How to Face the ‘Great Resignation’—and Increase Employee Retention


Read also: How to Leverage Chatbots for Recruitment Efforts. You need to understand and calibrate your employees’ mood to know where they are at, instead of waiting around to see what happens. Anonymized or personal chatbot-based questionnaires.

Direct Messaging in Salesforce – the Path to Seamless Business Communication

CSM Magazine

Part of this can be automated, where a chatbot is used upfront to check the knowledge base for an answer to a FAQ.


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How Artificial Intelligence Impacts the Contact Center

The Northridge Group

Besides Chatbots and Virtual Assistants, which operate on a more obvious human interaction level, AI in the contact center is gaining momentum in other ways including the routing, prioritization, and handling of calls. Chatbots, Virtual Agents, and dynamic routing are examples of how AI can help during customer interactions.

Sneak Peek: 2019 Customer Experience Trends


Spotify, for example, has garnered millions of fans with their music recommendation algorithms that curate Discover Weekly playlists calibrated to individual listeners’ preferences. And smart technologies like chatbots will instantly respond to inquiries any time of the day. If you’re starting to forge a customer experience (CX) strategy for 2019, you’re not alone. Most companies realize that CX will increasingly impact business results.

The Role of a Confidence Score in Conversational AI


Conversational AI makes it possible for humans to converse with machines using text or speech, and is used in a variety of applications including chatbots and voice-based intelligent virtual assistants (IVA). This blog is written courtesy of Interactions R&D team.

9 Contact Center Best Practices for 2020 (and Actionable Tips)


Calibrate regularly. For example, chatbots powered by artificial intelligence can be measurably helpful in handling surges in contact volumes. Surviving the first months of COVID-19 required a swift operational reboot that began with a major work-from-home (WFH) transition.