Leveraging Big Data to Fine Tune Customer Experiences


Whether you realize it or not, big data is at the heart of practically everything we do today. In today’s smart, digital world, big data has opened the floodgates to never-before-seen possibilities. The need for customer journey analytics is simple: data solutions of the past simply won’t meet the next-generation customer needs of today and the future. Companies need a data-driven customer approach to survive—and it needs to be effective to thrive.

Turning Big Data Into Big Rewards


Marketers are flunking the “big data test.” According to Gleanster Research, as many as eight out of 10 CMOs at large enterprise organizations believe they could be doing a far better job of using data to make better and more informed marketing decisions. The reality is one of the biggest hurdles to making data-informed improvements to your business remains one of the most basic—how do you manage and interpret the incredible wealth of data now available?


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Guest Post: The Relationship Between Cloud ERP and Big Data

Natalie Petouhof

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) within the cloud is the engine utilizing data produced on the plant floor to power manufacturers. Cloud ERP gives manufacturers more precise and real-time data. Big data is popular amongst business intelligence and analytics applications. Big data technology is evolving and it is changing application systems that have long supported them; it has given challenges and great opportunities.

Prescriptive analytics: The way forward for Big Data

Hero Digital

For a long time, the field of data and analytics was focused on describing what happened — how many customers bought the product, what they looked like, how many came back, etc. Effects of that action were observed and fed back into the data to make the next prediction more accurate.

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

Data Sources; Organizations Likely Missing. In this era of big data, we collect information from more sources than ever. But having access to data and effectively utilizing that data are two. the noise by simply relying on data points they are most comfortable.

My Next Webinar with Huawei - 5G for Enterprise Digital Transformation

Jon Arnold

Am back for another webinar hosted by Huawei , and it’s about the promise of 5G for carriers to help enterprises with digital transformation. Cloud Communications Big Data Mobile BroadbandIt’s a busy month for webinars, and here’s the next one - Wednesday, March 10 at 2pm ET.

21 Business Analysts & Call Center Leaders Reveal the Optimal Role of the Business Analyst in Call Center Operations


They serve as a bridge between IT and other business functions, making data-driven recommendations that meet business requirements and improve processes while optimizing costs. Responsible for mining and interpreting data that will be used as a basis for improving the company’s performance.

Next Webinar with Light Reading - Harnessing Innovation to Overcome Uncertainty

Jon Arnold

I’ve been on another level of busy since Enterprise Connect, and here’s the latest. There will be a lot of talk about how Huawei is innovating, but also to take a broader look at the role big tech companies can play in making the global economy more sustainable.

Cross-Channel Analytics Transforms the Enterprise

OvniSource - Ovniblog

Cross-channel Analytics Delivers Customer Engagement Management OnviSource recently announced a new cross-channel analytics, enterprise-wide solution called OnVision. The post Cross-Channel Analytics Transforms the Enterprise appeared first on OnviSource. big data contact center customer experience customer satisfaction enterprise social media speech analytics text analytics workforce optimization analytics cross-channel analytics enterprise analytics omni channel analytics

Spotlight on Natural Language Generation - Next Wave in AI Speech

Jon Arnold

While this doesn’t fit cleanly into the collaboration bucket, NLG has great use cases in the enterprise, especially to enrich Business Intelligence. based Enterprise Management 360 , a portal that I post to from time to time. Big Data Cloud Communications Collaboration

UCX: Now - May 19-20, Next Speaking Opp

Jon Arnold

This time, I’ll be speaking on a panel led by colleague Kevin Kieller, and we’ll be exploring how enterprises can manage all the data that’s now being captured in the workplace, thanks to AI and cloud. Big issues to explore, and we hope you can join us.

MLOps foundation roadmap for enterprises with Amazon SageMaker

AWS Machine Learning

As enterprise businesses embrace machine learning (ML) across their organizations, manual workflows for building, training, and deploying ML models tend to become bottlenecks to innovation. Scalability – Data scientists and ML engineers are able to scale resources and services on demand.

Transforming the Enterprise and Call Center with Intelligent Automation (IA)

OvniSource - Ovniblog

Enterprises must use Intelligent Automation to gain a better understanding of their customers’ demands, behavior and sentiment. The post Transforming the Enterprise and Call Center with Intelligent Automation (IA) appeared first on OnviSource. artificial intelligence big data call center contact center customer experience customer experience management customer journey customer satisfaction intelligent automation workforce optimization automation

Choosing an Outsourced Customer Service Company in 2022 for business growth


Call Center , Customer Service , Outsource Customer care , Outsourced Customer care , Big Data Call center outsourcing is here to stay, and it may be time for your organization to join in. The information you gain from this data may help you improve your business in various ways.

Spotlight on Global Supply Chain Management: Lessons Learned from the Semiconductor Chip Shortage

Jon Arnold

What’s the big deal about semiconductors? The importance of semiconductors becomes more evident in the context of digital transformation, a meta-trend that all enterprises are adapting to. Big Data Cloud Communications Internet of Things

A 5-Step Checklist for Mastering Enterprise AI

CSM Magazine

At EBI.AI, we have spent over six years working closely with our customers to implement conversational AI projects for a wide range of organisations including retail, local government and multi-national enterprises. Next, focus on collecting representative data samples.

