Outsource Consultants Makes 2019 Inc. 5000 List

Outsource Consultants

Call center advisory firm Outsource Consultants, LLC is making its first appearance on the list, debuting at #1281 with an impressive 321% 3-year growth rate. Outsource Consultants is honored and excited by this recognition. based call centers.

What Call Center Metrics mean to Customers

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In the daily operation of our Call and Contact Centers we throw around metrics and performance measures like they were candy. It has been said that Call Centers produce more data and more measurement opportunities than is possible in almost any other communications channel. To our customer however this metric becomes ‘Sucks Less’ – the better the Call Center Service Level the less the service being realized sucks. By Colin Taylor.

3 Methods to Capture the Promise of Technology in Call Center BPO Offerings


The 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey by Deloitte revealed that clients now expect enhanced and specialized services from outsourced consultants. The post 3 Methods to Capture the Promise of Technology in Call Center BPO Offerings appeared first on Techsee.

Call Center Software: How to Choose the Best Software (Tips & Best Practices)


There are a number of call center software solutions on the market, comprising more than half a dozen types of these tools. That’s not to mention the number of software tools that integrate with the various call center software solutions. Types of Call Center Software.

25 Call Center Leaders Share the Most Effective Ways to Boost Contact Center Efficiency


Most call centers struggle with efficiency at one time or another. And because efficiency is directly tied to minimizing overhead costs in the call center, it’s a prominent challenge. Meet Our Panel of Contact Center Experts: .

Contact Center Consultancy Assists Financial Services Leader in Outsource Selection

Taylor Reach Group

TRG’s Sourcing support ensures a robust, effective and merit based outsource selection process to identify the ‘best’ partner for your organization. Call Center and CX consultancy, The Taylor Reach Group, will be assisting their client with Outsource vendor selection . Customer Experience and Contact Center consultancy, The Taylor Reach Group Inc., (TRG) TRG limits project scope creep and slippage through weekly written reports and check in calls.

Key Considerations When Choosing an Outsourced Call Center


Here’s the thing about call centers – you can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them. Call centers demand attention to detail, constant customer communication, and ever-evolving tools, resources, and applications. Call it the call center conundrum.

7 Reasons You Need a Consultant when Looking for a New Contact Center Site

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Why would you want to retain a consultant? What can a consultant really bring to the table that can assist your center and your organization when you a looking at moving or establishing a new center? Seven Reasons You Need a Consultant’s Expertise When Selecting a Contact Center Location. In a consultant lead process this bias is eliminated or at minimum identified and challenged. You can always fire the consultant. By: Colin Taylor .

Top 10 Checklist for Selecting an Outsource Call Center Partner

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In today’s competitive business environment, many companies are realizing the benefits and cost efficiencies of outsourcing some or all of their call center activities to a third-party partner that specializes in professional, inbound, outbound, and BPO services.

14 Questions you Need to ask when Considering Call Center Consolidation

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Consolidating Contact Centers. Organizations today look across their customer-facing organization and see a cluster of Call Center or Contact Center activities: sales, technical support, customer service, returns, billing, collections etc. These Call Centers can exist in a company’s divisions or operating companies. Even small and medium-sized businesses can find that they have five or more Call Centers in operation all acting independently.

Press Release: Leading BPO reaches out to CX and Contact Center consulting firm for assistance in improving agent retention

Taylor Reach Group

an internationally acknowledged and leading CX and Contact Center consulting firm, announced today that they have been engaged to assess the BPO operational practices and policies with a view to improving agent retention. We understand outsourcing. Taylor Reach Group, Inc.,

Why use call monitoring in your call center

Quality Contact Solutions

For Quality Assurance and Training purposes, this call may be monitored… One of the best practices for ensuring quality and consistency of customer experience is to utilize call monitoring. What is Quality Assurance Call Monitoring? What is call monitoring ? The agents are making calls, a quality assurance analyst listens to live or recorded calls. Call monitoring also provides key info to the client. Call Monitoring Should be Done Early and Often.

Call Center Compatibility Quiz

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When was the last time you took a hard look at your relationship with your outsource call center? After all, your call center is one of your company’s most critical elements. Does your call center pick up the phone when you call?

3 Consulting Strategies to Improve Call Center Performance

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In a recent article , Daniela gives the following tips for call centers to improve themselves and avoid complacency: Game plan changes based on self-assessment and the state of the company. Tap into the knowledge and experience of the call center agents for some unexpected results.

Quality Assurance in Your Contact Center

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Quality is a critical support function in call and contact centers. In this interview, Colin Taylor and John Cockerill discuss Quality Assurance, Compliance, outsourcing and the risks and opportunities that can be found by a closer look at your contact centers’ quality program.

Managed Operations & Seat Leasing: Alternatives to Traditional Call Center Outsourcing

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For many organizations, call center outsourcing is a great solution to reduce costs while improving scalability and customer service. In a situation where a call center leases their facilities and technology, your company will still hire, train, and pay the employees.

6 Challenges for Subscription-Based Companies and How an Outsourced Call Center can Help

Advantage Communications

In fact, according to a survey released by American consulting firm McKinsey in 2018, the subscription e-commerce market has grown by more than 100 percent each year over the past five years.

Call Center Customer Expectations: Delivering Value and Results


What are your expectations with your own call center? Your customer contact center requires next-gen technology, reliable infrastructure, professionally trained agents, and the flexibility to adapt with – and stay ahead of – an ever-evolving business environment.

Outsource Consultants Hires New Vice President of Global Sales

CSM Magazine

Outsource Consultants , a leading call center outsourcing advisory firm, hired call center industry veteran Dave LaBatt as the Vice President of Global Sales in March 2017. About Outsource Consultants. based call centers.

