Nearshore Contact Center Outsourcing Spotlight: Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador

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The country has over 15 universities with more than 170,000 enrolled students, which enables contact centers to provide clients with nearly unlimited scalability with talented agents. Guatemalan contact center agents are often college educated and bilingual, speaking Spanish and English. For the nearly half a billion people who speak Spanish around the world, Guatemalan agents have neutral Spanish accents that can help a variety of Hispanic countries and US Hispanic markets.

Nearshore Contact Center Outsourcing Spotlight: Mexico, Chile, and Belize

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This growth has been driven largely by demand for bilingual call center services (Spanish and English), reduction in telecom rates, the emergence of the Internet, and the highly skilled, college-educated labor force. It can help optimize performance and provide initial and ongoing training for the agents. Contact centers in these cities employ thousands of agents who speak perfect English in addition to their native Spanish. Telemarketing.

5 Outbound Call Center Pricing Variables

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However, it’s a prevalent scenario for people to jump to price first when considering outbound telemarketing. An informative type of campaign that could fit into that mold is not only easy to set up; it is also easier to execute from an agent perspective. As a result, you don’t need a highly skilled agent. Higher-skilled agents cost more than lower-skilled agents. The quality of the agent is crucial to the success of any campaign. Bilingual.