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Contact Center Software can Balance Agent-assisted and Self-service Channels

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Both are hot topics when it comes to contact centers and customer experience. The reality is that in order to deliver exceptional customer experiences, you need your contact center software to balance the need for agent-assisted and self-service channels. Omnichannel Service and Satisfaction. Consumers want true omnichannel customer service, and service that’s seamless, convenient and quick. Omnichannel is hot.

An S.O.S. for Your Contact Center Software


The contact center space is the most crucial element in a company’s customer relations, yet for some reason, it hasn’t evolved in decades. While most of the world evolved to adjust to the internet’s speed of information, contact centers have managed to stay mostly unchanged. Considering that customers have changed and companies have changed, it doesn’t make sense that the contact center software hasn’t changed to bring the two closer together.


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Constellation ShortList™ Customer Service and Contact Center Software

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Tweet Constellation Research is launching a new program, and I’m happy to share that the vendors that have been listed on the Constellation ShortList ™ for Customer Service and Contact Center Software. The program offers buyers of technology a list of offerings to consider in their pursuit of digital transformation to p rovide the best capabilities to drive leading customer service.

5 Ways to Optimize Self-Service Practices


At one time, self-service meant forcing customers to perform tasks on their own without the information and support they needed. Today, savvy companies offer self-service as a means of empowering customers to help themselves with confidence and minimal effort. Here are five ways to optimize self-service practices and empower your customers in the process. Integrate self-service with your omnichannel strategy.

5 Rules for Giving Customers the Self-Service They Want


When designing great customer experiences, every brand should think about its self-service. Gartner states that 81% of customers attempt to find solutions on their own before contacting an agent. Here are five rules for creating self-service options that truly benefit your customers. Self-service usually indicates the absence of human agents, but there are times when human intervention may be necessary.

Join our Webinar: Transforming the Contact Center with Artificial Intelligence

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They’re also seeing the role of the contact center evolving from not just problem solving, but playing a part of the greater customer journey and influencing the experience of the customer. Transform Your Contact Center . Visit our Cisco Contact Center solutions website.


Skyrocket Cisco Contact Center Efficiency with Artificial Intelligence

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Enhancing Call Center Efficiency . Today customers want to be independent, they want access to self-serve solutions , they do not like to be sold things, they love to buy solutions to their problems and needs, thus a key to delivering amazing customer experience is to quickly resolve a customer’s problem – ideally on the first contact, even better if through self-services. The Future of Cisco Contact Centers.

5 Benefits of Conversational Artificial Intelligence for the Contact Center


Whether using chatbots or speech-based assistants, these brands integrate AI into their omnichannel experience—often in their messaging applications—to drive stronger sales and customer service. And if customers enjoy the perks of this technology, it is because the contact centers that are using it are driven to be more efficient. Here are five benefits of conversational AI for the contact center. Superior customer service.

Cisco Receives 2020 Contact Center Technology Award from CUSTOMER Magazine

Cisco - Contact Center

Cisco Webex Contact Center CCaaS honored for improving customer service technology and customer experience. I’m excited to announce that Webex Contact Center was among the 2020 Contact Center Technology Award winners, presented by CUSTOMER Magazine this month.

New Survey Reveals Shifting Cloud Contact Center Preferences


If Ben Franklin were alive today, his famous quote would read something like this, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes and cloud software.” The world of contact center solutions is just a microcosm of the myriad of software applications used by enterprises moving inexorably to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model in the public cloud. Provides continuous software upgrades at no additional cost.

Application Ecosystems and the Future of the Contact Center


Digital transformation is about creating experiences that matter, but what does this look like within the contact center? Effortless self-service, agent augmentation, interaction insights, smart pairing…nowhere close to what one vendor alone offers today. Gartner predicts that by 2025 , the average contact center organization will be exploiting these benefits to better equip staff and enhance service. CX and Contact Center


Enterprise Customers Demand Choice and Flexibility


In my experience, the scalability needs and complexity of their operations prevent large enterprises from purchasing cookie-cutter software solutions. There are BIG contact centers that need enterprise solutions, but why should I care?” Contact Center Software English/US

5 Ways to Build Customer Trust


While customers may enjoy faster and more personalized service, their experiences are hardly stress-free. In addition, customer service hours should be accurate, and all content should be updated to reflect brand-related news. Give customers reliable self-service options. Many people like the idea of self-service, as it can save time and effort. Self-service is only favorable to customers if it makes their lives easier.

5 Key Benefits of IVR for Customer Service


While self-service is key to helping customers find information quickly, IVR is an essential tool for making it happen. Here are five key benefits of IVR that make it so vital to creating seamless self-service experiences. IVR systems provide many rich features that enhance the self-service experience. As smartphone use continues to grow, it’s imperative for brands to offer mobile-optimized customer service. Reducing call center costs.

