Guest Blog: How to Manage Customer Emotions


Stewart and Patricia O’Connell, write about how to manage customer emotions and ensure that employees know how to be empathetic. Customers are smarter than ever and we must know how to create a positive experience. How much emotion is the customer likely to have?

Why The Intensity of Customer Emotions is Crucial to Your Customer Loyalty

Beyond Philosophy

Customer emotions have a strong influence on your Customer Experience outcome. From our research in our global Customer Experience consultancy, we know that over 50 percent of experience is about how a customer feels. .

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How Customer Emotions Can Build or Break Your Profitability

Kristina Evey

The emotions of your customers drive your profitability and customer loyalty. Being in tune with your customer while working with them is just as crucial, especially if you plan to stay in business and be successful. Your Profits Depend On Your Customer’s Emotions.

TD Bank Made Me Cry and Reached Millions of Customers


TD Bank made me cry today. Picture this: I’m at my desk in an open-office workspace, when a co-worker IMs me a video about TD Bank. I had previously written on switching from TD Bank to an online bank named Simple , so I’m interested, and I click the link.

5 Facts to End the ROI Debate on Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

For many years, there has been a debate whether you could assign a dollar amount to determine the return on investment for any Customer Experience improvements. Customer Satisfaction results in a higher share price. Keeping Customers results in a high increase in value.

Losing Customers Trust is the Worst Penalty VW Will Face

Beyond Philosophy

I find it beyond belief how large organizations can cheat and lie to their Customers. Banks lied to us, nearly crashing the world economy and causing the Great Recession. I had thought the banking crisis was the pinnacle of organizational stupidity but then last week we hear Volkswagen (VW) lost 30% of their value. Because they lied to their Customers. VW is a HUGE brand, and they have just lied to customers. Trust is a basic emotion.

Service Process vs. Service Experience: Solving the Customer’s Problem vs. Owning the Customer’s Issue

Beyond Philosophy

Whether consumers articulate it or not, or whether it gets measured or not, emotions have become core to experience response and future consumer decisions. In a recent article, Robert Passikoff, CEO of Brand Keys, presented statistics which demonstrate the extent to which consumer response to experiences, and the resultant impact on decision processes, has become emotion-dominant. It is also an essential element of customer-centricity. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

You Can’t Legislate Customer Centricity

Beyond Philosophy

One interesting bit of his speech touched on an important issue for Customer Centricity: data breaches. He said the federal standard he would impose to notify Customers their information had been compromised should be 30 days. This is a law for the “non-Customer centric” organizations.

What Customer-Centric Companies Must Do To Become Customer-Obsessed

Beyond Philosophy

In building relationships with customers, and value for them, my long-time observation is that most organizations tend to progress through several stages of performance as they are becoming truly customer-centric: a) customer awareness, b) customer sensitivity, c) customer focus, and d) customer obsession. Here is the ‘executive summary’ version of some conditions of each stage, and how the movement to customer obsession takes place within the enterprise.

What Target Is Doing to Regain Consumer Trust – – And One of The Most Effective Things They (and GM) Could/Should Do

Beyond Philosophy

Target has issued press releases, and been on television, speaking to the fact that they are bringing in new senior IT execs to oversee customer data management. On the company web site, Target has begun posting information about initiatives and programs designed to offer customers greater purchase security. Here is one of the things they both could do to bring customers closer, and make them part of the image rebuilding effort. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

Loyalty Programs!?! We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Loyalty Programs!!!

Beyond Philosophy

Without fear of (much) argument, it’s a fair statement that all companies want, and try to generate and achieve, optimum loyalty from their customer base. They should want this because study after study shows the financial rewards of having loyal customers. Some companies reach this goal through superior value delivery, built on quality products and services and positive, consistent customer experiences. Customer loyalty programs are especially popular among retailers.

The Critical Skills that All Customer-Facing Teams Must Have

Beyond Philosophy

I believe it is crucial to do more than discuss your theories about Customer Experience strategy. In other words, theories are fascinating but falderal unless you implement them in your Customer Experience. It is the same exercise with customers. What words are customers using?

