Super-Agents Are Real (Blog #4)

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Today, the biggest challenge facing global service organizations and traditional contact centers is delivering a quality of service experience in line with the expectations of the modern customer – one that keeps the customer satisfied and instills loyalty to their brand.

How Can You Increase Your Contact Center Service Level?

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People who never been in the contact center or has worked, don’t know types of contact center services. But the most significant thing is how you can improve the level of call center service? But some of knowledgeable observe and make it on top level with their best services. Else, other reason may be as they wish to inquire about specific product service as they want to avail. What Is A Call Center Service Level?


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Defining WFO. (Hint – It’s Not Just About Workforce Management)

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If you’re a contact center manager, you’ve probably heard a lot about how to manage and engage your workforce with WFM and WFO – especially recently. What is Workforce Management (WFM)? Workforce Management. Quality Management.

Contact Center Metrics, Why Do They Matter?

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We are all familiar with the maxim that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”, and it is certainly true. Organizational reporting, by its very nature, aggregates the performance below the organizational level. The queue reports will aggregate the shift and team performance while the team level reporting aggregates the individual Agent performance. The ‘C Suite’ does not need to know which Agent has the lowest quality score or the highest FCR rate.

Why is ZOOM an NPS® Promoter?

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In the day to day operations of many contact centers, we focus on traditional operational metrics, such as service level, talk time and adherence. We are accustomed to “staying in our lane” and managing to targets that are 100% under our control including customer satisfaction surveys that are solely focused on a specific contact center conversation – rather than the entire customer experience. Is your goal to hit contact center metrics?

Gain Efficiency and Empower Agents with Cloud

NICE inContact

NICE inContact CXone call center software helps contact center managers deliver great customer experiences, engage contact center agents, and reduce costs. CXone provides unified administration that simplifies contact center management. It offers integrated tools to drive and empower agents, elevating performance and enabling contact center managers to quickly respond to meet or exceed their service level agreements (SLA).

9 Contact Center Best Practices for 2020 (and Actionable Tips)


As call volume, customer anxiety and agent stress all still soar, what you once managed can now feel overwhelmingly un-manageable. Monitor agent calls for coaching opportunities. Smart Quality Management. Unified, Omnichannel Service.

New Ways to Think About Contact Center Quality Monitoring

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Contact center managers know that quality monitoring and management is necessary to maintain or improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). It can be difficult, however, to tie contact center contributions to CSAT and then to resulting dollars, making it even more difficult to justify needed quality management investments. Improving contact center quality is one of those activities that deliver perpetual benefits. The Role of Quality Management.

How WFM Tools Create Success for Omnichannel Contact Centers


We’ll reveal how a modern workforce management (WFM) solution built with the digital customer in mind helps you get there. In a Zendesk CX survey , 93% of consumers said they would spend more with companies that offered them their preferred way to reach customer service.

Self-Scheduling: The Answer to Agent Stress in Modern Omnichannel Contact Centres

CSM Magazine

With stress levels in contact centres as a constant, Magnus Geverts at Calabrio discusses how to balance the needs of employees and the business with a fresh approach to agent self-scheduling. Customer Service Articles

Are Remote Agents the Future of Contact Centers?

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The lasting impacts of COVID-19 are unknown but the accelerated shift to the remote call center workforce management is likely to endure. Suffice it to say, remote call center workforce management was gaining steam. Workforce, management and customer experience challenges remain.

3 Scary Customer Service Tricks and How to Treat Your Customers to Better CX Beyond Halloween


In fact, according to industry data—and anecdotal evidence from the contact center leaders we talk to every day—consumer expectations and the service levels they demand are only increasing. And that makes scary customer service potentially more damaging than ever. Yet, Halloween-like horror stories of bad customer service have become perennial social and mainstream media headlines. Bad customer service doesn’t have to reach epic—or tragic—proportions to be frightening.

Contact Center Workplaces Are in the Midst of a Renaissance

DMG Consulting

It’s time for contact center management and business practices to transition and align with the requirements of the general working population who expect fair treatment, recognition, and compensation. Figure 1: Workforce Optimization/Workforce Engagement Management Suite.

