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Call Center Workforce Management Metrics: How To Measure And Improve Performance


Choosing the right call center workforce management metrics to monitor and manage in your customer support center is essential for the success and longevity of the customer experience. Workforce management metrics provide crucial insight into how well you are planning your workforce. Invaluable.

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Essential Technologies in Call Center Workforce Management

Tenfold - Contact Center Blog

Humana deployed artificial intelligence software trained to detect conversational cues, to coach call-center agents and supervisors, in real-time, when calls with customers were going awry. BI frees managers to do the job they were hired to do: manage call center agents.


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Whisper Coaching to Train Remote Employees


Having the right tools and techniques at your disposal can help you develop a team of call center agents that are effective. What is whisper coaching? In short, whisper coaching or call whispering as it is sometimes referred to is when a sales manager “whispers” in the ears of a call center agent during a call.

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Are Remote Agents the Future of Contact Centers?

Monet Software

The lasting impacts of COVID-19 are unknown but the accelerated shift to the remote call center workforce management is likely to endure. Will remote agents continue to represent a significant proportion of the call center workforce? The pandemic forced companies to try remote call center agents.

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The Morale Doctor is In

Monet Software

You may want to start by putting the agent in touch with a trusted member of the team, perhaps a sensitive HR professional or their quality coach, whomever has the best rapport with the individual. Can you switch up the work, put them in charge of a project, have them coach a colleague or offer other opportunities?

Morale 100
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What Is Workforce Management in a Call Center?

Global Response

As you consider shifts and agent hours, you’ll also want to ensure you factor in “non-call” work such as after-call processing, training and coaching, breaks, time off and other responsibilities that add to agents’ weekly or daily time.

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Defining WFO. (Hint – It’s Not Just About Workforce Management)

Noble Systems

How does WFO work in the Call Center? Workforce Optimization provides contact center management with total visibility into quality and performance. WFO is not just a single component; it bridges the span of the contact center to tie activities into an integrated strategy, working towards common business goals.