Exposed: The 7 Questions Everyone Should Be Asking

Beyond Philosophy

The emotional side of the Customer Experience (CX) is often ignored, which is a big mistake in today’s competitive business environment. Since emotion influences more than half the typical CX, deliberate structuring of your emotional CX is essential.

Lose The Fear Of Facial Recognition If You Want CX Improvement

Beyond Philosophy

Many new technologies, such as facial recognition technology for Customer Experience are emerging. Facial recognition and facial expression analysis are capturing essential information about how customers feel during an experience at the moment.

Want More Sales? Give All Your Money Away!

Beyond Philosophy

Marcario’s post talked about Patagonia’s grants to environmental groups and then said, “Along with many loyal customers, the initiative attracted thousands who have never purchased from Patagonia before. It costs far more to acquire new customers than to keep the ones you already have.

Sales 371

Truth Bared about the Realities of Customer Experience Implementation!

Beyond Philosophy

What do a Bank, an Airline, and an Online Retailer Have in Common? Consorsbank, Lufthansa, and Zalando—three very different companies—have both undertaken a Customer Experience improvement program. Consorsbank is a bank; Lufthansa is an airline; Zalando is an online clothing retailer.

A Successful Customer Experience Strategy Means Keeping it Consistent


Was this evidence of a successful customer experience strategy? Delivering a consistent customer experience is imperative for companies that want to drive loyalty. Inconsistent interactions confuse customers and can damage the brand’s reputation. Sam travels often for business.

What is Chatbot? Why are Chatbots Important?

REVE Chat Blog

In today’s time, where customers believe that the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services. You can pretty much say that bots are a critical part of customer service automation. Expectations – Bot must be able to fulfill the customer expectations when they make a request or ask a query customer says sends an inquiry. . Sentiment Analysis – The bot interprets the user responses to align with their emotions. .

Call Center Software: How to Choose the Best Software (Tips & Best Practices)


The last thing you can afford is a disconnect, which will lead to frustration and a lack of communication among both employees and customers.” – Larry Alton, How to Choose the Best Call Center Software ,; Twitter: @businessdotcom. Customers expect nothing less.

Avoid Angry Customers with The No Fault Technique

Toister Performance Solutions

A subscriber recently sent me the transcript from a chat session she had with a customer. Her customer had gotten angry and ended the session abruptly. The gist of the chat session is the customer wrote his payment wasn't going through.

Why focusing on CX is key at times of change


For example, automotive and oil companies need to transform to deal with the rise of electric and autonomous vehicles, while banks face competition from nimble fintech upstarts. There are three key considerations – and they all have customer experience at their core: 1.

Getting emotional: experts share secrets to CX success


A customer’s interaction with a brand evokes strong emotions that can have a lasting impact on the business – for better or worse. Brands that get this right and create customer experiences that drive positive emotions dramatically outperform those that get it wrong in retention, revenue and even stock price growth. And how can other businesses follow suit to successfully harness the power of emotion in their customer experience strategies?

A 5-Step Introduction to Journey Analytics


Journey analytics combines big data technology, advanced analytics, and functional expertise to help companies perfect their customer journeys. To map them, it leverages millions of data points across customers, channels, and touchpoints ” – McKinsey. 2- Reshape customer feedback.

There’s No I in Team, but What About AI?

CSM Magazine

Cathal McGloin, CEO of ServisBOT describes why AI is perfectly poised to help customer service professionals shine. While we are happy to chat to friends and colleagues using messaging, text, social media and email, when it comes to contacting our bank, insurance company or healthcare provider, we’re often sent to the back of the phone queue. Customer service departments are still rooted in voice-centric service infrastructure, but this is about to change.

Customer Experience Management: What Is It All About


We hear so much about customer experience, that I was afraid writing about it would be too obvious. As I dig deeper into the subject, I realized, we know customer experience is important and that it basically means we need to be nice to customers, but there’s a whole strategy behind it.