Convince Your Boss: It’s Time for Digital Transformation


When a former Blockbuster executive was asked by Variety in 2013 to explain the decision not to buy Netflix he said, “Management and vision are two separate things…” This quote can apply to many different industries, but it is particularly appropriate for the call center. Your call center may be getting by on management alone today, but in order to stay competitive long-term, you have to execute your vision for a better customer experience with a digital transformation.

How to Optimize Digital Customer Engagement


The more companies strive to implement technology in their customer service practices, the more they struggle to offer seamless experiences. When customers look at any given channel, they should feel that each one is a viable method of contact. Take measures to enforce security within the contact center and from the customer’s side. For example, ask customers to use passwords to access accounts, and ensure that customer service agents do the same when using data.

6 Tips for Sending Perfect Customer Service Emails


While rapid service is in great demand these days, sometimes your customers actually want to slow down and write you a thorough message. According to Forrester, email is actually the most commonly used digital channel for service, with 54% of customers having used it in the past year. According to Software Advice, a survey of more than 2,000 online customers across all ages and genders found that 65% prefer a casual rather than a formal tone.

How to Use Customer Comments to Build a Successful Brand


Display product reviews prominently, and designate customer service agents to monitor them. Ambassador cites that 71% of customers who have had a good social media service interaction with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. Maintaining a list of frequently asked questions on your website is ideal for self-service. The post How to Use Customer Comments to Build a Successful Brand appeared first on Vocalcom Blog.

How AI is Transforming the Mobile Customer Experience


In particular, mobile customer service and commerce have seen tremendous transformations, enabling customers to receive assistance and make purchases effortlessly. Automated customer service. Self-service is the ultimate way to save customers time and effort. As Grand View Research points out, 45% of customers prefer chatbots as their primary means of communication for customer service. Stronger customer service communications.

6 Ways to Engage Customers on Social Media


On one hand, they are excellent for responding to customer service inquiries. Offer excellent customer service. First and foremost, your social channels should be used to deliver great customer service. Ad Week notes that 54% of customers actually prefer these channels for service over phone and email. Your customer service agents therefore need to monitor and respond to inquiries in a timely manner.

Five Ways to Improve Contact Center Performance – What Every Customer Wishes You Knew

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Too often, efforts to improve contact center performance are based business goals like increasing labor efficiency, or lower operating cost. But contact centers are not built to serve managers, they are built to serve customers. Here are some of the things we learned: Nearly half of all inbound contact center interactions are for the purposes of asking for help. Here are five key takeaways, in no specific order, to improve contact center performance.

Adapting Your Inbound Contact Center To Support Foreign Languages


Contact centers are playing an important role in companies all over our hyper-connected world. In the past, call centers were the only way of connecting with the customer. To start, we have to look at the inbound contact center. Here, we’re going to break down how companies can adapt their inbound contact center to support foreign languages. Effective communication between agents and customers is the whole point of a contact center.

5 Reasons Why Customers Love Chatbots


Here are five specific reasons why customers love them—and how you can improve your service with the help of these digital assistants. They get 24/7 customer service. Since many companies are unable to provide human support around the clock, chatbots are the perfect representatives when customers need help outside of service hours. A survey by MyClever Agency found that 64% of customers believe that chatbots’ ability to provide 24/7 service is a top benefit.

5 Ways IVR Systems Power Great Customer Service


IVR systems are among the best technologies for empowering customers through automated service. In addition, contact center employees can enjoy a greater sense of efficiency, as they are able to complete calls more quickly and share their expertise when the situation demands their specific skills. Here are five ways IVR can power great customer service in your contact center. Faster service with visual IVR.

6 Habits of a Customer-Centric Brand


And the statistics back up this assertion: Dimension Data cites that 84% of organizations working to improve customer service have an increase in revenue. Analyze your customer service interactions by looking at call and chat transcripts, social media exchanges, texts, and emails. Customer journey maps enable you to figure out any loopholes in your service and take steps to correct them proactively. Make self-service a part of the omnichannel experience.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


This brought to life the capabilities of AI powered customer service and demonstrated some of the exciting features that brands are now able to offer in order to create truly amazing customer experiences. We were also delighted to see ourselves awarded at this year’s UK Cloud Awards , being named a winner in the Security Solution of the Year category, in recognition of the innovative nature and consistently excellent performance of our Aspect Verify ® fraud detection software.

Putting Your Chatbots to Work: 5 Tips to Consider


As artificial intelligence continues to change the way in which companies interact with customers, chatbots remain a key player in delivering this modern form of customer service. However, many customer service experts warn that using this form of AI correctly is essential to improving service—if your company does not design them well, their efforts will backfire and lead to customer frustration. Here are five tips to consider when using chatbots for customer service.