A Connected Enterprise – 3 Ways to Turn Theory into Practice

CSM Magazine

We discovered how Connected Enterprises enjoy far higher levels of workforce and customer engagement than their peers. At the same time, they share a unique opportunity to raise the profile of their customer service team or contact centre. Customer Service Articles

The Four Call Center Dashboard Metrics Your Executive Team Needs to See


Transparency is key when you’re managing a successful team. A customized dashboard offers many benefits : Focused insights to improve training and coaching methods Compiled data to improve decision making Transparency to increase agent productivity Clarity around team goals and benchmarks.

Want to Elevate Customer Experience? Start by Driving Down Agent Stress


For contact center agents, ambitious performance metrics, monotonous tasks and challenging customer interactions ratchet up the job-related stress levels. So, if you’re looking for ways to address your contact center’s—and organization’s—biggest priorities, take a closer look at the stress levels of your agents. Quality management can help by monitoring and evaluating agents’ interactions with customers by recording calls and capturing agents’ desktop screens for ongoing evaluation.

How Contact Center Agent Burnout Decreases Productivity (And What You Can Do About It)


Agent burnout directly harms the quality of customer service your business provides and significantly hurts your company’s bottom line. When you hire and onboard agents and managers with intention and care, you increase your chances of creating a positive and empowering culture.

Why You Need to Measure Customer Experience in Your Contact Center


If you take the journey from providing good enough customer service to delivering great experiences, and measure your progress with actionable customer experience metrics, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the competition. Uncategorized Contact Center Management Measuring Customer Experience

What is Call Center Performance Management?


What is Performance Management? Call Center Performance Management is a program, generally led by a contact center operations manager, dedicated to calculating and improving the performance of contact center agents. Performance Management generally requires a number of tools like call recording , quality monitoring , coaching , and gamification. That’s where leveraging contact center performance management software can help.

Gain Efficiency and Empower Agents with Cloud

NICE inContact

NICE inContact CXone call center software helps contact center managers deliver great customer experiences, engage contact center agents, and reduce costs. CXone provides unified administration that simplifies contact center management. It offers integrated tools to drive and empower agents, elevating performance and enabling contact center managers to quickly respond to meet or exceed their service level agreements (SLA).

Don’t Let your Customer Service Experience Suffer: Give Agents Better Visibility into Metrics and Daily Progress with 3 Sample Call Center Wallboards and Dashboards


On the flip side, a study out of The Strategic Journal of Business & Change Management linked KPIs to better work. The study showed teams who worked towards a clear, shared set of service KPIs were more engaged and productive at work. If you’re not making metrics and real-time data clear and digestible for your team, you’re putting your customer service experience at risk. While you have your agents top-of-mind, get actionable tactics to coach and develop your team.

4 trends to underpin future hybrid working

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It has fundamentally changed how we work, especially in the customer service industry. Others, who relied solely on on-premise solutions were forced to reduce the service they offered (such as shutting particular channels) or hastily cobble together workarounds that gave some access to those working remotely. Quality management systems. They require up-to-date visibility of call queues to ensure service levels are met, if necessary by adding more resources.

Essential Technologies in Call Center Workforce Management

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The two qualities can also create a competitive advantage, which is key priority for growing organizations. Monet Software predicts in their study that call centers using workforce management systems generally experience a minimum reduction of 2% for staff hours with an average potential savings in the 5-10% range. With workforce management it is generally expected that at least 25% of the time currently devoted to manual input can be saved. AI helps in quality assurance.

6 KPIs to Guarantee Success from Your Outsource Call Center

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This includes ensuring the agents receive the proper training, quality management, and calibrations to drive high-level performance. The following are six major KPIs to use as a starting point to effectively manage your outsource call center. So, how do you ensure that your outsource call center agents will provide customer service that will yield great reviews from your clients or customers? 2) Inbound Call Center Service Levels. 5) Call Quality.

7 Things Great Call Center Managers do Every Day


Not for the weak at heart, only some call center managers have the grace, tenacity, and skills to handle the extreme pressures of the contact center manager’s job. Below we look into some of the things call center managers must do every day to be successful, along with tips on how to execute them. Our 7 tips for great call center management are: Talk to Your Support Agents. What do great call center managers do? callcenter #management Click To Tweet.

5 Ways to Optimize and Enhance your Contact Center with Cloud Technology

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It’s no secret that quality customer interactions are the foundation of customer experience and investing in customer experience technologies is a priority for companies to win, support, and retain customers. For contact centers, this generally means interaction recording, live monitoring, quality management and coaching, analytics, workforce management, or a combination of these activities. Focus on quality management.