How Mobile Banking is Redefining The Customer Relationship


The banking industry is far from exempt from new consumer expectations. Banks and other financial institutions are having to adapt at a rapid pace. As a result, mobile banking and other technologies are driving a profound change in banking and the customer relationship.

‘Banking’ on Situation Management

Customer Interactions

A Q&A interview with NICE Banking Sector Expert Erez Goldstein. Consolidation in the banking industry has its upsides…and some downsides as well, especially when it comes to managing physical security. In this Q&A interview, Erez Goldstein, Banking Sector Senior Product Marketing Manager for NICE Systems, shares his perspective on the security challenges facing the banking industry, and how Situation Management can help.

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Portugal’s Largest Private Bank Leverages PSIM for Operational Savings

Customer Interactions

When we think about the necessity of security, banking is an industry that immediately comes to mind. For banks, investing in security is simply a part of day-to-day business. Millennium bcp, Portugal’s largest bank,is an excellent example of how an enterprise can enhance its security while also achieving enormous savings. The bank had a vision to consolidate its control centers and centralize security operations, and NICE Situator gave it the ability to do just that.

CX: The Shift from Call Center to Contact Center

Revation Systems

Since 1973, call center solutions have been leveraging the latest advancements to further the customer experience in reaching businesses when they need to — whether through the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) of the ’70s or the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) of the ’90s and 2000’s. As telehealth and digital banking adoption continues to rise, these features will become increasingly seen as commonplace expectations as well.

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PINDROP PULSE FLASH REPORT: Five Insights of COVID-19 in the Contact Center


Pindrop , an enterprise voice security company, works with eight of the top 10 banks, three of the top five brokerages, and five of the top seven life insurers. Most contact centers were unprepared for the magnitude of the shift to work from home and scrambled to take steps to set their agents up with technology and secure VoIP infrastructure at home. Phishing scams that would evolve into fraudulent activity across banking, financial services, insurance and other verticals.

Explaining the Basics of Unified Communications


By integrating these different technologies into a single system, businesses can leverage Hosted VoIP to allow these functionalities to run via the internet, ensuring more cost efficiency and consistency in business communication. More tech-savvy companies add features like e-commerce, online banking and even team scheduling to UC platforms. UC, because it uses Hosted VoIP, can help minimize communication costs.

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Find the Best Call Center Phone and Headset for Your Business


Our presented hardware above gives agents and managers the ability to process calls without breaking the bank. And if you choose VirtualPBX as your VoIP service provider, Web Phone is a great pick for easy setup and the tightest of budgets. With thousands of options available, you may have a hard time finding the best call center phone and headset for your business. We’ll keep this post simple.

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Why Call Recording matters to your contact center


The increased range of communications devices – mobiles, home landlines, VoIP phones for example - means that contact centers today need to consider widening the types of calls that they record. So, whether you’re operating a trading floor, bank, insurance company, health center, public safety line or government body, being able to record your contact center calls in a compliant way is vital.

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Beware These 5 Dangerous IT Security Challenges


That’s what the hackers bank on, and why phishing emails are so successful. Cloud phone systems (or Hosted VoIP) are a rising tech-trend among mid-market companies and enterprises. Download our Hosted VoIP Buyer’s Guide for a checklist of essential questions for any provider.

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5 Key Characteristics of the Best Customer Service Employees

customer sure

Think providing meter readings to utility companies , or checking bank statements. About the Author: Reuben Yonatan is the CEO @ GetVoIP , a leading VoIP systems comparison guide that connects shoppers with relevant providers. Everyone has a story about bad customer service experience. And if you don’t, just look on social media.

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Keep Calm and De-Scope! PCI DSS Compliance for Contact Centres

CSM Magazine

Traditionally, contact centres relied on a variety of compensating controls such as call and screen recording, encrypted VoIP technology and a clean room environment as a short-cut and cure-all for PCI Compliance.

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3 Digital Customer Experience Strategies to Upgrade Your Brand

TLC Associates

The right platform will seamlessly integrate with your social media tools, VoIP systems, sales programs, and even your marketing automation tools. Yet brands that work with an outsourced contact center can access talent and resources that improve their performance without breaking the bank. As a society, we’ve embraced a digital existence, but not all businesses have made the full transition.

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Mobile-focused Customer Support: Why It’s Important and Where to Begin


Finance apps unchained customers from visiting banks. But voice could be replaced with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or video calls if the app supports the right functionality. Instead of voice, why not VoIP? The traditional customer support experience has been calling a helpline, being placed in a queue, and waiting for an agent to answer.

7 Unexpected Benefits of Call Recordings


Call recordings can be done either over PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or more and more popular these days VoIP (Voice over IP). In most countries, call recordings are mandatory by law in some industries like banking or insurance. Any time you call customer service or get a sales call you can hear the same phrase. “To improve quality of our calls/for security purposes/for training purposes this call will be recorded.”

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Getting Started With Advanced Call Center Management and Metrics

Win the Customer

As a VoIP system for call center organizations of all sizes, setup takes only a few minutes and there’s no need to hire system administrators, developers, or technical wizards to tap into the powerful management tools and metrics available. Something as simple as a phone conversation can make the difference in the life of a customer, if it’s done correctly.

Give your real estate business an edge with SMS Bot


Take a scenario – when you call your bank, your first point of contact is a computer. How to turn your sales team into superheroes using VoIP. In real estate, simply generating leads is just not enough. It is important to analyze the quality of these leads and build relationships with them. It is important to recognize each and every lead as a customer. However, the issue arises that these leads can come to you in real estate at any time of the day.

Are we free?


When you think about giving specific instructions to your Uber/Lyft driver or getting your lost/stolen credit card canceled- would you prefer doing a phone call or emailing your bank to freeze your card? Experience freedom with Freshcaller – the best call center software for all businesses.

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