Why Do Agents Go Off Script? Mistakes vs Improvisation


When agents make mistakes on calls that lead to negative outcomes, it’s because they forget what to say and should be coached. When agents intentionally go off script, it’s because they are improvising to get a better call outcome and should be encouraged. Why Agents Go Off Script.

Sales Coaching: How To Accelerate Your Sales Team’s Success?


It involves continuous efforts to coach and better sales teams. Sales coaching plays a key role in raising a high-performing team of sales representatives. But statistics show that with excellent sales coaching, sales teams can attain 91% attainment of sales quota.

Sales 52

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The Complete Sales Coaching Guide: Tips and Techniques from Sales Leaders


It involves a continuous practice of coaching sales teams. In fact, sales coaching plays a role in raising a high-performing team of sales reps. But statistics show that with sales coaching, sales teams are able to attain 91% attainment of sales quota. What is Sales Coaching?

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KPI Series: Reducing Manager Requests and Escalations


When managers have to interact with customers due to an escalation, it pulls them away from agent coaching, training, and other duties that can help reduce other escalations. Training also requires coaching on handling escalations. Use Real-Time Coaching.

55 Improvements I Hope You Make To Your Customer Experience

Myra Golden Media

Give employees constructive feedback on their service interactions. Coach your employees always to be friendly and engaging. Get rid of scripts and let your employees be themselves. True nobility isn’t about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be. Wayne Dyer said that. Always speak in complete sentences. Don’t say, “Zip code?” Say, “May I have your zip code, please?”. Let upset customers vent for a few seconds.

Using the Agent Impact Score for quality assurance


AIS highlights those behaviors that are best from the customer’s perspective and companies can use that to recognize those agents and as a way to replicate that behavior among other agents through coaching and training. Are you ready to reimagine quality assurance?

10 Statistics (and Action Items) to Inspire Your Next Steps in Customer Service Training


A good manager is a good coach. Yet too many customer service leaders are bogged down by other tasks to actually dedicate time to coaching and training their teams. Turns out managers like you only have 7% of their time available for deep work, like training and coaching.

Guide Customer Success Teams to Successfully Close the Loop with Customers

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Remaining open-minded and utilizing active listening when closing the feedback loop with customers can be challenging, especially when your CS team member is faced with constructive feedback. I think we would all agree – customer surveys are everywhere.

Asking the Right Questions: 5 Questions to Use in Your Next Call Center Interview


It’s likely that every agent will get constructive or negative feedback from a customer, from a peer, or from you at some point. If they’re defensive or choose not to deflect instead of reflect, it says they may be resistant to coaching conversations.

An Ultimate Speech Analytics Guide to Improve Sales and Customer Service


Here are some ways speech analytics can fill the existing gaps in the sales ecosystem: Tailored Sales Call Scripts. Hence, you can’t bank on the generic sales call scripts. Recommended Read: Top 10 Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts for Realtors.

5 Ways Call Centers Services Can Positively Influence Customer Experience

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So it is time for call centers to flip the script and change that perception. To offer constructive feedback, you need to understand where your agents are struggling and how they could improve.

Why your people are the key to getting great customer feedback

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Most guests probably say, "fine" without even thinking, but I had some constructive feedback to share. This could have been a cue to engage in conversation or point out some of the hotel’s amenities that could help us relax, but she just stuck to the script and continued the check-in process.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Agent Scorecards


Putting in the time to coach and train your team ensures you stop bad agent habits in their tracks. With so much to do, it’s tough to find the headspace, let alone the time, to think through how to coach your agents regularly. How many seconds did they spend off-script?

Putting Humanity in Contact Centers

Customer Relationship Metrics

The reasons behind millennials’ desire to enhance their skills and to further their careers is a great opportunity when a constructive process exists. Get a Constructive Process. While technology may have helped to automate these practices, the constructs are relatively the same. Now, contact centers must implement a constructive process that focuses primarily on knowledge gained from customers, not from internal criteria assumed to create customer-centricity.

22 Customer Service & Customer Experience Managers Share the Best Ways to Handle a Disgruntled Employee


Ongoing training and coaching are equally important to ensure that your employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to do their jobs effectively. When they’ve calmed down, agree with them but give constructive criticism.

Service with a Smile

Ann Michaels and Associates

Our Assurance team, which more than doubled in size in 2012, ensures team members have the skills needed to uphold this by providing ongoing coaching and positive enforcement when team members are speaking with clients. The key to training top bankers is reinforcing their skills and letting them know we care by not only highlighting the things they do RIGHT, but providing constructive criticism when they fall short on delivering excellent client service.”.

11 Best Practices For Successful Call Center Training of Agents


If there are any loose ends, constructive criticism is done to put things back to track and performing. As Jamie Sheepway, the Director of Service & Coaching at ShopPros believes, "When it comes to training in a call-center environment, there must be a step by step process.

10 Ways to Go Above and Beyond for Your Employees: Boosting Call Center Motivation and Morale


Start with coaching and training. Create a strategy that sets your agents up for success, and coach them to always improve and reach their personal goals. Use in-line training paired with automation to cut down on the time you spend searching for coaching moments.

37 HR Professionals & Hiring Managers Share the Most Useful Customer Service Interview Questions for Managers


Of course, no one will ever know absolutely everything about the product, and neither will they be able to have a pre-scripted answer to every question. Through her coaching engagements, Irina empowers her clients to show up for themselves and become better at what they do.

37 HR Professionals & Hiring Managers Share the Most Useful Customer Service Interview Questions for Managers


Of course, no one will ever know absolutely everything about the product, and neither will they be able to have a pre-scripted answer to every question. Through her coaching engagements, Irina empowers her clients to show up for themselves and become better at what they do.

Episode #18 – Intention and Action Alignment at Work

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That’s, you know, that’s constructive and productive and positive. One way that he had amazing intentions, I said, Well, maybe you can help him and coach him.

Optimizing Call Center Customer Support for Increased Revenue

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Share responsibility and construct a common goal. Improved agent productivity – With more time available to front-line management, productivity improvements from focused coaching are realized. With in-depth training sessions through e-learning, virtual assistance, and scripting tools, clearly establish company goals and expectations and provide your agents the confidence to tackle any initiative.

10 Contact Center Management Mistakes & Best Practice Tips to Fix Them!


Free Download] 120+ Ready-to-Use Live Chat Scripts for Both Sales and Customer Service. The downloadable contains scripts for all kinds of scenarios, ranging from greetings to collecting personal information, and can help your live chat team deliver more efficient, quality support immediately. Feedback should be provided on these goals during your regularly scheduled coaching sessions and the goals themselves need to tie back to your corporate objectives.