8 Qualities of Effective Contact Center Agents

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What if the only human interaction your customers have with your brand is through an agent working at your contact center? Wouldn’t you make sure that agent was great “brand ambassador” material? Additionally, agents influence the morale of their team. Sure, life happens sometimes, but agents who are habitually unreliable not only impact performance but they also negatively impact the morale of their more reliable teammates.

The Best Advice for Contact Centers in 2018: The Experts Weigh In


This is especially true for those of us involved in the cacophony of contact centers; we are essentially the appointed, trusted ‘brand listeners’ who hear many, many voices on a given day, including those of both customers and colleagues. It’s a noisy little planet we live on.

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4 ways to drive recognition in your customer service team


Also, given the high turnover rates in the contact center industry, recognition can be a powerful weapon in keeping your best staff and ensuring they remain happy and motivated. Why customer service is key to building brand trust.

What One Change Would Most Improve Customer Support in 2018?


Support agent attrition and low employee morale were repeatedly cited as motivators for change in 2018. The product will change and policies will be updated — veteran agents, as well as new hires, can always use an occasional refresher on company best practices. Planning, outreach and syncing should be ongoing practices. Account executives can act as brand ambassadors as well as points-of-contact for newly acquired clients.