Innovative Call Centers with Conversation IVR Powered by Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence Transforming Call Centers. The Contact Center business is going through a series of very important changes driven by the technology innovation, the raise of socials and the new consumption models being evaluated by most of the companies. 73% want the ability to solve product/service issues on their own. 83% use self-service options when available. Enhanced Self-Service Solutions. Cisco Call Center Enhancements.

8 Ways to Turn Your Contact Center from Cost to Profit

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If you were to ask many business executives, they would say their customer service contact center is a necessary expense that does not contribute to the bottom line. As such, they don’t emphasize technology upgrades or process improvements for in-house centers and, when outsourcing, settle for the least expensive options. Worse, some companies are cutting their contact centers altogether, considering them less relevant in this age of digital self-service.

Customer Effort: Don’t Make Your Customers Work For You


First contact resolution, average handling time…many brands consider these KPIs critical for measuring their customer service success. For example, long average handling times may indicate miscommunication among departments or insufficient use of contact center technologies such as CRM databases. Be sure to streamline the service process across all channels and departments. Empower customers through self-service.

Speech Analytics: Changing the Game for Contact Center Technology

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For that reason, Speech Analytics software and processes have been gradually picking up steam in the contact center industry for the better part of a decade. Despite this, many contact centers are still struggling to find practical uses, and/or measure the ROI of the technology. Much in the same way, in a multi-channel customer service landscape the tendency is to group and analyze all the like things together.

5 Common Customer Service Complaints (And How to Resolve Them Quickly)


While your service may need some improvement, there’s no need to get nervous or irritated. These customers are doing you a favor—if many people have the same concerns, it’s actually easier for your customer service team to satisfy many customers at once when those issues are tackled. Here are five common service complaints that brands experience—and how you can resolve them to your customers’ satisfaction. In these instances, self-service options are best.

How to Provide Exceptional 24/7 Customer Service


According to a recent study by West Unified Communications Services, 74% of the customers surveyed were frustrated that service was only available during business hours. If offering live agent support at all times is not possible for your brand, these six tips will help you deliver exceptional 24/7 service that your customers will love. When a customer contacts your brand via email, always follow up immediately with an email. Offer self-service options.

5 Technologies That Reduce Customer Effort


The technologies used in modern contact centers are instrumental in delivering great customer experiences. Here are five ways to reduce customer effort through the efficient use of contact center technologies. Menu options should include all the possible reasons a customer might make contact. Artificial intelligence enhances self-service while making customer experiences more personalized.

Chatbots: The Key to Efficient Customer Service


When the idea of artificial intelligence for customer service was first introduced, many people were skeptical. Would customers actually receive better service? And customers are actively using AI support: According to Business Insider, 67% of consumers worldwide used chatbots for customer service in the past year. Here are five ways in which chatbots enable efficient customer service. Simple chatbots enable self-service.

5 Ways AI Can Drive Proactive Customer Service


While artificial intelligence helps brands deliver personalized customer experiences, the technology also offers another major benefit: proactive customer service. Here are five ways in which your brand may use AI to deliver proactive customer service. Use text analytics to offer superior service. You may also identify information that can be used to offer more personalized service. Make self-service more efficient.

6 Tips for Creating a User-Friendly IVR System


Just as a company website may enable customers to make purchases and find answers at any hour, an IVR system needs to offer self-service benefits around the clock. Tell customers upfront if agents are unavailable at a certain hour, and offer them other self-service options. Sometimes customers are contacting you because they want to speak to a real person. The best way to design a great IVR system is by assessing the reasons customers make contact.

How to Impress Your Customers with Proactive Service


Offering your customers quick and efficient service is likely to win their satisfaction. When your service turns proactive, satisfaction turns into awe. According to Frost and Sullivan, 73% of customers who were contacted proactively and had a positive experience with the agent felt a positive change in their perception toward the company. Here are five ways to impress your customers by giving them the service they didn’t even know they wanted.

10 Must Haves for Cloud-Based Customer Engagement Platforms


I’ve had a few interactions recently with customer service departments. We hear a lot about bad customer service experiences because of the outrage they trigger. As we head into the last quarter of 2018 and start to look at 2019 priorities, cloud-based customer engagement platforms must be a serious consideration for any customer service department looking to provide better experiences and keep pace with mobile, tech-savvy, self-sufficient consumers.

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5 Customer Expectations Your Brand Needs to Meet


Self-service options are excellent for saving customers effort. According to Glance, 67% of customers hang up the phone when they are unable to reach a service representative. If you are using chatbots to provide service, make sure that human agents work alongside them. Offering them products and services based on their preferences is one way to do so. The post 5 Customer Expectations Your Brand Needs to Meet appeared first on Vocalcom Blog.