Ansafone’s Customer-Centric Approach to BPO


At Ansafone Contact Centers, we are customer-centric and know our customers extremely well before designing any call center programs for them. However, what does ‘customer-centric’ mean for you and your business?

Real Stories Told by Agents at Ansafone Contact Centers! Get the Behind the Scenes of What It Takes to Help Life-Threatening Calls!


Listen: Transcript: [00:00:00] We’d would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Ansafone Contact Center’s podcast. We offer state of the art communications … Real Stories Told by Agents at Ansafone Contact Centers!

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On-demand Economy Drives Customer Service as a Service – From Home…


The Harvard Business Review reports that the on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 On-demand customer service is emerging as a viable solution to compete in this fast-paced market. Work at home (WAH), also known as remote work or telework, is a talent-sourcing model for contact centers, where agents work from their homes rather than from brick-and-mortar call centers.

Everything’s On Script: The Advantages of Custom Phone Scripts


Does your call center rely on improvisation? Could your contact platform use a communication protocol that’s more in line with your products, services, and overall brand message? Custom call scripts can help. Creating Concise Call Scripts.

Call Center Customer Expectations: Delivering Value and Results


What are your expectations with your own call center? Your customer contact center requires next-gen technology, reliable infrastructure, professionally trained agents, and the flexibility to adapt with – and stay ahead of – an ever-evolving business environment.

Looking for the Best Call Center? Read this First!


It’s everything to your business, your brand, and your reputation. Without an effective call center strategy, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to satisfy client demands – and excel with innovative, on-point contact services. If you can’t find a solution, your competitors surely will. For other organizations, such as emergency responders, call center activity isn’t tied to profit as much as it is to professional, dependable service.

How to Handle High Call Volume During the Holidays: Tips & Tricks to Deliver Outstanding Customer Service


Business is busier than ever. If anything, you’re expected to deliver exceptional service above and beyond normal capacity, despite the uptick in business. Call centers are on the front lines of the holiday rush. From high-volume orders to a swell in customer service calls, your call center often determines how well you’ll handle the upcoming holiday mayhem – and, more importantly, if those same customers will still be calling back during the NEXT holiday season!

QCS Launches Telemarketing Services Solution for the SMB Market

Quality Contact Solutions

Aurora, Nebraska, (November 8, 2019): Quality Contact Solutions is pleased to announce that Steve and Marie Korn, formerly of QVSM, Inc. have joined the Quality Contact Solutions team to head up our new small and medium business division (QCS SMB). Prior to joining the QCS team, Steve Korn racked up more than 40 years in the call center industry. We know that small and medium businesses need a solution to help their sales teams be more effective.

CECP Certification Earned by QCS Staff

Quality Contact Solutions

November 13, 2019 (Aurora, NE) Quality Contact Solutions, Inc. With the high risk of TCPA class actions and a multitude of other regulatory compliance risks associated with our business, QCS has made a deep investment in ensuring compliance with all State and Federal regulations.