and its efforts for delivering an A+ customer experience is a top priority. To keep the focus on customers, the company partnered with Satrix Solutions to manage its Voice of the Customer ( VoC) program. Here’s our interview with Leo Marthe, Director of Customer Success, on how the company has been able to achieve VoC success. Our goal is deliver an A+ Customer Experience.

How to Make or Break Your Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

All the little parts along the way in your experience are what make a Customer experience Customer-Centric. Putting the Customer first in everything you do applies to every part of your organization, from the way you greet them to the way you bill them. Overlook this, however, and you are not likely to end up with the Customer focus you seek. Naïve companies are the least customer-focused and Natural companies are the most customer-focused.

Like Just About All of Their Customers… I LOVE Wegmans!!!

Beyond Philosophy

For anyone who appreciates a truly customer-centric organization, one that is invested in its stellar reputation for ongoing trust and value creation, customer experience optimization and building employee ambassadorship, Wegmans is the company to emulate. sorry for the rest of you that don’t have a Wegmans nearby), has succeeded in creating an almost cult-like bond with its customers. Wegmans invests a tremendous amount in employee training.

When B2B and B2C Key Performance Metrics Flatline….

Beyond Philosophy

The company needs to understand the benefits, and overall perceived value, customers seek in the entertainment experience. As basic customer experience processes were improved, the metric flatlined, offering no opportunity for further enhancement or competitive advantage. A new, more real world research protocol focusing on bonding behavior offered this company a means to understand the relationship between customer attitudes and behaviors, and business outcomes.

B2C 221

Five Proven Ways to Increase Your ROI, By the #1 Attraction on Trip Advisor

Beyond Philosophy

Downie would tell you that it wasn’t his goal to be #1 on Trip Advisor, but instead to be the best experience for their Customers that they could. At the time they began their Customer Experience improvement process, the concept was relatively new and largely untested. Downie compares their journey to “driving a snowplow for Customer Experience in Scotland.” Embracing the emotional parts of the Customer Experience right from the start.

Philosophies to Improve Your Customer Experience in 2015

Beyond Philosophy

I dedicate my career to helping organizations take their current Customer Experience to the next level, or Beyond the Philosophy of it and into the “real world.”. A Customer Experience is a blend of an organization’s rational performance, the senses stimulated and the emotions evoked and intuitively measured against Customer expectations across all moments of contact. Philosophy #2: Your Customer Experience drives value for your organization. .

Making Optimal Customer Experience A Focus of Your Company’s (And Your) Thinking and Doing: The Case for Foundation and Advanced CEM Training

Beyond Philosophy

Many b2b and b2c companies offer antiseptic, commoditized, vanilla experiences for customers. Some, through culture, discipline, and purpose have succeeded in creating consistent, positive experiences which are appealing to customers and which customers consider worthy of passing along through informal conversation and recommendation. Most brands and corporations get by on transactional approaches to customer relationships. Seven key customer experience questions.

Leadership During the Pandemic: Guest Post by Rachel Dreyfus

The Petrova Experience

Most Positive Outcomes from Phase 1 of the Pandemic: Communications have become more frequent, inclusive of more levels and more compassionate, i.e., “human-centric”. Customer-centric Culture employee engagement leadership organizational culture tips

What is Customer Experience Collaboration?


What is Customer Experience Collaboration? Collaboration like this across your entire company is what’s needed to win customer experience championships. The trophy is sustained growth in all of the following: revenue, profit, market share, share of wallet, customer lifetime value, organizational nimbleness and capabilities. Remember the last complaint you heard from a customer? Customer experience excellence requires 360-degree collaboration.

Customer Experience Handoff Silos are the Heart of Success


Customer Experience Handoff Silos are the Heart of Success Lynn Hunsaker. One of the most profound discoveries from customer experience journey mapping is interdependencies across data, systems, channels, processes and people. Customers experience our companies horizontally. Accordingly, smooth handoffs between departments can make all the difference in poor versus great customer experience. Interdependencies are horizontal along the customer experience journey.

Training Customer Service Reps: Best Practices to Form a Loving and Successful Environment


Good training teaches employees in the customer service realm how to handle complex customer issues in the most efficient and customer-friendly way possible. This is important, as customer service is the touchstone for all kinds of customer-facing interactions. If you are in a customer service training scenario, you will undoubtedly be taught how to deal with issues brought to you via customer interactions. Consult.

Guest Post: Leaders Need to Show, Not Just Say

Shep Hyken

She writes about how leaders can lead by example and model the change that they wish to see from their employees. Let employees know what is changing, why it’s changing, how it will impact them and what they do (differently) on a daily basis, and how they will be involved.

