Back Office Integration Coming to the Forefront in Customer Engagement


We have begun to see the boundaries of the contact center expanding as its functionality encroaches upon other departments within the enterprise, agents gain access to subject matter experts in other departments, and data silos have come together in the interest of improved customer service. As the worlds of back office and front office operations come together, contact center agents will benefit by the improved customer service they are able to offer customers.

Navy Federal Credit Union Offers Exceptional Customer Service to Customers Who Served


The company leveraged Verint Workforce Optimization to help automate staff planning and scheduling—in turn, enjoying savings in the millions of dollars by reducing overtime and excess staffing costs. Providing one-stop financial services to current and former members of the military and the Department of Defense and their families, Navy Federal Credit Union is the world's largest credit union with more than 7.5 million members, $90 billion in assets, and 17,000 employees.

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The Spotlight Is On the Back Office—Finally!


There are no industry associations for back-office professionals such as the CCNG, a member network for Contact Center, Customer Service, and Customer Experience Management Professionals; the SHRM: Society for Human Resource Management for HR professionals; the AFP: Association for Financial Professionals for finance executives; and so forth.


Modernizing the Enterprise with Back Office Automation


That post continues a theme that we see in the media every day: organizations are looking at using automation and AI for business and workforce optimization—however, applying these technologies and processes needs to be well thought-out. Work performed in the back office in industries such as banking, healthcare, outsourcing and insurance includes processing claims, managing logistics, maintaining records, ensuring compliance and handling prescription orders.

Why is ZOOM an NPS® Promoter?

Zoom International

Is your goal to hit contact center metrics? In the day to day operations of many contact centers, we focus on traditional operational metrics, such as service level, talk time and adherence. Enable your Contact Center into improve loyalty.

The Route to Fully Autonomous AI Self Service Starts at your Contact Center


By drawing on the aggregated knowledge and experience of the contact center workforce, effectively crowdsourcing their expertise, technology providers are creating the next generation of self service platforms. The hype surrounding AI improving customer experience is well founded, with Gartner predicting that by 2020, 85% of a customer’s interactions with a company will take place without a human point of contact.