What is an IVR (Interactive Voice Response)?

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At the simplest level, an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an automated interface that allows you to interact with callers to gather data, and potentially resolve an issue without having to direct that caller to an agent. Why should you use an IVR in your contact center? Some core advantages of an IVR in a contact center environment include: . This shortens call handle times and frees up agent resources to handle more complex interactions.

Essentials of Cloud Contact Centers

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In a previous blog , we outlined advantages of moving a customer experience platform to the cloud. Ultimately, your unique business needs will determine what is included in your cloud contact center system. Enhanced voice response & routing.

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Cloud Contact Center Solutions Improve Relationships between Business and IT

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Cloud Contact Center Solutions Improve Relationships between Business and IT. The purpose of this blog post is to debunk the myth that IT resources are not needed when contact center infrastructure solutions – automatic call distributors (ACDs), dialers, interactive voice response systems (IVRs)/intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) –move to the cloud. IT is needed regardless of whether a contact center solution is on-premise or in the cloud.

Innovative Call Centers with Conversation IVR Powered by Artificial Intelligence

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The Contact Center business is going through a series of very important changes driven by the technology innovation, the raise of socials and the new consumption models being evaluated by most of the companies. 59% will not return after a bad experience.

The evolution of self-service technologies and the customer experience 


The evolution of customer self-service. Recent advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology are now being adopted by businesses and service-based organisations to create an automated consumer experience that is driving the evolution of customer self-service.

3 Contact Center Challenges You Can Win With Technology


As far as industry buzzwords go, none have had a bigger impact than “cloud.”. Whether you’re a small to medium enterprise or a major blue chip corporation, the Cloud has been lauded as the solution to common communication, storage, and productivity challenges. Low customer satisfaction.

5 Ways to Optimize the IVR Experience


Automated service empowers customers by saving them time. When brands optimize their websites and apps through tools such as one-click checkout, quick access to frequently asked questions, and video tutorials, customers obtain the support they need without any human interaction. Provide a user-friendly experience. When creating IVR menus, make sure to include all the important options a customer may potentially need.

Hoveround Successfully Navigates Customer Service – Increases Lead Conversion 116%

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But Hoveround’s contact center, which plays a pivotal role in servicing current customers as well as calling prospects, just wasn’t keeping up. Once Hoveround made the move to NICE inContact CXone cloud contact center platform, however, things really took off. The company says that CXone Personal Connection, in particular, has been a real game-changer and in many ways, has revolutionized Hoveround’s contact center.

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5 Call Center Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates That Get Results


Building Customer Satisfaction Surveys In the modern call center or cloud contact center, analytics provide much of the data that drive business decisions around improving customer satisfaction. But customer satisfaction survey s still provideprovides invaluable information about the quality and effectiveness of the service the customer received.

How VOC Analytics Improves Contact Center Performance

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Contact centers are big on analytics. The main reason companies measure things like their call-handle time, first-call resolution, and internal quality management (QM) scores are to improve customer satisfaction. So, how do you know if customers are pleased with their level of service?

Missed the ICMI 2020 Vision? Here’s a Review of Their Top Trends


In a webinar drawing on ICMI’s industry-leading research and insights from the 2020 ICMI Featured Contributors (including Serenova Vice President of Customer Success Jen Jackson ) ICMI Group Principal Analyst Roy Atkinson explored what’s trending in 2020 and why contact center leaders should pay attention. If you couldn’t join the Serenova-sponsored event, here are the changes Roy predicts will reshape how contact centers operate. Employee and Agent Experience.

Sell the Value of Data Insights to the C-Suite

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It is a necessity that gives the contact center the flexibility, agility, and power required to optimize agent performance while responding to customer needs quickly and effectively. First Call Resolution (FCR) is a metric all contact centers are looking to improve.

4 Effective Ways to Improve Online Customer Satisfaction

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In fact, it may be difficult right away to understand how your customers feel about their overall online shopping experience. Whereas in a traditional storefront you can get a true sense of customer expectations through face-to-face interactions, in the online world you really only know your customers by their name, address and credit card number. Consider the following tips to provide a terrific online shopping experience. Move Operations to the Cloud.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in the Contact Center Industry


Did the speech recognition feature clearly understand your responses? Did you provide the automated system with your account details and had to repeat it again for the customer service representative? Most of these complaints stem from the traditional interactive voice response (IVR) systems, which have limitations. Chatbots interact with customers via text in a natural, conversational way.

Contact Center Leaders and Technology Experts Talk Challenges and Solutions for Better CX


Yesterday, at the Austin Contact Center Alliance ’s Emerging Technologies for CX event, Serenova and more than 30 contact center executives and technology thought leaders discussed customer experience (CX) challenges and how emerging technology can help.

Contact Center Industry Stats – Technology

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Over the past few weeks, we have be posting a series related to Contact Center industry statistics. Previously, we discussed statistics related to the organization and customer journey mapping. as well as statistics related to the various Contact Center channels. Below, we will be discussing Contact Statistics related to the various technologies within the Call Center. Cloud: Most Contact Centers Have Not Moved to the Cloud – But It Won’t Be Long.

4 Communication Channels to Examine When Selecting a Cloud Software Solution

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The process of selecting the right cloud-based call center software solution is lengthy and time consuming. Defining requirements is the most important step of the cloud-based call center software solution selection process. Interactive Voice Recognition. Voice Broadcast.

What Is CCaaS? Regenerate Your Contact Center as a Service

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Customer expectation is improving, and industries seek very benefit. Entirely, the transitioning call center to the virtual cloud. Contact Center As A Service). Including PBX advanced interactive voice response, automatic call distribution, etc.