Lessons from 10 Years Working in Public Service Social Customer Care

Russel Lolacher

Ten years of leading a provincial government team in web services and social customer care has been a challenging and rewarding experience. So here’s just a bit of what I’ve learned so far: What I’ve Learned…about Public Engagement.

Breaking Down Silos for Customer Experience Management


Breaking Down Silos for Customer Experience Management. Since customers see their experience as a horizontal series of steps (journey), are silos of experts across the company negatively affecting customer experience? We’ve all been through the wringer in our own role as customers and found ourselves in a bewildering maze: "That’s not handled by us; so-and-so will have to take care of you." For retailers, customer experience more than the store and the people.

Episode #13 – Building a People-First Culture at Work

Russel Lolacher

In this episode of Relationships at Work, Russel chats with author and consultant Annette Franz , on the importance of focusing on the workplace and build a people-first culture in your organization. Now, the podcast, of course, is all about employee engagement and employee experience.

CEO’s Guide to Growth through Customer Experience Engagement


CEO’s Guide to Growth through Customer Experience Engagement Lynn Hunsaker. Customer experience engagement is a growth strategy. It’s the aim of Net Promoter Score®, CRM, loyalty programs, experiential marketing and so forth — rallying customers toward purchase volume, referrals and long-term relationships. It’s a never-ending hamster-wheel to entice engagement. Customer experience is customers’ realities compared to their expectations.

Driving Holistic Customer Engagement Excellence


As discussed in a recent blog post by Laurie Wickham, the 2017 Verint Engage Global Customer Conference took place recently in Orlando, Florida with attendees from 17 countries and a variety of industries. Attendees hosted sessions and exchanged best practices on topics including voice of the customer, desktop and process analytics, automation/robotics, employee engagement, quality management, back-office and branch operations, compliance recording and workforce management.

How to Solve Customer Experience Silos


How to Solve Customer Experience Silos Lynn Hunsaker. Customer experience silos are kryptonite, weakening your super-friendly staff, touch-points and designs. Smooth customer experiences require silo-solving across the customer journey. If your company wants to become a customer experience super-power, standing out in your industry and reaping those financial advantages, silo-solving must be predominant in your customer experience strategy.

10 Ways to Reduce Call Center Attrition and Improve Agent Engagement


Cramped in a cubicle for 9-10 hours a day, leashed to a desktop, answering calls of angry and frustrated customers, and getting paid $10/hour is not exactly a lucrative profile. Call center agents and employees have high rates of burnout, poor performance, turnover and many ask why. There are call centers that truly understand the challenging work of agents, and recognize ways to engage and inspire agents to counter the undesirable impacts. By Francis Cyriac.

Amazing Business Radio: Vibhas Ratanjee


Emotional Engagement and Customer Centricity. How to Drive Customer and Employee Engagement for a Better Customer Experience. They discuss strategies for building customer centricity and emotional engagement.

What is the Real Cost of Employee Experience?

The Petrova Experience

There are two types of leaders (and organizations) that stand to benefit most from improving employee experience. The first kind have 40% or higher turnover and think their frontline employees have a culture problem. Selling the CFO on Employee Experience.

Bad Feedback Is the Best Feedback. Are You Listening For It?

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

As an employer, you need to provide oodles of feedback to employees to ensure they know what they’re doing, what they’re supposed to be doing, what they’re doing well and what they could be doing better. Bad feedback from employees and customers alike provides a way to prevent little annoyances from becoming reasons for good people to leave you. Collecting and then reporting bad feedback to clients about things that harm their customer experience.

Agent Empowerment: Putting Firstline Employees First in the Contact Center

Noble Systems

But despite innovations like omnichannel and artificial intelligence, the importance of providing firstline employees with the tools to deliver optimal customer experiences has not changed. In its “ The Future of the Contact Center in 2019 ” report, CCW writes that customer contact leaders believe “the best way forward is to make sure the heart of customer centricity is not left in the past,” and that in 2019, they will emphasize agent “empowerment.”

What is Customer Experience Ecosystem?


What is Customer Experience Ecosystem? Recent snafus caused by faulty customer experience ecosystem management include United Airlines dragging a paying customer out of his seat and off the plane per a random drawing of passengers to make room for a flight crew to fly on that overbooked flight. And Wells Fargo employees creating phony accounts for customers in order to meet an internal goal of 8 accounts per customer. What is Customer-Centricity DNA?

Agent Empowerment: Putting Firstline Employees First in the Contact Center

Noble Systems

But despite innovations like omnichannel and artificial intelligence, the importance of providing firstline employees with the tools to deliver optimal customer experiences has not changed. In its “ The Future of the Contact Center in 2019 ” report, CCW writes that customer contact leaders believe “the best way forward is to make sure the heart of customer centricity is not left in the past,” and that in 2019, they will emphasize agent “empowerment.”