25 Call Center Leaders Share the Most Effective Ways to Boost Contact Center Efficiency


Most call centers struggle with efficiency at one time or another. And because efficiency is directly tied to minimizing overhead costs in the call center, it’s a prominent challenge. Meet Our Panel of Contact Center Experts: .

Call Center Software: How to Choose the Best Software (Tips & Best Practices)


There are a number of call center software solutions on the market, comprising more than half a dozen types of these tools. That’s not to mention the number of software tools that integrate with the various call center software solutions. Types of Call Center Software.

AI is Not Reducing Call Center Agent Employment


Andrew Yang, founder of “Venture for America” (and a long-shot candidate for president in 2020) said “Google recently demonstrated software that can do the job of an average call center worker … that’s going to result in hundreds of thousands of jobs lost”.

Avoiding the Mounting Contact Center Compliance Squeeze

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Recent analyst research has proven that the job of staying compliant is only getting more difficult for contact centers. Luckily, call center analytics software can help alleviate much of these compliance headaches. With contact center analytics , help is on the way.

Best Practices for Call Center Scripts: Expert Tips & Best Practices for Developing & Using Effective Call Center Scripts


Call center agents must be ready to handle a variety of situations and customer interactions, making scripts for different purposes a must for some companies. Tips for Developing Effective Call Center Scripts. What might callers want when contacting your business?

Bandwidth to cancel noise in call centers


How much money are you loosing every day due to the noise in your call center? How many outbound sales calls fail since the customer is annoyed by the disturbing noise coming from your call center? Can you spare some bandwidth to cancel noise in your call center?

Finding the Right Self-service Mix in Your Contact Center

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For contact centres we know there are cost savings opportunities, as a chat with a live agent can cost $6-12 per interaction, compared to self-service which can cost as little as 25 cents. The post Finding the Right Self-service Mix in Your Contact Center appeared first on NICE inContact Blog.

The Most Unlikely Source Is Blocking Contact Center Transformation

Call Center Coach

Change is hard, especially in the contact center industry. The humor of this eye-opener is that those of us in the contact center profession are supposed to be in the business of helping meet the needs of our ever-changing customer expectations.

CX: The Shift from Call Center to Contact Center

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Thus, leading the way for call centers to be considered so much more. For example, if a distressed airline passenger has a grievance today, they’re less likely to call a customer support number than they are to Tweet at the airline company’s profile outlining their issue.

The Devil I Know vs. The Devil I Don’t in the Call Center

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I hear that saying all the time when talking with people about why they are stuck on an outdated call center software platform. Stop paying for expensive, time-consuming upgrades and stop using a variety of vendors to piece together a workable solution in your contact center.

Contact Center vs. Call Center: What Is the Difference?


Most people would be hard-pressed to pinpoint the difference between a contact center vs. call center. Contact centers are a relatively new solution. They don’t have the negative reputation from which call centers often suffer. Call Center

Contact Center Pipeline Magazine: Inside Our November 2018 Issue

Contact Center Pipeline

You can search our article archive and blog for seasonal tips. Inside The Issue call center contact centerNovember! It’s that time of year!

Calling all Call Centers: Confessions of a Tech Support Agent


If you’ve had your eyes on the Fonolo blog for the past nine years, you know that in that time we have dedicated ourselves to bringing you news and views of all kinds that impact the customer service and contact center spaces. Enter Call-Backs. It’s our turn.

4 Measurements of CX Success in the Outsourced Contact Center


Let’s take a look at 4 critical measurements to determine the effectiveness (or, conversely, ineffectiveness) of the outsourced contact center: 1) Service Level. The post 4 Measurements of CX Success in the Outsourced Contact Center appeared first on CallMiner.

Next Generation Contact Center Versus Old School Call Center

Advantage Communications

If you have spent any time reading through our blogs here at Advantage Communications you have probably noticed that we refer to ourselves as a contact center, rather than a traditional call center.

Infographic: 6 Small Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference in Your Contact Center


While this may seem simple enough, call and contact center managers of the 21st Century know better: It ain’t easy. If your contact center is floundering, it’s time for you to plant your feet on terra firma and look globally at your common problems. Call-Backs.

Call Centers are the Front Line of Customer Service

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Some call centers struggle to have a stellar reputation, but it doesn’t have to be that way. So, how can you ensure that customers who call your company are given the help that they need and that they exit the call feeling positive about the interaction and the company?

Essentials of Cloud Contact Centers

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In a previous blog , we outlined advantages of moving a customer experience platform to the cloud. Ultimately, your unique business needs will determine what is included in your cloud contact center system. Automating and queueing call backs also elevates the customer experience.

Worried? Is Your Contact Center Failing You?

Beyond Philosophy

Contact centers are often the communications lifeblood of a business. So how do you make sure your contact centre is set up to deliver the ultimate customer experience ? There are two things about communicating with a contact center that can drive clients to frustration.

Time Zones In Contact Centers


Since several years ago, a good part of the call center services of the Hispanic countries (including bilingual services) are located in Central America. This reequires organization and logistics in the call center, to make calls within the appropriate hours for customers.

Contact Center vs. Call Center: What Is the Difference?


