Quality Management is Everyone’s Concern

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What is the difference between Quality Management (QM) and Total Quality Management? The answer is simple – Total Quality Management is an effort that involves everyone at your contact center, as well as everyone at the company at large.

What is Quality Management Analytics?

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You’ve heard of quality management (QM), and your contact center probably has a quality program in place today. But what’s all this hype about using analytics to perform quality activities, and could it help you? Thus, Quality Management Analytics harnesses the power of analytics and leverages those insights to make your quality program more precise and efficient. This means fewer – but higher quality- evaluations.

Curious How Analytics Can Impact Your Quality Management?

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Have you noticed all the hype around using analytics in quality management, but haven’t utilized it in your organization? If you have a quality program in place and you’re still not getting the results you desire, using analytics can lead to valuable insights that make your quality program more precise and efficient—and that’s just the beginning. Will analytics really help your quality management program?

Engaging agents in Quality Management Process for Optimal Success

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Your contact center agents feel the same way when it comes to your quality management process. In the contact center, quality management is often viewed as big brother or a necessary evil. When I was a contact center manager, I remember talking about quality management in our staff meeting and literally feeling all the eyes rolling as agents mentally tuned me out. Register for How to Engage Agent in Your Quality Process.

The Health of the Contact Center: Are You Ready for 2019?

1The Health of the Contact Center: Agent Well-Being in a Customer-Centric Era 2New study reveals heightened complexity of. center, showing that brands are willing to do—and spend—what it takes to create loyal customers. Contact centers have dramatically changed. contact centers.

Using Quality Management Analytics to Elevate the Customer Experience (CX)

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So, it’s no surprise that when it comes to dealing with businesses, I prefer to use digital channels over live phone calls. If the answer is “no” or “I don’t know,” it might mean you’re among the vast majority not evaluating these channels as part of your quality program. 90% of businesses support phone, and 83% measure phone quality — great! 78% of businesses support email, but only 45% measure email quality — not so great.

Call Center Quality Assurance Best Practices for Empowering Agents

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Call Center Quality Assurance Best Practices for Empowering Agents. Contact center quality assurance (QA) remains a high-value application, particularly when it’s done right. Document the QA criteria and what is expected for each call type so that call scoring is objective and agents know what is expected of them. 7/23/2018. By Donna Fluss.

3 Tips for Building an Effective Quality Management Program


This internal tug of war between contributing to the greater good of the company or ensuring job security can hurt businesses in the long-run as critical issues remain unidentified by management. One area where business can often be improved through increased communication and transparency is the contact center. Below are some tips to building an effective quality management program: Modernize the evaluation form.

Inside View: An Interview with Randal Hiester, Health First

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Improving service quality and performance is a never-ending quest for contact centers. Ideally, training and quality assurance should work hand-in-hand to ensure that frontline […].

What is Call Center Performance Management?


What is Performance Management? Call Center Performance Management is a program, generally led by a contact center operations manager, dedicated to calculating and improving the performance of contact center agents.

Study: The Health of the Contact Center

1The Health of the Contact Center: Agent Well-Being in a Customer-Centric Era 2New study reveals heightened complexity of. center, showing that brands are willing to do—and spend—what it takes to create loyal customers. Contact centers have dramatically changed. contact centers.

Four Ways to Attract and Retain Millennial Agents

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Pew Research Center defines millennials as anyone born between the years 1981 and 1996 (ages 22 to 37 in 2018). workforce and the prime pool for current and prospective contact center agents.

Automated Quality Management Drives Objective Evaluations, Job Satisfaction


In 2018, the contact center industry will be all about automation. The groundswell of interest in automating many of the traditionally routine tasks in the contact center is creating a substantial impact on both employee engagement and the customer experience, and we expect this automation groundswell will do nothing but grow in the months and years ahead. contact center industry, and likely the global contact center industry. contact center industry.

Five Questions to Ask Before Investing in Quality Management (QM)

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Ready to take your quality management efforts to the next level? Will this system record all of our calls? For many years, selective call recording has been deemed sufficient for determining if agents are performing up to expectations, and whether customers are getting the service they need. But contact centers rise and fall on data, and today’s top quality management solutions can record every call so you get a true picture of how your business is performing.

Quality Management in the Contact Center: How to Keep Your Customers

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The contact center is the primary point of contact with customers in the after-sales field, and in some cases, it serves as a point of contact in making before-sales decisions and even making some sales outright. No One Wants to Work a Call Center Job. Contact Center

Five Tactics to Retain Your Top Call Center Agents

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Retaining call center agents doesn’t occur by chance, it happens by implementing practical, proven retention tactics. Check out these five tactics to retain your top call center agents: 1) Recognize Your Agents. Recognition via a performance management program in the workplace can fulfill that need and keep employees around longer. Avoiding job boredom in the contact center is crucial to keeping them around. and quality management products.

The Key to Great Customer Service: Collaboration

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Collaboration call center contact center leadership quality managementWhen it comes to creating an exceptional service culture, nothing is more important than a team’s ability to collaborate well.

It’s Time to Replace Traditional QA

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Contact center quality assurance (QA, also known as quality management (QM)), has been around for over 40 years. When QA was the best way (and in many cases, the only way) to gain an understanding of what was happening in the contact center, some feedback was better than nothing. AQA will provide substantial benefits to contact centers, but this solution should also become an essential contributor to the customer journey analysis process.

Call Center Quality Management: From Addiction to Optimization

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The following is a fictional (but relatively realistic) account of life as a team leader attempting to comply with traditional quality management techniques. I manage 15 agents. Each of them handles approximately 2,500 calls per month. My name is John. I’m a team leader, and I’m an addict. I have come to realize I am powerless over my addiction to evaluating my agents’ performance. This is my story.