Call Center Surveys: Ensuring Customer Satisfaction


Call center surveys are the ultimate insight into your client’s opinions about your products and services. But not all businesses outsource this important part of customer service. Some businesses try to handle call center surveys by themselves.

6 KPIs to Guarantee Success from Your Outsource Call Center

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The biggest challenge when working with a call center outsourcing partner is making sure they’re providing consistent, ongoing performance. The following are six major KPIs to use as a starting point to effectively manage your outsource call center.

Is It Time for Your Contact Center Check Up?

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Clients frequently ask me what is the single most important activity they should undertake to ensure that their center is operating and performing at an optimal level. At this point I get a look of indignation: “Of course I know my center, what are you suggesting?”

Best Call Center Service for Businesses


TeleDirect’s commitment to business process outsourcing (BPO) excellence spans a wide range of industries and business sectors, from financial firms to healthcare companies. In the article, TeleDirect was voted the best overall call center service for 2018.

Nearshore Outsourcing Spotlight: Jamaica

Outsource Consultants

Savvy business leaders trust outsourcing to offer competitive operational costs while maintaining customer-centric service. . As a nearshore call center destination, Jamaica has become one of the most desirable outsourcing locations in the world. .

Nearshore Outsourcing Spotlight: Tijuana

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Once viewed as an area with some questionable characteristics, many call center executives are now flocking to Tijuana as a nearshore outsourcing destination for their call center agencies. NEARSHORE CALL CENTER ENGLISH-SPEAKING TALENT.

Call Center Quality Assurance [21 Best Practices and Tips]


Your business relies on calling, maybe you have a call center, do you? The solution is: Call Center Quality Assurance. What is Call Center Quality Assurance all about. So far, we’ve briefly introduced what call center quality assurance actually is.

Most Challenging Callers

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While working on a call center consulting engagement with one of the largest garbage companies in the country we encountered what was likely the most difficult customer I have ever experienced. We were working in a mid- sized call center and discussing their customers.

Reasons Why A 24/7 Call Center May Be Right For Your Business


Even if they ordered by phone, they still had to call during the company’s prescribed hours of operation, which were usually set up for the convenience of the business rather than the customer. The Top Advantages of 24/7 Call Centers. Making outbound calls.

How Call Centers Manage the Holiday Rush

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With this steady growth and increase in demand, contact centers are a vital partner to support the holiday rush. . . Customer activities and interactions with brands during the holiday season significantly impact contact centers. How Call Centers Manage the Holiday Rush.

Finding the Right-Size Outsource Call Center Partner

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There are many factors that go into selecting an outsource call center partner, including location, quality, scalability, price, culture, and many other criteria. However, one thing that many underestimate is the importance of the call center being the right-size fit for the company. The following is a case study that demonstrates how we helped a client find a mid-sized call center that was the perfect fit for their needs.

Nearshore Outsourcing Spotlight: Belize

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As a thriving nearshore call center destination – brimming with the cultural spirit and amenities of the Caribbean – Belize has become that safe haven as one of the most coveted nearshore call center locales. Bilingual call center staffing.

The New Trend in Outsourced Call Center Solutions: 6 Ways At-Home-Agents Benefit Your Customer Service

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That’s why the contingent workforce, which is made up of contractors, freelancers and consultants, now makes up a staggering 30 percent of the entire US Workforce. Contact Center

How to Set Up a Call Center for Your Business


The call center industry is growing at an amazing rate. These figures are impressive; it is however not surprising considering the outstanding benefits of having a call center. What’s more, with the use of innovative software you can now set up an in-house call center to grow your business. Opening a call center is one of the objectives you can find on a company’s roadmap. First, let’s discuss some of the features of a call center.

5 Criteria for Choosing a Call Center Partner in 2019

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As we begin another year of innovation and evolution in customer service and call center technology, you may be considering call center outsourcing. Plain and simple, not all call centers are good. Describe your company and your goals for outsourcing.

6 Key Criteria to Select an Outsource Call Center to Improve Customer Experience

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Happy and smiling call center agents can help improve customer loyalty. Many have complained about their negative experiences when calling companies and getting poor service from call center agents. However, a big reason for this is often that companies have not selected the outsource call center that aligns best with their culture or can meet their service requirements and quality objectives.

Looking for the Best Call Center? Read this First!


Without an effective call center strategy, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to satisfy client demands – and excel with innovative, on-point contact services. For other organizations, such as emergency responders, call center activity isn’t tied to profit as much as it is to professional, dependable service. Regardless of your current call center situation, you need the best possible system. In short, you need the best call center available.

Call Centers & Customer Satisfaction – Building Loyalty, Establishing Trust & More


Building and growing relationships with each of your clients requires determined commitment, responsive customer service, and the ability to improve any contact center weakness – quickly, with on-the-fly flexibility. In other words, your contact center is of paramount importance to ensuring customer loyalty. Thus, your call center is a great “hidden” tool for improving customer satisfaction levels and building client loyalty. We’re impartial to call centers.

Need Customer Surveys? Call Centers Can Help!

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Call Centers Can Help! For these companies, outsource call centers can be valuable partners. Call centers can help with surveys in both inbound and outbound capacities. Need an outbound call center? Call Centers Can Help!

How TeleDirect Call Centers Can Boost Your CMS Star Rating


Our business process outsourcing (BPO) call center solutions enable companies to stay connected with customers, improve service, and boost their bottom lines. The star rating system was established by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), a division of the U.S.

Big Event Planned? Dial Up a Call Center for a Streamlined, Successful, Stress-Free Experience!


Thanks to TeleDirect’s business process outsourcing (BPO), we offer system-wide, comprehensive overhauls or targeted improvements of your call center, all in time for your next event. To speak directly with our call center outsourcing consultants, please call (800)776-1081.