Most people would be hard-pressed to pinpoint the difference between a contact center vs. call center. Contact centers are a relatively new solution. They don’t have the negative reputation from which call centers often suffer. Call Center

10 Steps to Reduce Call Center Attrition

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But in call centers, it can be significantly more challenging. QATC estimates that the turnover rate in the call center industry ranges between 30-45%. If you’re a veteran of the industry, you already know this because hiring and retaining good agents is something successful contact centers constantly focus on. If possible, take recruits on a tour of the call center floor and have them watch an agent field a couple of calls.

Is Your Contact Center Training Missing These Things?

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The reality is, your contact center’s success still hinges on the quality of the conversations your agents have with your customers. The reality is, your contact center’s success still hinges on the quality of the conversations your agents have with your customers.

5 Tips to Lower Contact Center Attrition

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Agent attrition is not a new concept in the contact center. The average lifespan of a contact center agent is traditionally short, resulting in human resource departments trying to understand this costly trend, usually turning to some kind of retroactive metric.

Five Tactics to Retain Your Top Call Center Agents

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Retaining call center agents doesn’t occur by chance, it happens by implementing practical, proven retention tactics. Check out these five tactics to retain your top call center agents: 1) Recognize Your Agents. Another effective tactic for recognition within a call center is to have wallboards that display leaders of challenges, agent birthdays, and agent spotlights. Avoiding job boredom in the contact center is crucial to keeping them around.

Do Humans Still Have a Place in Contact Centers?

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Consider these stats*: 4 minutes is the average time savings with a chatbot enquiry vs. a traditional call $0.70 Chatbots enable companies large and small to handle customer service inquiries across digital channels without involving human contact center agents. So should we get rid of the poor humans in contact centers? Humans have an irreplaceable role in contact centers. The post Do Humans Still Have a Place in Contact Centers?

Call Center vs. Contact Center: 7 Key Differences


Call center vs. contact center. Call centers and contact centers are two distinct models for business communication. The Blog Call Center vs. Contact Center: 7 Key Differences appeared first on West Corporation.

Call Center Analytics and Metrics

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In fact, one Gartner survey asked users what it means and they received a range of answers in response, from “online analytical processing” to monitoring call centers, to data mining. Performance analytics focuses on call center personnel. Analytics Blog

Eight Tips to Ensure Call Center PCI Compliance

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However, when it comes to regulatory compliance in the contact center industry, taking risks should never be considered as an option. Redact and protect recorded calls containing sensitive information. Provide appropriate contact center employee training.

The 3 Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Call Center


This is certainly the case with call centers. Contracting out your call center can cut overheads significantly, but poor service could lead to a mass departure of customers. In this blog, you’ll find three of the most notable pros and cons of outsourcing a call center.

The Problem with Doing Nothing in the Contact Center

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If you speak with any contact center leader, you begin to sense their frustration with how difficult it is to deliver the experience customers demand today when using tools built nearly a decade ago! What a call center was designed to do even two years ago will become obsolete.

Managing Gen-Z and Millennials in the Contact Center

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Gen-Z was born between 1996 and 2010, with the oldest workers of the era being 23 years of age, and prime entry-level job candidates in your contact center. To cater to both generations, you need to provide up-to-date communication solutions in your contact center.

Enterprise Contact Center Software Buyer’s Guide: Recommendations from Gartner

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It is time to modernize your contact center. But it may have been five years or more since you last evaluated technology options or vendors for call center software. Join the webinar, Up Your CX Game: Buyers Guide for Moving to a Cloud Contact Center , for guidance on managing the entire contact center software evaluation cycle, from building a consensus on priorities internally to evaluating your options to negotiating and selecting new partner.

How to Improve Small Business Call Centers

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Having a small business call center is a key piece of creating a competitive advantage with customer service. . If you’re a small business without a call center today, why should you create one? You may have multiple people taking calls and working with customers, but it’s likely that isn’t their only job responsibility. A call center concentrates interactions with customers into the hands of a dedicated team providing higher efficiency.

4 Contact Center Reports to Start Off Your Year


It’s going to be a big year in the world of contact center and in customer service technology. We’re going to tackle all of those topics in the months ahead on this blog, but first we’re reading everything we can so we can bring you the most accurate analysis.

Ten Dumb Things Smart Contact Center Executives Do

Taylor Reach Group

There are a lot of smart — very smart — individuals managing and directing Call and Contact Centers today. This is my top ten list of really dumb things that smart call and contact center executives do.

Five Tips for Improving Contact Center Management

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Contact center management is hard. Let’s look into some ideas that will help you successfully manage you contact center environment while keeping your cool in the process. Choose the right contact center solution. Very hard, actually.

Timezones En Su Contact Center


Hace ya varios años, buena parte de los servicios de call center del mundo hispano (incluyendo los servicios bilingües) se encuentran en Centroamérica. Esto implica una organización y logística clave dentro del call center, para realizar las llamadas dentro del horario adecuado para los clientes. . Un ejemplo puede ser una empresa de Estados Unidos cuyo call center bilingüe este situado en Colombia.

Artificial Intelligence Benefits in Call Centers Worldwide


Systems that are automated have recently been shown to boost call center performance statistics and capabilities. In fact, a recent Gartner presentation predicted that by the year 2020, non-voice interactions in call centers will have risen to an unbelievable 85%.

5 Tips to Improve Call Center Selling

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Successful call center agents are trained to pinpoint customer needs and resolve their pain points. This service-oriented approach to the customer experience uniquely positions call center agents to become successful upsell representatives, ultimately contributing to helping their company achieve revenue goals and improve sales effectiveness. . Here are 5 steps organizations can take to improve call center selling .