5 Customer Service Trends That Point to a Promising Future

DMG Consulting

That’s because enterprise executives have finally accepted that their organizations need to deliver the personalized service experiences their customers want, in their channel of choice, instead of doing what’s best for the company. This is great news for enterprises and the vendors that deliver their service solutions. Big Data solutions: Data repositories are an essential component of all AI and machine learning initiatives.

Achieve enterprise-grade monitoring for your Amazon SageMaker models using Fiddler

AWS Machine Learning

Without enterprise-class model monitoring , your models may be decaying in silence. The remainder of this post walks you through the steps to integrate your SageMaker model with Fiddler’s Model Performance Management Platform : Ensure your model has data capture enabled.

The Customer Data Platform Benefits You Should Know


Hidden inside customer data, there are many opportunities to grow and improve your brand, but what if you don’t know what to look for? If key information like this is passing you by, then your customer data isn’t properly organized and optimized to turn raw information into value-driven customer engagements. Customer data must be actionable or else it is just a heavy collection of wasted opportunities. The best way to do this is by using a customer data platform (CDP).

7 Digital Transformation Trends to Watch While You Digitize Your Business


We’ll see the Internet of Things affecting offices, allowing remote access to valuable data. Big Data. The Internet of Things is expected to generate more data than we could possibly process—an estimated 600 zettabytes by 2020. Big Data is how we’ll make sense of it all, which is why the industry is expected to reach $102 billion by 2019. Greater data and smarter analytics have already impacted the healthcare and manufacturing industries.

Salesforce Empowers UCSF to Study Benefits of Personal Approach to Breast Cancer Screening

Natalie Petouhof

The Salesforce Foundation has similarly partnered with the Athena Breast Health Network to provide generous support of our important joint efforts. Salesforce.com , an enterprise cloud computing company, is helping to revolutionize how organizations collaborate, communicate and share important information. . Tweet Precision Medicine Has Arrived : A research team at UC San Francisco has won a five-year award of $14.1

These 8 Technologies Are Transforming the Contact Center

DMG Consulting

Contact Centers are some of the most technically sophisticated operations in the enterprise, putting to use more than 45 systems and applications. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Big Data analytics, and mobility are all driving contact center innovation. This sector now has more than 150 competitors worldwide, giving both enterprises and small and midsize organizations many good choices.

Digital Transformation Revolution

Revation Systems

The Enterprisers Project defines digital transformation as, “The integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how businesses operate and deliver value to customers.” Innovations such as the cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) and big data have already dramatically altered the customer experience in many, if not all, industries.

The Evolving Chief Customer Officer: Identifying Value, Authority, Scope, Responsibilities, and Strategic Direction Within the Enterprise

Beyond Philosophy

Reflective of the escalating focus on customer data, experiences, and relationships across all methods of communication and access, the role is rapidly evolving and morphing; however, there is general agreement regarding its significance in building and sustaining true value, planning capability, and enterprise customer-centricity. Customer Insight, Data and Action Generation. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC, is Thought Leadership Principal for Beyond Philosophy.

Is the Contact Center Going the Way of the PBX?

Jon Arnold

That's the question posed for my latest No Jitter writeup, and it stems from several takeaways from last month's Enterprise Connect 2018. You don't have to look far on my blog to see what I've already written about the conference, but for No Jitter, it just seemed that a number of learnings from Enterprise Connect pointed to that big question. Contact Center Cloud Communications Big Data

Salesforce Unveils Next Generation Marketing Cloud; Now Any Journey Is Possible

Natalie Petouhof

While marketers have ample access to customer data, activating that data and engaging customers with relevant content across every channel is a significant challenge. Triggers can also automatically modify data in the customer contact record or set up wait times and decision splits to adjust the journey in real-time based on customer interactions across sales, marketing and service. Tweet I’m speaking at Salesforce Exact Target’s Connections Conference.

Doing Something Really Interesting in IOT Customer Experience or Cloud Customer Service? Apply for a SuperNova Award!

Natalie Petouhof

Special recognition will be given to projects that seek to redefine how the enterprise uses technology on a large scale. And make sure you have data to show your results! September 7, 2016 finalists announced and invited to Connected Enterprise. October 27, 2016 Winners announced, SuperNova Awards Gala Dinner at Connected Enterprise . Judges look for projects whose elements can be replicated in other enterprises. examples: big data, predictive analytics) .

The 3 Contact Center Applications That Pay for Themselves

DMG Consulting

In any case, these three applications can make major contributions to enterprises, customers, and agents, and should be considered by all contact centers as they begin to plan their 2018 budgets. IVAs are self-learning; their intelligence is continually evolving based on data inputs from each new interaction. Thank you for your interest in DMG Consulting’s publications. Please complete the registration form below. First Name * Last Name Email Address *.