The Marriage of Knowledge Management and Quality Management


Thinking back on my time in Operations, like so many other people I spent a significant amount of time trying to understand the root cause of the quality management (QM) opportunities in my organization.

Cloud-Based ACDs and Dialers Come of Age

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Cloud-based contact center infrastructure (CBCCI) vendors have spent most of the last 20 years playing functional catch-up to the leading on-premise vendors. It’s undeniable that contact center platform vendors are having a highly positive disruptive impact on the pace of innovation in the CBCCI sector. And the fact that these customized contact center solutions can be built quickly using standard development languages is a game-changer.

Complacency: Danger in the Comfort Zone

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Change Management call center change management complacency contact center continuous improvement culture quality managementI happen to believe there is danger in the comfort zone… and that danger is complacency!

Quality Management Across Channels

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As you role out the new channels made possible through mobile and social ecosystems, it’s important to uphold a strategy of quality management across all channels. The well-worn practices of monitoring, coaching and quality improvement for traditional channels should also be an inherent part of managing emerging mobile interactions.

How to Best Implement Modern Workforce Engagement Management Solutions in Your Call Center

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Contact center employees face a number of challenges during their workday. As a manager, you are in the perfect position to implement modern solutions to improve morale in your call center. Blog Workforce Management

Essential Technologies in Call Center Workforce Management

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Improved agent efficiency and productivity turn call centers from a cost into a profit. The two qualities can also create a competitive advantage, which is key priority for growing organizations. Leading Technologies for Workforce Management in Call Centers.

How to Improve Call Center Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

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Call Center Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) is, together with other customer related measurements like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES), among the most widely recognized and frequently used KPIs in the call center. What is it, why is it so important and how can you improve CSAT in your call or contact center? In most cases and for most centers, there is no single answer to that.

How to Build a Call Center Evaluation Scorecard

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We, like most consumers, have come to expect high quality interactions at each company touchpoint. That’s why it’s critical that contact centers have solid quality programs bolstered by a strong call center evaluation scorecard. . For agents to provide exemplary, retention-driving customer service, they need to know how they are performing against quality standards, and an evaluation scorecard is the best and most effective way to do so.

Quality and First-Contact Resolution: From the Agent’s Perspective

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Quality and first contact resolution are essential aspects of effective service. Handling contacts with quality is at the heart of a customer service agent’s role in the organization. First contact resolution is an outcome of quality, really an extension.

The History of Call Centers [Timeline]


First Phone Call. Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call on March 10, 1876. Computer-Based Call Answering. In the mid-1950’s computer-based systems replaced the manual process of routing phone calls. This system was called the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and was the innovation that finally enabled the very first call centers. Primitive Call Centers. The Term “Call Center” is Coined. March 10.

6 KPIs to Guarantee Success from Your Outsource Call Center

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The biggest challenge when working with a call center outsourcing partner is making sure they’re providing consistent, ongoing performance. This includes ensuring the agents receive the proper training, quality management, and calibrations to drive high-level performance.

ZOOM International is now on Cisco SolutionsPlus

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The Cisco Ecosystem Gains a Unique World-Class WFO in the Contact Center Portfolio. Speech Analytics call recording customer experience call centers News & Events omni channel workforce optimization (WFO) Contact Center Quality Management Call Recording Regulations Compliance PCI DSS

ZOOM is on a Journey to Native Cloud

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Contact Center workforce optimization (WFO) Quality Management call centers customer experience News & Events call recording Software Engineering dev ops cloud computing Technical

Top 5 Posts in February

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Frigid temperatures contribute to increased indoor activities… like reading contact center blogs! Featured call center change management Collaboration communication contact center culture empowerment jobs for homeless leadership quality management

Contact Center Quality Assurance is Essential in All Channels

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Contact Center Quality Assurance is Essential in All Channels. The same concept applies to quality assurance in a contact center. It doesn’t make sense to perform quality assurance (QA) only on calls when the contact center supports emails, chat, SMS and social media, as well. QA is a mission-critical activity for all channels, to monitor staff performance and to provide much-needed risk management.

Modernize Call Center with Contact Center as a Service (Ccaas)

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The contact center as service (CCaaS), a cloud-based consumer experience solution. It allows companies to utilize a call center provider’s software. This is an ideal option for several call centers, offering scalability as operational needs change.

Five Things Customers Demand From Your Call Center – Do You Provide Them?

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By the time your average customer has punched in the ten-digit phone number for your contact center, he or she has already established expectations for what is about to happen. Is your contact center up to the task? Less Talk – More Listening Many of your contact center customers are calling with a question. And if a call has to be transferred, make sure the information collected is transferred with it, so the customer doesn’t have to say it again.

Improving ROI on Quality Monitoring

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Webinars: How More Automation = Better Quality, More Engaged Employees


Maybe you haven’t thought about this yet, but are you aware that contact centers are now using automation to modernize quality management? Automated Quality Management automates scoring of up to 100 percent of agent calls, ensuring modern, employee-empowering and cost-effective quality management. It’s your turn to have your specific automated quality management questions answered by our panel of experts.

Don’t Let your Customer Service Experience Suffer: Give Agents Better Visibility into Metrics and Daily Progress with 3 Sample Call Center Wallboards and Dashboards


More often than not, your agent’s apathy stems from a larger problem brewing in your contact center. Maybe Heather hasn’t been clued into your contact center’s performance and her larger social impact on the customer experience. Like First Call Resolution and Average Handle Time.

Motivation and Engagement: Your Leadership Matters

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Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Leadership Organization and Culture Quality Management Videos Brad Cleveland employee engagement leadership motivation