Where Is Customer Success Headed in 2022?


Where is Customer Success Headed in 2022? Customer Success gradually, then suddenly, came to exist. Customer Success gradually, then suddenly, became essential to SaaS companies. Customer Success gradually, then suddenly, joined the C-suite. Be prepared to be benchmarked.

Top 51 Customer Service Leaders – Best Customer Experience Influencers


Customer service leaders come in all shapes and sizes. This is especially true in the customer service industry. Customer Experience (CX) has catapulted into one of the most important aspects of determining business success. Customer Service Leaders: Adam Toporek.


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We Asked 30 CX Influencers if They Would Recommend the Net Promoter System


The Net Promoter System® (or NPS) has been a popular customer experience metric since its creation in 2003. Before we dive deeper, here’s a detailed guide to how to improve your customer experience with NPS (and here is a quick summary of what NPS is and isn’t ). Jeanne Bliss Customer Experience Practitioner & Pioneer, Keynote Speaker and Author. Companies need to employ multiple sources of information to tell the story of customers lives.

Top Customer Success Resources


Customer success! Goes without saying, customer success resources break the internet with a humongous flow of information, but it is kind of at sixes and sevens. Chief Customer Officer 2.0: Interestingly, customer success blogs are as rewarding as they can get.

SaaS 10

CEO’s Guide to Growth through Customer Experience Alignment

Answer Dash

(This articles was originally published on CustomerThink as an exclusive column for CustomerThink Advisor ) Organizational agility — to profitably seize evolving opportunities and allay emerging threats — depends upon managers aligning daily decisions with core customers’ expectations and your corporate strategy. As explained in the first of this six-part series, CEO’s Guide to Growth through Customer-Centered Management , financials are the cart, and customers are the horse.