Apply for a SuperNova Award – Become a Recognized Leader in Digital Business

Natalie Petouhof

Special emphasis will be given to projects that seek to redefine how the enterprise uses technology on a large scale. SuperNova Award Categories Here’s the various categories you can enter: • Consumerization of IT & The New C-Suite – The Enterprise embraces consumer tech, and perfects it. • Data to Decisions – Using data to make informed business decisions. • Digital Marketing Transformation – Put away that megaphone.

Teradata Influencer Summit Highlights

Natalie Petouhof

Key Principle #2: Big Data Technologies: Aster, Hadoop, Big Data Apps, Apps Center, Open Source Contribution and leverage. Key Principle #4: Enterprise Class Production Analytics, Hybrid Implementations (Pubic/ Private), Broader Market Penetration. Key Principle #5: Consulting, Big Data Consulting, Analytics Consulting, Managed Services. We are out of the hype cycle and need to get down to business using data to make the best customer experiences.

Maximizing Personalization to Differentiate Brands While Increasing ROI, & Loyalty Customer Experiences

Natalie Petouhof

Intact, without a data-driven approach to optimizing the customer experience, marketers are left with: Lower conversion rates. Tim Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Maxymiser said, “ Our mission is to empower enterprises to use data science to systematically test, discover, and predict what customers want and deliver uniquely tailored experiences. Tweet Is Personalization At Scale Possible? Personalization at scale has long been a desired capability of many Marketers.

Organizational Agility Hampered by Data Quality


A recent Insurance Networking News article by Nathan Golia ( @NathanGolia) references a West Monroe Partners’ study on data analytics in insurance companies that found “Two-thirds of the 122 respondents to the survey said data quality and accuracy was the greatest challenge to advanced analytics.”. But when done right, the use of quality data analytics can lead to “increased engagement, improved production by existing advisors and reduced attrition.”.

Microsoft Acquires FieldOne Systems LLC To Create Better Customer Service Experiences Via IOT and Analytics

Natalie Petouhof

As a leading provider of end-to-end solutions that enables businesses to drive revenue, reduce costs and deliver great customer service, FieldOne specializes in delivering a full set of capabilities that include work order management, automated scheduling, asset contract, inventory and procurement management, workflow capabilities and mobile collaboration – providing enterprises with a comprehensive modern field service solution.

Data Unification – Don’t Confuse Your Customers

OvniSource - Ovniblog

The Data Unification Dilemma Although there may be many internal discussions about enterprise-wide data unification, putting it into real-world practice is often neglected. The post Data Unification – Don’t Confuse Your Customers appeared first on OnviSource. big data customer experience data unification data silos

Consumers Can Research a Company and Schedule Appointments Faster and Easier

Natalie Petouhof

This enables the broader sharing of resources across the bank enterprise, whether they are in a contact center or another location. Chris Zaske, global vice president, strategic operations, Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions, ™ explains, “ A top priority of the retail banking organizations we serve is to provide superior experiences to their customers—both on- and off-line—with the goal of also growing revenue.

I’m Judging the SuperNova Awards: Make Sure to Submit Your Case Study

Natalie Petouhof

sensors, smart ‘things’, device to purchase, artificial intelligence). • Data to Decisions – Using data to make informed business decisions. big data, predictive analytics). • Digital Marketing Transformation – Personalized, data-driven digital marketing. • Future of Work: Social Business – The technologies enabling teams to work together efficiently. Tweet I’m judging the 2016 Constellation SuperNova Awards !

Capgemini Collaborates with Celaton on Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud

Natalie Petouhof

This minimizes the need for human intervention and ensures that only accurate, relevant and structured data enters business systems. Earlier this year, Capgemini introduced an Autonomic Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering founded on best of breed technologies to deliver intelligent automation solutions on-demand for enterprises. Tweet. What’s the Partnership Between Capgemini And Celaton Mean to Your Company?

SaaS 43

Innovations in Performance Management: Verint’s Workforce Optimization

Natalie Petouhof

Managing performance and productivity in a typical enterprise is no easy task, given disparate systems, complex processes and the differences in performance metrics between roles and functions. This latest release features a new state-of-the-art user interface that supports advanced visualization, data exploration, and analysis of employee and company-wide performance, providing critical executive insights that support time-sensitive decision making and actions.

Capgemini Joins Forces with Blueprint to Offer Advanced Requirements Management Capabilities for Financial Services

Natalie Petouhof

Blueprint’s leading-edge, enterprise solution allows Capgemini to accelerate delivery of its industry leading solutions and reduce total cost of ownership for its customers. Tweet. What’s The Combo Up To?

IoT Leadership Forum Helps Customers Digitally Transform Their Business

Natalie Petouhof

Today’s enterprises span a spectrum of engagement when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT). Wherever an enterprise is with their use of IoT, they can benefit from expert insight to help them accomplish their goals. For large enterprise customers with complex environments, IoT implementations bring both challenges and an abundance of opportunities to transform their business. Tweet Is IoT Relevant to Today’s Companies?